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Welcome to Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged Podcast!

Are you tired of dealing with stress every day of your life? Wouldn't you wish to have an abundant and happy life without killing yourself for every extra incentive or promotion? Wouldn't you like to be your own boss? Have you sworn never to fall in love again as you do not want to deal with any more heart breaks? Do you feel uncomfortable or lost in a relationship? Would you like to attract your dream job or set-up your dream project and receive great success for it?

If you have answered to even one of these questions with an affirmative response, THIS is the place for you! All you need to do is plug-in your earphones/headphones and listen to these podcasts where I walk you through these topics and many more!

Learn how easy it is to USE YOUR BRAIN AND HEART to make vital decisions in your life and remain in a blissful state of mind surrounded by people who love you!

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Welcome to Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged Podcast!

Are you tired of dealing with stress every day of your life? Wouldn't you wish to have an abundant and happy life without killing yourself for every extra incentive or promotion? Wouldn't you like to be your own boss? Have you sworn never to fall in love again as you do not want to deal with any more heart breaks? Do you feel uncomfortable or lost in a relationship? Would you like to attract your dream job or set-up your dream project and receive great success for it?

If you have answered to even one of these questions with an affirmative response, THIS is the place for you! All you need to do is plug-in your earphones/headphones and listen to these podcasts where I walk you through these topics and many more!

Learn how easy it is to USE YOUR BRAIN AND HEART to make vital decisions in your life and remain in a blissful state of mind surrounded by people who love you!

    Episode 18: The Drama of Trauma

    Episode 18: The Drama of Trauma

    As I, Natasha Vaswani, welcome you back to my podcast, Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged, I recommend you to listen to this episode just before you fall asleep so that your subconscious mind can connect with the missing dots of any trauma that you or your family/friends might have suffered from and guide you through it

    There are various symptoms experienced by people who suffer from trauma such as a low confidence level, fear, recurring nightmares, and flashbacks of the traumatic event and memory lapses. Our emotional body reacts to trauma in a different way compared to our physical body. Mentally, we might suffer from brain fog and an imbalance in hormones due to all the fear and low-energy emotions, resulting in hot flashes, shortness of breath, and anxiety attacks in extreme cases

    And on an emotional level, we have that fear, stress or sadness eating into us and sacrificing a happy life for one full of limitations and insecurities. We tend to attract similar events and relationships without knowing why

    You will be amazed to know that there is a fear area in our frontal and temporal lobe that if not healed completely, automatically recreating events similar to the traumatic one. You try your level best to run away from that trauma however it keeps on coming back!

    Why? Because you might be suffering from PTSD –post traumatic stress disorder which occurs when we do not attend to our traumas and expect them to simply disappear.

    As time passes by, the trauma doesn’t just disappear; in fact it negatively affects your life even more

    One trauma that I encountered in my childhood was abandonment as my father passed away when I was quite small. Thereafter, I only attracted friends into my life who abandoned me until I figured out how to treat myself once I became a coach and counselor

    Let me tell you the truth, that this doesn’t take a day or two to overcome and one requires various resources to overcome PTSD but there definitely is a solution to it

    You might be surprised to know that the person whom you least expect might be suffering from PTSD and might be reliving that traumatic moment every day of their lives. We humans are mentally programmed to not express our emotions and tell our stories to anyone unless we trust them 100%. While we try searching for the perfect person to trust, we miss out on really good support systems who can truly help us to overcome this fear. They might suggest a good psychotherapist or counselor to us or introduce us to effective holistic therapies.

    Nonetheless, you are the one who has to accept it and ask for help as asking for help is a sign of courage not weakness

    In extreme cases, where people with or without PTSD are self-destructive, I always suggest my clients to be attended by psychotherapists as they might be taking anti-depressants or other drugs or alcohol to quiet that internal noise within. And alongside I use effective methods of CBT to rewire the brain.

    In other words, trauma occurs as a result of a horrifying experience and it is entirely dependent on how a person reacts to that event. The same event can be horrifying for various people, but to some it affects them on a much more on a deeper level than to others who take it in their stride.

