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Each week Boston Comedian Ken Reid and his guests discuss a specific issue of TV Guide. They debate, consider and discuss the difficult viewing choices of our past.

TV Guidance Counselor Podcast Ken Reid

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Each week Boston Comedian Ken Reid and his guests discuss a specific issue of TV Guide. They debate, consider and discuss the difficult viewing choices of our past.

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 421: Gabrielle Moss

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 421: Gabrielle Moss

    October 19-25, 1996
    This week Ken welcomes journalist, writer and fellow former New England punk teen Gabrielle Moss.
    Ken and Gaby discuss good microphones, how people no longer care about quality, Connecticut, War Pigs, where bands play, 1996, BYOTVG, Gargoyles, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Brooke Shields, Sexy Babies, Townies, Halloween costumes, depression fueled nostalgia, TV novelizations, Alex Mac, Claire Danes, The Wrong Devon, My So-Called Life Goes On, Pasadena shooting locations, avoiding Prime Time, syndicated anthology horror, The New Twilight Zone, X-Men, Bobby's World, the less popular Stephen King movies, WPIX, Tales from the Darkside, Glim Glim, Monsters, New Kids on the Block, Baywatch Nights, Dark Skies, Weird Science, a life of The Simpsons, Blue Rodeo, Unsolved Mysteries, The Warrens, haunted bunk beds, being born to write for Beach Patrol, MTV's House of Style, Home Improvement, Homeboys in Outer Space, Wings, Third Rock from the Sun, Boston Common, Townies accent issues, how Friends is the new Brady Bunch, a generation without a mass extinction event, an aging Seinfeld, Winnie the Pooh Halloween, Halloween goblins, tall people walking in ditches, hating corporate synergy, and local TV racism.

    • 1 hr 38 min
    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 420: Sarah Rodman

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 420: Sarah Rodman

    September 12-18, 2004
    This week Ken welcomes writer Sarah Rodman to the show.
    Ken and Sarah discuss staying in an attitude of gratitude, the first year Sarah worked as a TV critic, recommending shows to people in lockdown, Cheers, Ted Danson, the importance of the Fall Preview, not knowing what shows will go on forever, The Television Critics' Association Press Tour, getting an angry letter from Trump about your hair, the golden boom of Reality TV, The Surreal Life, billionaires making TV, local television productions, Knotts Landing, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Fringe, Rick Springfield, Mission Magic, LAX, Mark Valley, sports dramas, House, Hugh Laurie, batting at Dodgers Stadium thanks to a short lived Dean Cain show, Two and a Half Men, Veronica Mars, how Joey was the least popular DVD set in the Big Lots! cut out bin, Episodes, Matt LeBlanc: Hometown Boy, fixing George Clooney's eyebrows, Sisters, being really into Extreme, Boston Public vs Boston Legal, Keen Eddie, 24, how 9/11 killed a bunch of comedy shows, Keen Eddie, North Shore, Gilmore Girls, NYPD Blue, seeing The Killers at the Roxy, Scrubs, Early Edition, CS Lewis vs. Freud, Life as We Know It, how Kelly Osbourne is NOT a fat girl, Chris Lowell vs. Christopher Lowell, The O.C., the Hills, Everwood, Mechanical Bulls, Boston Rob, Mark McGrath, Klover, Miss America, Saturday Night as the Death Slot, Tommy Lee Jones' rug and how Ken needs to watch Friday Night Lights RIGHT NOW

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    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 419: Dave Holmes

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 419: Dave Holmes

    March 17-23, 1984
    This week Ken welcomes writer, former MTV VJ, editor, performer and all around good dude Dave Holmes to the show.
    Ken and Dave discuss Dave's COVID-19 negative test result, Duff, cutting the line, Tickling Priscilla Presley, ruined childhoods, Gilbert and Sullivan, The Tennis Pro career of Kent Golden, Tom Villard, more tickling, confusing Jeff Goldblum for Eddie Deezen, the "lost" Hollywood Squares, Gallagher's ID, Night of the Dribbler, Fred Travalena, We Got it Maid, Price is Right, the satisfying colors of Tattletales, being over Diff'rent Strokes, Joel Higgin's love life, Martin Mull, Maggie Briggs, Mid-season replacements, Rich Little: Female Impersonator, Hot Hits, V66, Friday Night Videos, Linda Lavin in a challenging duel role, drawing Jack Nicholson, why The Sure Thing is the best movie ever, being not the Gary Cooper who is dead, athletes having plates of drugs for breakfast, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Foul Up, Bleeps and Blunders, how Kate & Allie is truly great, Cagney and Lacey, trying to impress boys by pretending you like AKA Pablo, Sting's acting career, Hart to Hart, Real People, The Facts of Life, Dynasty, America's Australian fever, Thicke of the Night, SCTV, Gimme a Break, Dolph Sweet, missing the Cosby Show, Simon and Simon, Webster and Benson, The Funny Boys, the sophistication of Season 2 of Double Trouble, The New Show, Game Shows that never happened, and believing Jack Palance OR ELSE.

