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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.

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Team Corker goes behind the mic! Real talk, sweaty ambitions, transformational stories, and a bit of sibling banter—listen in weekly to hear it all in short and sweet 20-minute episodes.

    #101 — Self-discovery and artificial intelligence w/ Ed Blunderfield

    #101 — Self-discovery and artificial intelligence w/ Ed Blunderfield

    Ed, Founder of Open Dialogue, long-time friend of the Corkers, and DisruptHR 2019 speaker, joins Steph at the mic this week. Ed spends his days creating space for people to explore and get to know themselves. Ed explains Open Dialogue as a “blending of human led coaching with a piece of technology — an artificially intelligent chat-bot, that you can chat with kind of like a human, and it just listens and interprets what you are saying. It then responds to you with questions and prompts and guides you through a self-reflective process”. Ed explains that the AI isn’t meant to replace humans, but rather act as a mirror to highlight our own humanness. His goal with Open Dialogue is to keep us in a state of contemplation longer and more often.

    Ed and Steph dive into how his business was born from burnout, how his path to self-discovery was sparked by a 90’s computer program, and what it’s like working with family.

    When Ed isn’t driving his company forward, he is a passionate kite surfer. Listen in to hear why hobbies and interests outside of work matter, and why it’s okay to satisfy the longing to try something playful and new, even as an adult.

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    #100 — Beginner's mind and beyonce w/ James Cormie

    #100 — Beginner's mind and beyonce w/ James Cormie

    James and Steph became fast friends in December on the last bus travelling to the start line of the California International Marathon. The duo chat about what it’s like to run your first marathon when things don’t go to plan, how to deal with contradictory advice, and why it’s beneficial to start something new without the context of what everyone else is doing.

    James is a lawyer currently living in L.A. and was told as a teenager that he would never be able to run a marathon. Despite time and physical barriers, he persisted and accomplished something he is proud of. With his first marathon in the books, James can’t wait for #2 in 2020, just before his new baby arrives in the spring.

    Tune in to hear about the joys of being a beginner, and why it’s okay to not always do what you “should” be doing.

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    #99 — How to have perfect vision in 2020 w/ Matt + Steph

    #99 — How to have perfect vision in 2020 w/ Matt + Steph

    Matt and Steph kick-off 2020 together at the mic, talking goal setting, avoiding guilt and shame around the new year and why the context of your goals matter.

    “How do we set goals so that are not fixing the past — but so that we are creating the future we want to live into.”

    Matt and Steph riff on what it means to change our relationship with judgement, accepting the tough moments, while having the vision to see what is possible in the future. What Matt sees in many of his coaching clients is the desire for freedom, and therefore goals can go beyond weight loss or making more money and rather focus on what will get us unstuck and living into possibility. The context in which we make our goals matter - if we are in a place of fear, doubt, guilt or shame, we will be driven by our desire for approval and our goals won’t serve us.

    Tune in to hear when and how Matt and Steph set goals, why we shouldn’t make goals out of personal development work, and how to unleash your strengths this year.

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    # 98 — Feelings and five-year goals w/ Ashley Brodeur

    # 98 — Feelings and five-year goals w/ Ashley Brodeur

    Ashley Brodeur is the founder of feelosophy and is currently based in Toronto after starting her business in Vancouver. Ashley and Steph discuss the process of moving a business from the west coast to the east coast, the power of goals, and the importance of rest.

    Ashley explains her thinking around rest days, and changing our mentality from just resting our physical bodies, to resting our mental and emotional selves as well. Even when we skip the gym, we are often still turned-on and mentally stimulated — we can take these days to break our patterns and to put away our phones and computer.

    “You create your own reality in terms of what you choose to digest in the way of content”.

    When Ashley moved from Vancouver to Toronto last year, she found freedom in the reality that feelosophy will continue to thrive in Vancouver while she builds it up in Toronto.

    “I never wanted feelosophy to be about Ashley Brodeur, I wanted it to be about rest, and connection, and slowing down, and touch. And because of that other people can teach it, it doesn’t just have to be me”.

    Being in the yoga and wellness space, Ash talks about avoiding the comparison trap by using her 5 year vision to re-focus on herself and what she is working towards.

    Listen in to hear about Ashley’s year of growth in 2020 and where you can find the feelosophy space in Toronto.

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    #97 — Sledding, spontaneity and vision-boards w/ Jacki Carr

    #97 — Sledding, spontaneity and vision-boards w/ Jacki Carr

    Jacki Carr is a goal coach and motivational speaker. Jacki and Steph met 10 years ago, when Jacki was creating the vision of the life she lives today. Tune in to hear her describe how she lives into her goals and vision, while remaining spontaneous and present for her loved ones. They riff on Jacki’s ability to create so much and so often, and why busy doesn’t always need to carry a negative connotation;

    “I do well being busy. Busy is only a bad word when I have exceeded my time limit in a certain domain, i.e. career, and not spent time with my family. Or busy when it’s out of alignment with my values”.

    Jackie attributes her ability to create so prolifically to honouring her weird, honouring her busy, and honouring her relationship which supports her in doing it all. Despite this love of being in the flow, she still gets stuck all the time;

    “When I get stuck, I have to ask myself: am I being of service, am I honouring my whole self?”

    They talk what it means to have a goal and vision, and how to embrace when it changes and evolves - failing up, and deciding what’s next. From morning routines, to spontaneity as ritual, Jacki is living her bliss and we hope she inspires you to do the same.

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    #96 — Ask us anything w/ Matt + Steph

    #96 — Ask us anything w/ Matt + Steph

    Matt and Steph are back behind the mic together for an ‘ask us anything’ edition of Uncorked.

    They discuss the perception of TeamCorker as ‘so dang positive’, but offer that they both relate more strongly to a commitment to the world of possibility rather than positivity. Matt explains that we can think positively, or manifest our dreams, but urges listeners to consider the work in between the meditation cushion and the attainment of meaningful results.

    “The practice of seeing people, situations, and circumstances through a lens of possibility — I resonate more with. It gives me not only the ability to see something differently, but it also gives me the responsibility. It’s my job to see the possibility of it.”

    The brother and sister duo recognize that life gets tough, and it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but possibility is a tool we can choose to navigate it.

    Despite Team Corker’s commitment to crafting lives we love, sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do. Matt challenges us and listeners to ask ourselves:

    “How can we play to and offer our strengths? Strengths being the things we are good at and we find fulfillment in — it doesn’t mean they are easy”.

    Matt explains that it’s about managing our weaknesses well — using our strengths to manage our weaknesses. And they riff on the importance of asking for help, using the strengths of those around us to avoid the overwhelm that can occur between the start and finish line.

    Tune in to hear what goals Steph and Matt are hoping to cross of the list before the end of the year, and of course the things that are currently making their hearts beat faster.

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