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Hear from top security practitioners and leading vendors on the latest cybersecurity challenges, best practices and innovations.

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Hear from top security practitioners and leading vendors on the latest cybersecurity challenges, best practices and innovations.

    #129 Merritt Baer — Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services

    #129 Merritt Baer — Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services

    Cloud: Adopt and Adapt
    In this episode, Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect at Amazon Web Services, talks about all things cloud. She discusses her own path to security and the steps she is taking to encourage new voices and faces into the industry. She explains, “The idea that security can be part of this emergence and this innovative side of technology, I believe that strongly.”
    She describes cloud as an experiment that has worked. It offers a new approach to security and with its ability to adapt and survive upheaval is well suited to the challenges posed by the current pandemic. As for the future, Merritt sees cloud as a maturing of the industry and is definitely here to stay.

    01:30 — Journey to cybersecurity
    05:38 — Cloud is a game changer; it allows you to think differently about security.
    08:52 — Mindshift is required.
    10:48 — Unfortunately, security exemplifies the negative aspects of the tech world.
    15:38 — Cloud is an experiment that has worked.

    If you are curious about a career in cybersecurity, Merritt would be happy to have a short conversation with you. You can reach her via email at merrbaer@amazon.com or on Twitter @MerrittBaer.

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    #128 Jodi Daniels — Practical Data Privacy Advisor

    #128 Jodi Daniels — Practical Data Privacy Advisor

    Practical Privacy
    Jodi Daniels, Practical Data Privacy Advisor, talks about the tools companies can use to keep their data and their employees safe during remote working, including multifactor authentication, strong passwords and virtual private networks. If they don’t already have one in place, Jodi recommends that every company develop a remote working policy and revisit security policies. She points out, “this is likely not the first and last time we’re going to be doing this.”
    For end users wondering which companies are digitally trustworthy, Jodi recommends starting with their privacy policy: when is it dated, do they update it, is it custom or generic? Businesses that place data privacy at the center of their business and corporate culture will be stronger for it. Jodi explains, “it’s just one more part to the puzzle to ensure that we’re meeting expectations, that we’re earning customer trust and that we’re protecting customer data.”

    03:56 — With a remote workforce companies are facing access management challenges.
    06:56 — Managing employee privacy
    11:02 — Setting employee productivity expectations.
    12:07 — In business, privacy needs to be added to the core considerations.
    15:08 — How can end users can decide which companies to trust?

    For more on privacy issues, listen to our recent podcasts with Cat Coode and Kavya Pearlman.

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    #127 Olivia Rose — How to Get Your Start in Cyber

    #127 Olivia Rose — How to Get Your Start in Cyber

    “It is all about who you know in security, and it’s a very small industry … It’s really important to have a very good reputation and reach out and connect to people because that’s where the jobs are.“
    Olivia Rose, CISO at Large, rejoins the podcast for a conversation about how to get your cyber start. She discusses her recent article on LinkedIn giving the pointers she wished she had known when she’d known when she’d started. She explains that your career is a long game, making connections now and showing your passion for the industry will help people remember you when the next job opens up.

    01:14 — Qualification and experience requirements for cyber entry-level jobs are unreasonable.
    03:10 — It’s all about your connections.
    05:34 — Show your drive and passion in conversation with security leaders; that’s what will make you stand out when the next job comes up.
    08:02 — In cybersecurity, experience wins over education every time.
    11:16 — Volunteer locally.
    14:10 — The pandemic, cloud and remote working means the boundaries have exploded.

    If you’d like to hear more about cybersecurity hiring, listen to our recent podcast with Mike Manrod, CISO of Grand Canyon Education.

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    #126 Cat Coode — Digital Dangers at Home

    #126 Cat Coode — Digital Dangers at Home

    “In the effort to connect, we are also exposing ourselves to risk”
    Cat Coode, Data Privacy Expert at Binary Tattoo joins the podcast for a second time. She talks about the digital dangers we face at home as we work remotely and try to stay connected to each other. She cautions that we should be wary of the information we share. The tools we use for telemedicine consultations may be HIPPA compliant, but what about our home routers? 
    Cat points out that there are no regulations that cover working from home. Companies need to step up and ensure that the policies they apply in the workplace also apply to employees at home. And those conference call screenshots we’re sharing on social media? Stop now. They expose to every participant to evils like phishing emails and social engineering. She would like to see us all learn how to use our digital tools correctly. She explains, “All tools are like knives; they’re inherently dangerous, unless you use them safely.”

    00:50 — The telemedicine tools you are using may be HIPPA compliant, but what about your home environment?
    04:31 — There are no regulations to cover privacy and working from home. Companies need strong policies.
    06:35 — Sharing conferencing images on social media exposes those involved to risk.
    08:27 — People’s main privacy questions right now center on contact tracing.
    13:31 — Digital tools are like knives – if you don’t use them safely they are dangerous.

    You can listen to Cat’s first podcast with us here.

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    #125 Lamont Orange — CISO, Netskope

    #125 Lamont Orange — CISO, Netskope

    Wide Angle Perspective
    In this episode, Lamont Orange, CISO of Netskope, joins the podcast to talk about the evolution of the CISO role and skill set now that security has become a business issue. He explains, “It requires cross-functional execution and audit to ensure that your organization is protected. So those soft skills are more important now than they’ve ever been.”
    He discusses managing security for the company while remote working and describes feeling pretty good about what Netskope has created and achieved as he uses their products. He goes on to talk about the other challenges posed by COVID-19 to businesses and recommends that leaders should adapt without losing sight of the fundamentals. He says, “Don’t be afraid to throw out the old models. We need to work on models that allow us to innovate our profession and also allow us to innovate at the speed of the business.”

    03:31 — Security is a business function now.
    08:29 — What does it feel like to be customer zero of your organization?
    11:10 — A warp speed jump to the cloud with remote working
    12:45 — Pre-COVID, during COVID, post-COVID – we’re always managing risk.
    14:38 — Some companies may switch to remote working permanently.
    16:41 — Don’t be afraid to throw out the old models.

    If you enjoyed this podcast and would like to hear from Netskope, you can find our podcast with CEO Sanjay Beri here.

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    #124 Michael Manrod — CISO, Grand Canyon Education

    #124 Michael Manrod — CISO, Grand Canyon Education

    Give People with Potential a Shot
    “As leaders we need to ask ourselves, can we take a chance on somebody with potential and invest the effort and time to train them and help them get their start?”
    In this episode, Mike Manrod, CISO of Grand Canyon Education, Inc., joins the podcast to discuss how the world is adapting to a mobile workforce and the state of the cybersecurity job market. He explains that while the job market is currently contracting, cybersecurity remains a needed, growing and in-demand field.
    Mike goes on to talk about the closed mindset many leaders have when it comes to hiring. Constantly chasing a small pool of candidates with great experience and multiple skill sets has done nothing to close the skills gap.It has just led to inflated salaries. He believes managers should consider giving candidates with potential a chance. It is time to be flexible with the workforce.

    02:05 — The job market is shrinking but cybersecurity as career field will not be going away.
    07:15 — We need to give people a shot and a start. Not every cyber job requires decades of experience.
    10:04 — The adversaries are still out there. We need to automate, strategize and be able to do more with less.
    12:39 — Cold calling isn’t the best approach now. Vendors need to find introductions through trusted pipelines.

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