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A podcast publication of Una MacCarthy, Head of School of The Lexington School. The Lexington School is a preschool through 8th-grade independent school in Lexington, Kentucky. Maximizing the potential of talented children for over 60 years, The Lexington School teaches courage. Building and maintaining communication skills is a big part of the school's overall philosophy, and podcasts are a part of that educational journey.

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A podcast publication of Una MacCarthy, Head of School of The Lexington School. The Lexington School is a preschool through 8th-grade independent school in Lexington, Kentucky. Maximizing the potential of talented children for over 60 years, The Lexington School teaches courage. Building and maintaining communication skills is a big part of the school's overall philosophy, and podcasts are a part of that educational journey.

    Open Air Life: How Learning Outdoors Benefits Children

    Open Air Life: How Learning Outdoors Benefits Children

    I'm excited today to talk about the benefits of bringing children outdoors. Twenty-five years ago, when I was Middle School Head, we changed the D.C. trip to the Southwest Trip, which has become a rite of passage for our graduates. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love being outside but, even more importantly, taking kids outdoors. My past as a summer camp counselor and teacher, being with children outdoors has shaped that influence. Now, as a Head of School, I get to see the impact of the outdoors on children starting as early as two years old through 8th grade and well beyond as TLS alumni. 

    In this podcast, I've invited some Lexington School teachers from the preschool, lower school, and middle school to talk a bit about how they view the benefits of moving the classroom outdoors. Please welcome Flora Platt and Kris Neese preschool Montessori teachers, Ryan Bowers, lower school Citizen Science teacher, and  Chris Johnson, Middle School Dean of Students, and 7th Grade Physics teacher. 
    Together, we discuss the Norwegian concept of "Friluftslive" or "Open Air Life." The philosophy involves the love of nature and the impact the outdoor classroom has on providing new contexts for learning. This podcast gives examples of how education outdoors offers unique opportunities for risk-taking and confidence building, positive social development, physical and emotional health, executive functioning skills,  sensory integration, increased productivity, and care for the environment.
    For those who want to dig a little deeper: 
     Sound credit pronunciation of Friluftslive: https://youtu.be/DJm3sn941rA 
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    Book Chat with Una and Friends

    Book Chat with Una and Friends

    Join Una and a few friends in new roles as they discuss their summer reading book choices. New preschool Director Jennie Anderson, new Lower School Head Becky Johnson, and new 7th grade English teacher, Tim Souders share their favorite takeaways in a fun and casual chat that leaves the listener with some helpful and interesting advice and strategies.  Learn about neuroplasticity, how organic and factory farming relate to child development, how best to facilitate a thoughtful and valuable discussion, and the impact of teamwork in decision-making. No reading between the lines, you will want to take a leaf from all of these books. Click play, open your limitless mind, and enjoy a few minutes learning something new from The Lexington School. 

    Thanks to Elizabeth Wooster, middle school music teacher, for sharing her students' digital compositions. Louisa de Beer's composition introduces the podcast and Kristian Middleton concludes it.


    Leaders Eat Last by Simon Simek

    Moments of Impact by Chris Ertel

    Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

    Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live without Barriers by Jo Boaler

    Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution that's Transforming Education by Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D. and Lou Aronica

    Speaking Volumes by Barry Gilmore

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    Taking Time for Time Management

    Taking Time for Time Management

    Spring at The Lexington School is a busy time.  Even in this atypical school year guided by COVID protocols, we have culminating moments and traditions that are important to our children and our community. Events like our reimagined Little Kentucky Derby and Virtual CELEBRATION are in our immediate futures and just beyond are school trips, Candlelight Ceremony, and commencement activities for our 8th graders. Meanwhile, our faculty/staff and families are juggling their lives outside of TLS as well. It's a spirited and fun time of year and the perfect time to talk about one of our most important and our most nuanced mission skills, TIME MANAGEMENT.

    We gathered up some fun people for the podcast to talk about time management. All of them have expertise in their own unique ways. School Counselor, Grace Newsome, second-grade teacher Sharon Deller, sixth-grade Anatomy teacher Tomi Lounsbury, and finally former student Axel Kiefer '11 and his mom, former parent and former trustee, Dr. Teresa Oropilla-Kiefer, MD are entertaining and educational. I am very grateful for their gift of time. 

    I had a great time chatting about time management, learning some time management strategies, and sharing a few memories along the way. I hope you will make time in your day to listen to the podcast. I think it's a valuable thirty minutes-well worth your time!