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    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 418: Stephanie Crawford

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 418: Stephanie Crawford

    October 24-30, 1998
    This week Ken welcomes writer, film critic, cool gal, and kindred spirit Stephanie Crawford to the show.
    Ken and Stephanie discuss Las Vegas, Reno, The Luxor, Crime Story, Horror scopes, Mom and Pop Casinos, Premiere Magazine, Sassy, a love of movies, the internet in the 90s, being inspired by Almost Famous, Rolling Stone, The Good Wife, The Nest, over selling things, how Holden Caufield IS Opie Taylor, X-Rated Dick Van Dyke, Carrie II: The Rage, the awful graphic design of the late 90s, Mr. Show Bowling shirts, suburban terror, being too old to trick or treat, best Halloween costumes, The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror, Tim Thomserson, Crimewave, the humor of Xena, Tales from the Crypt Demon Knight, The Frighteners, convincing your mom to take you to movies, From Dusk Til Dawn, only children, The Surreal Life, sketch shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Baywatch, vigilante life guards, The Monster Club pop ups, boxtops for SNICK, erotic thrillers, Silk Stalkings, Libras vs Cancers, The Seventh Seal, The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, Gary Busey, Witches, call backs, Turkey Horror, Celebrity Death Match, The Secret World of Alex Mac, The Good Wife, ER, TGIF, and examining Evil Twins.

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    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 417: Julia Sutherland

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 417: Julia Sutherland

    UK TV Times August 23-29, 1986
    August 23-29, 1986 UK TV Times
    The international virtual travel continues during lockdown as this week Ken welcomes the fabulous Scottish TV Presenter/Stand Up Comedian and radio personality Julia Sutherland to the show.
    Ken and Julia discuss old timey radio, the conspiracy theory of the government's spying, panel shows, UK TV and Radio Times, doing stand up on U.K.'s Got Talent, missing some UK TV because you were teaching snowboarding in Vale, CO, Ant and Dec, Biker Grove, London Palladium, age ain't nothing but a number, TV licenses, Julia's father's collection or Radio and TV times, being a STV continuity presenter, Ken's dogs, The Wide Awake Club, Julia's first joke on TV, Timmy Mallett, Neighbors, Home and Away, crime series, serial killers, Jim Thompson, Poirot, The Salem Witch Trials, wanting to be a Crime Profiler, Taggart, Glasgow, Broadchurch, "Dallasty", ads for awful products, fashion, Joan Collins, The Doomsday Project, Gaz Top, sketch shows, Absolutely, Morwenna Banks, meeting your heroes, learning by doing, Role playing games, the wasteland of TV that is Sundays in the UK, why there are so many Scots in Canada, The Highland Clearances, The Campbells and being on it as a child, Spitting Image, Red Dwarf, Jimmy Tarbuck, quiz shows, The Good The Band and the Unexpected, Stop the Press, Dylan Moran, Bullseye, the greatest ad in the history of the world, Sure Deodorant, What's My Line?, Eamonn Andrews, This Is Your Life, Blockbusters, Take the High Road, Let's Face It, what a face actually is, The Sullivans, Electronic Program Guides, The Yellow Pages, J.R. Hartley, SuperMarionation, Gerry Anderson, Terrahawks, The Stand UK Club, why Thursdays are the best night to do stand up, The Golden Girls, not "getting" Bruce Forsyth, Cosby Show, and all the great stand up comedian who are not sex pests.

    • 1 hr 53 min
    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 416: Joseph DeBenedictis

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 416: Joseph DeBenedictis

    August 15-21, 1998 CANADIAN EDITION
    The lockdown sessions continue as Ken welcomes another international guest, the incredible vlogger, magician and Canadian YouTube sensation
    Joseph DeBenedictis.
    Ken and Joseph discuss the differences between Canadian and American TV Guide, Durgy Spade, David Blaine, making your own videos pre-YouTube, stage magic vs. street magic, being the oldest sibling, passing around VHS tapes, Canadian magazine pride, Canadian Content laws, SCTV, Toronto, Twitch City, Don McKellar, David Cronenberg, Last Night, being an unstructured mess, Hockey Night in Canada, comedy sketches, always wanting to do video production, The Comedy Network, America's Funniest Home Videos, YTV, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, SNICK, having a 1 and 1/2 year old, being unproductive in lockdown, The Simpsons, LBJ's Presidency, PBS vs. CBC, Read All About It, Comedy Now, Canadian Stand Up, Dr. Katz, Last Comic Standing, Who's Child is This?, Baby Jessica, OnTV, Channel 11, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Mike Wilmont, Everybody Loves Raymond, Miss Teen USA, Buffalo NY, Much Music, Pearl Jam, having a go to "home" channel, The Truman Show, reality TV, Jim Carrey movies, Liar Liar, The Joe Schmo Show, Kristen Wiig, Breaking the Magician's Code, Penn and Teller, TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes, Doug Henning, The Mike Bullard Show, doing stand up, Gerry Dee, Mr. D, Just for Laughs, Seinfeld, The Drew Carey Show, Who's Line is it Anyway?, The Amazing Richard Turner, Dealt, Ricky Jay, The Beaches Jazz Festival, YouTube, Candid Camera, not revealing the joke, and the CFL (Canadian Football League) and how it changed Joseph's life.

    • 1 hr 39 min

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4.9 out of 5
139 Ratings

139 Ratings

Lucifersmile666999666 ,

Love my tv guidance councilor

Great show for tv buffs and former latchkey kids. I absolutely love when the show sticks to its standard format of having a guest pick an issue of the Guide and choosing their weekly viewing based on that, it’s a great idea and I love the nostalgia of it all. Ken always has on great guests, even if I don’t know who they are at first, I usually am very interested by the end.

xcxcxcxvxv not my name lol ,

Second time around

So I know that you like this show from your show, and just saw that 30s something is coming back to ABC with the original cast. Enjoy and also Willow is getting a sequel on Disney Plus, omg ie if you. Don’t have that yet get it and enjoy!!!!?N8

College Guy USA ,

Commercial-free TV therapy

Ken Reid uses the context of TV, including, especially, obscure shows from the last century, to delve into the minds of his guests in this neat show.

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