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Hear from top security practitioners and leading vendors on the latest cybersecurity challenges, best practices and innovations.

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Hear from top security practitioners and leading vendors on the latest cybersecurity challenges, best practices and innovations.

    #134 Jason Hicks — Global CISO at Kudelski Security

    #134 Jason Hicks — Global CISO at Kudelski Security

    The Future of Security Leadership
    Jason Hicks, Global CISO at Kudelski Security, joins the podcast to talk about the future of security leadership. He covers the challenges of managing a security team, communication skills for technical leaders, coping with scope creep, and the rise of the branded CISO.
    You can find the Kudelski report co-authored by Jason and referenced in the podcast here.

    01:40 — It is critical to the success of a security program for the CISO to speak business.
    04:14 — “You have to be one to lead one” still holds true.
    06:41 — The rise of the branded CISO.
    11:24 — The CISO tenure remains short and there are several reasons why.
    14:29 — Coping with scope creep.
    17:11 — Top three issues for CISOs right now.

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    #133 Scott Edwards — Senior Director, Netskope Academy

    #133 Scott Edwards — Senior Director, Netskope Academy

    Training Cybersecurity
    In this podcast, Scott Edwards, Senior Director of the Netskope Academy, talks about cybersecurity training. He discusses how training has evolved and the value it brings to companies who invest in their employees. He talks about the key skills cybersecurity trainers need: an ability to understand the technology deeply and an ability to educate. Finally he muses on whether virtual training has eclipsed the need for a brick and mortar classroom setting.

    04:55 — If you train your employees you will have better outcomes with the security products you buy.
    06:23 — Training benefits the company and the individual.
    08:19 — Trainers require two assets: deep knowledge and an ability to make that knowledge learnable.
    12:14 — Training hasn’t changed much but delivery has. Technology has enabled that.
    15:45 — Is the future remote or classroom-based training?

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    #132 Lamont Orange and George Gerchow

    #132 Lamont Orange and George Gerchow

    Cloud is a Fresh Start
    Lamont Orange, CISO of Netskope, returns to the podcast with friend and fellow CISO, George Gerchow of Sumo Logic. They discuss their approaches to crisis management during COVID and the message is clear: it’s people first, then business and security. They go on to talk about what diversity looks like in cybersecurity and the strength that it brings.
    Finally, they cover the acceleration of digital transformation that companies are facing right now. Despite the challenges, cloud is the future and this is an opportunity for a fresh start. Lamont recommends, “Don’t take what you knew up to the cloud with you as your company is going; let’s look at fresh.”

    01:54 — How to manage during a crisis? Gather a wide ranging and representative group to make quick decisions and reassure staff and customers alike.
    04:48 — Diversity in cybersecurity.
    10:27 — In the new normal, work from home presented new challenges for the SOC.
    11:34 — Ensure your BCP plan covers succession planning. Start shadowing now.
    15:36 — Digital transformation has gone from a five-year plan to a three-month plan.

    You can find Lamont Orange’s previous podcast with us here.

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    #131 Mike Hamilton — Founder & CISO, CI Security

    #131 Mike Hamilton — Founder & CISO, CI Security

    Cyber Curious
    Mike Hamilton, Founder and CISO of CI Security joins the podcast to talk about his career in cybersecurity. He discusses the founding and purpose of PISCES and how they offer network monitoring at no cost to the public sector.  He goes on to talk about the increased cyber threats that have come with the chaos of Covid-19 and the very real risk posed by nation states. He finishes the podcast by explaining that cybersecurity remains an industry that values the curious and the intelligent. He encourages those individuals, no matter their background, to explore a cyber career. He explains, “I am more concerned with your curiosity than your degrees.”

    04:27 — The story of PISCES: linking public sector network monitoring with the education system to provide analyst students with live fire training. 
    07:55 — Among the chaos of Covid-19, nation state cyber attacks are even more of a concern.
    09:37 — Elections are run by counties and local government is known to have poor security. 
    11:39 — Biggest election issue is manipulation and misinformation.
    14:20 — Most hired roles in cybersecurity right now? Auditors and analysts.

    For more on cyber hiring, listen to our recent podcast with Mike Manrod.

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    #130 Thomas Stachura — CEO, Paranoid, Inc.

    #130 Thomas Stachura — CEO, Paranoid, Inc.

    Radical Transparency
    Uncomfortable with the privacy implications while watching his children interact with a smart speaker, Thomas Stachura decided to find some middle ground. He invented a solution and his company Paranoid Inc. is bringing it to consumers. In this episode he talks about people’s polarized attitudes towards privacy and the way COVID has amplified the divide.
    He is honest about the commercialization of his products — after all, the purpose of a business is to make money — and says the only way to build consumer trust is through radical transparency.
    Worryingly, Thomas sees the power of decision making around privacy in the hands of big tech and not the government, with corporations setting tougher rules for government than they ask of themselves. For Thomas, the solution is simple, the power “needs to go with the individual, and the way to do that is to give the right tools to empower them.”

    05:19 — COVID is polarizing attitudes to privacy.
    09:07 — How do you build customer trust? Radical transparency.
    12:27 — A passionate inventor and a reluctant CEO.
    15:36 — Corporations, not government, are setting the privacy rules.

    For more on privacy, listen to our recent podcast with Jodi Daniels, Data Privacy Advisor at Red Clover Advisors.

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    #129 Merritt Baer — Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services

    #129 Merritt Baer — Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services

    Cloud: Adopt and Adapt
    In this episode, Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect at Amazon Web Services, talks about all things cloud. She discusses her own path to security and the steps she is taking to encourage new voices and faces into the industry. She explains, “The idea that security can be part of this emergence and this innovative side of technology, I believe that strongly.”
    She describes cloud as an experiment that has worked. It offers a new approach to security and with its ability to adapt and survive upheaval is well suited to the challenges posed by the current pandemic. As for the future, Merritt sees cloud as a maturing of the industry and is definitely here to stay.

    01:30 — Journey to cybersecurity
    05:38 — Cloud is a game changer; it allows you to think differently about security.
    08:52 — Mindshift is required.
    10:48 — Unfortunately, security exemplifies the negative aspects of the tech world.
    15:38 — Cloud is an experiment that has worked.

    If you are curious about a career in cybersecurity, Merritt would be happy to have a short conversation with you. You can reach her via email at merrbaer@amazon.com or on Twitter @MerrittBaer.

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