    Grace Newsome, School Counselor provided me with some great references for those looking to dig a little deeper into time management:

    1. Teach Kids to Manage Time
    2. 10 Tips to Teach Your Kids Time Management 
    3. How to Teach Your Kids Time Management Skills

    Tomi Lounsbury refers to great summer reading:
    Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel
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    Celebrating Black History Month with TLS Alumni

    Celebrating Black History Month with TLS Alumni

    Happy March, everyone! The sun is out at 1050 Lane Allen Road and spirits are high. We took a bit of a turn for our March podcast. Instead of inviting someone in to share the microphone with me, I want to share with you an assembly we hosted for Black History Month. 

    We asked several of our African American alums to Zoom in with our current students and discuss a person in history that has been influential and inspirational to them. The assemblies were informative, educational, and really enjoyable as we experienced our alums connecting with faculty and students. 
    Chase Minnifield ’04, MaKayla Brown ’16, and Kamron Cox ’06 met with our middle school students. Jade Wright ’12 and Shaun Anderson ’14 met with our fourth and fifth-grade students. I hope you enjoy the talks as much as I did. 
    Here are some relatable resources referenced in the assembly discussions.  
    Chase : 
    EZ Turn 
    Helping Hand
    A visual presentation on Cicely Tyson by Makayla Brown 
    The Little Rock Nine in photos from Life.com  
    Ruby Bridges 
    Mari Copeny (Little Miss Flint)
    Thurgood Marshall

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    Honoring Our Veterans: The Power of Resilience

    Honoring Our Veterans: The Power of Resilience

    Today is Veterans Day when we pay tribute to the military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Veterans Day makes it the perfect time to reflect upon resilience, one of our six Mission Skills, and a core value of TLS that goes back to the very first day of school in 1959.

    Resilience is the ability to finish what one begins, trying hard even after experiencing failure, working diligently and independently, and recognizing setbacks as temporary. Resilience is brushing off our skinned knees, getting up, and moving forward with a renewed determination.

    The U.S. Armed Forces train in the highest form of resiliency, which is the reason I've asked two very impressive TLS parents, General David Jenkins and Lieutenant Jeff Milward '99 to join me on this November podcast to talk about their experiences with resilience throughout their lives as students, parents, and as members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

    I hope you will listen so you can learn as much as I did during my time talking with them.  We discussed everything from leadership, to contingency planning, to parenting.  I love the way General Jenkins sums it all up when he says, "I never lose. I either win or I learn.”

    I hope you will take twenty minutes of your day to listen to this enjoyable podcast and to join me in recognizing the men and women of the military. They are models of resilience for all of us. We are grateful for their service and their tutelage as we grow in strength and purpose as educators, students, parents, and friends.

    Additional Presentations and Resources:

    "Veterans in Our Family" is a beautiful slideshow produced with love from TLS fourth and fifth graders and their families, faculty, and staff. It is a tribute to those in our TLS family who have served our country. The musical recording was from last year's Grandparents Day fourth and fifth-grade performances. Enjoy this lovely presentation that honors those closest to us. CLICK HERE.

    Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance   by Angela Duckworth

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    Reflections on Unity in a Time of COVID

    Reflections on Unity in a Time of COVID

    I’m happy to be back podcasting. We had to take a break while we spent last spring and summer planning for TLS Healthy at School. I couldn’t start the new year without reflecting back on the most unprecedented and challenging time in my career as an educator. It has also been the most rewarding. 
    It is a really exciting time to be in education. COVID has forced us to reexamine everything we do. It has accelerated some things like how we integrate technology while reminding us of the simple pleasures of childhood like being outside in the woods. Most importantly, it has taught us the power of community and what can happen when that community is united in a singular goal. 
    The Lexington School’s goal this summer was to provide a high-quality in-person and hybrid educational experience for our students. This podcast takes you through how we made it happen with specific stories, details, and examples of what we did to be successful to have kids on campus while including those at home. 
    Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the podcast this month: Faculty members Megan Conley, Tracy Young, Mona Azeem, Becky Johnson, Katie Farmwald, Amanda Hale, Beth Pride, and students Max, Dillon, and Nathan. 
    I’ve added a few referenced resources and visual examples below for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper. 
    Hope you enjoy it!


    CELEBRATE Community 2020 Youtube Playlist

    COVID-19 PROTOCOLS Website

    Mighty Colts Come Back to School

    TLS COVID CHALLENGE (Toughest School in the World)

    TLS Specials Youtube Channel
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