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Setting the record straight by correcting misleading statements and inaccurate narratives being offered with respect to convictions. We present all the information you need to make an informed decision on a given case.

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Setting the record straight by correcting misleading statements and inaccurate narratives being offered with respect to convictions. We present all the information you need to make an informed decision on a given case.

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2.0 out of 5
239 Ratings

239 Ratings

cinji ,

Would be good if he would stick to substance

The few times anything substantive was discussed, it was good. But too much time was spent lecturing about general concepts like fairness, objectivity, etc., and hating on Bob. I get that this podcast is opposed to Bob and don’t need another tirade on that. Stick to the legal, factual, and concrete reasons why you think Sandra is guilty. The few minutes each episode doing that were fine, but then the episode would end. I also am not on Facebook and therefore have no interest in joining a group which they keep pushing.

LydianalaMode ,

Horrible. Podcast plagiarizes Bob Ruff and Culpable

Update 1/2020: warning — this is not a true crime podcast. This “podcaster” is a liar, and he is actively working for the state prosecutor to keep a woman who is likely innocent in jail. THE ADA SENT TWEETS PROMOTING THIS PODCAST. Now he is working *against* the family of Christian Andreacchio — how scummy are you Sam? You try to steal listeners from popular podcasts and lie about who supports you.

The Melgar prosecutor went freely on Bob Ruff’s podcast and embarrassed herself in a pathetic interview. This is mho but I think it is obvious from the singleminded and desperate tone of the rants (I have a Ph. D. in my field so listening to you talk down to your audience, and ridicule those who listen to Bob’s podcast, while repeating cheap philosophy 101 arguments about the nature of knowledge and arguments that desperate prosecutors always invoke — “we can’t keep testing dna” for one tired example — makes me ill). He claims “blood pattern experts” and all sorts of “experts” are working for FREE to support this one-sided, hysterical “podcast” (rant) that clings desperately to the prosecution’s flimsy case. Doesn’t that seem extremely strange to any rational person?

To quote you — “one can speculate” (sure) and “What does that mean?! I don’t know!!!” (raises eyebrow ominously...implying something BAD...)

According to you my spouse and I would definitely be guilty of murdering each other no matter what happens as our life insurance, which we barely paid attention to when we secured our academic positions, far exceeds Jaime’s insurance. But sure...”Mrs. Lupus Fog” as you cruelly describe a woman who is disabled and in prison, must have devised this crazy plan to get $$$. I love how the state prosecutor’s claims keep changing. Hmmmm.

Also, lack of evidence IS NOT EVIDENCE. This is so basic, and it infuriates me that you think this justifies keeping a woman who is clearly not a threat to society in jail until she is dead. Irresponsible and frankly disgusting.

Also you’ve been away for SIX MONTHS and still haven’t moved on to your “new matter.” And now you claim that Mr. Wagner isn’t supporting you in your new mission as a paid shill trying to undermine the Andreacchio family (imho)...but “one can speculate!”

Original review:

The podcaster claims that he has no involvement in this case — please stop lying. We know you are lying.

This podcast is a blatant example of plagiarism — a serious issue in the true crime podcasting world. It exists only for the purpose of plagiarizing Bob Ruff’s popular podcast by copying every aspect of his podcast down to the artwork. What is the point of his podcast exactly?

What is Carroll afraid of and why has he now disappeared since he stated that he was just about to start covering a new case when Ruff ended his own coverage of the Sandy Melgar case? Now Carroll has vanished, and a month has gone by without a word...

Carroll (or whoever is funding him and writing his scripts) spends an enormous amount of time trying to character assassinate Ruff AND Sandy Melgar and her daughter — a daughter who lost her father to a murderer and her mother to a very likely false conviction “won” by an arrogant, dim, and indifferent prosecutor incapable of admitting that she may have made a terrible mistake.

That prosecutor appeared on Ruff’s show (perhaps it was the catalyst for Carroll to act as the Prosecutor’s white knight?) and gave the worst interview I’ve ever heard — she seemed to have no serious idea why she put Sandy Melgar in jail for life. Her reasons were laughable yet a mother and widow is in a cage because those absurdities won over a Texas jury (in a mix of “gasp she was a weirdo Jehovah’s Witness and we don’t like them as they don’t celebrate Christmas” to speculation about Sandy and her husband Jaime’s sex life because “oh my fur and whiskers there were sex toys in their bedroom”). This prosecutor stated, in earnest, that home invasions don’t happen in neighborhoods like the one in which Sandy and Jaime lived. Yeah.

The questions to ask, which Carroll never addresses:

1. Why does this podcast exist and *could* it exist if not for Bob Ruff’s podcast? Carroll uses Ruff’s artwork, and the nearly identical title is clearly meant to pull in the unsuspecting — NOT to create a parody. In addition every aspect of Ruff’s show is imitated. The motivation for this highly personal attack on another podcaster is well very unique and very odd.

2. Who is funding this podcaster? Carroll is very cagey about his identity and especially his funding. Yet he has access to everything re the case without exerting any effort.

3. Why/How did Carroll know so much anti-Sandy detail in advance when he claims he started the podcast when Ruff was a few episodes into his coverage of the case? Carroll wants us to believe he had only listened to a few of Bob’s episodes when he was compelled by the muses I guess to start his “Sandy is guilty” podcast — yet he seemed to have a thorough knowledge of case details that according to him he had not yet read through.

Don’t waste your valuable time on this bizarre attempt to gain from ripping off another podcaster while covering only one case by reading scripts that make the prosecutor look like a mind-reading Wile E Coyote super genius.

DaphneB99 ,


I’m not a fan if Bob but this podcast and it’s facebook group are terrible. The premise is to make Bob look bad which he can do all by himself so I don’t know why this podcast even has to exist. No one really wants to talk about their views, they just want to bash you. Most toxic group I’ve ever experienced

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