    You might be wondering what causes us to enter the trauma mode, so let me tell you that there are various causes such as natural catastrophes like earthquakes and fires, childhood or adulthood sexual, physical or emotional abuse, a dear one’s demise, a life-threatening illness, and armed robbery

    And some consequences of not attending to your trauma are: losing your job, feeling a sense of numbness as a contrast to the nervous system always being on high alert, mood swings, attracting the same traumatic experiences over and over again, divorce or heart-breaks, outbreaks of anger, and learning challenges...

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    Episode 17: How Your Emotions Affect Your Body

    Episode 17: How Your Emotions Affect Your Body

    Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged Podcast is the place you can listen to and discuss emotional and mental health. I, Natasha Vaswani, coach/counselor and emotional and wellness therapist walk you through topics that add to our universal growth. As promised to you during my last episode, today I will discuss how exactly our emotions affect our bodies

    You might think that I am just uttering some nonsense, however I am here to guide you with valuable knowledge based on various medical and holistic therapies

    I must mention how much Dr Mona Lisa Schulz has taught me when it comes to the mind-body connection and the significance of our emotional wellbeing; hence if you wish to research more on this topic I highly recommend her book, Heal Your Mind, Your Prescription for Wholeness Through Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition, by Louise Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

    So I will explain it to you in simple terms so that it is easy to understand and retain. Let’s first divide the brain into two parts, the right-side of the brain and the left-side. The right side takes care of our emotions and intuition whereas the left side helps us in making logical decisions and taking action.

    Let’s presume that at this very moment you are feeling the emotion of anger, as it is a very natural emotion that all of us experience. Take consciousness of the right side of your brain and allow that anger to convert itself into an image. Then, focus on the left side of your brain and register that anger not with a feeling but a word to define it. This word might lead you to create an action

    Once it is registered on the left side of your brain, your neurotransmitters activate a certain hormone which is released throughout your body. If it’s a happy emotion, endorphins, dopamine and /serutonin/ serotonin are released and if it’s a low-energy emotion such as anger, adrenaline and cortisol are released. As soon as certain hormones are released and secreted the whole body is alarmed and inflammation is spread throughout the body. This is the reason why medical science is researching more and more on cell memory as each and every cell of ours preserves emotions and the memory attached to it.

    So the hypothalamus is that area in our brain that regulates eating and sleeping patterns. This is the reason why when we are angry we have difficulty in sleeping and may not feel like eating. If the anger still remains, the pituitary gland affects our eating and sleeping even further. As time passes by, the chemical symptoms are transmitted through the brain stem to your adrenal gland which spreads this throughout the body

    You must be asking yourself how this is actually possible. This is because we all have a mind-body duo connection so whatever we think and feel is transferred into the organs of the body.

    •We will discuss this more at length some other time but if you are interested you can research on medical intuition readings to further understand your mind and body

    Eventually one can never get tired of discovering all that is within us in our brains through our thought patterns, and the emotions we feel in our hearts that materialize as a low or high vibration frequency.

    This is just a little brief of how our emotions affect our bodies, but if you are interested in receiving more information you can check out research papers, articles and blogs on the same

    •As of now, this is Natasha Vaswani, thanking all of my listeners for your love and support. Stay tuned by subscribing to my podcast, Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged, to know all the interesting content coming up.

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    Episode 16: Connecting With Your Emotions Through The Art Of Dance

    Episode 16: Connecting With Your Emotions Through The Art Of Dance

    I, Natasha Lalwani, welcome you back to my podcast show, Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged where I discuss mental and emotional health

    As mentioned in the previous episode, I have created a dance therapy called E-Motion to validate and release all the emotions from within through holistic dance movements

    You might be wondering how exactly does dance affect our mental state and emotions as well as the body. So today I will explain how powerful dance is in bringing our emotions to the surface and accepting them

    And in the next episode I will cover up an in-depth analysis of how our bodies retain our energies/vibrations and which emotion affects which organ of our bodies

    We all know that there are unlimited forms of dance and the moment one begins to delve into any form, he/she automatically makes it a daily or weekly habit. The reason behind this is that dance makes us express ourselves without allowing anyone to judge us; hence it is literally letting yourself free from all your problems and responsibilities

    Dance elevates our vibrations as we humans operate through our thought patterns and vibrational flows. If you are in a high vibrational flow, you automatically feel happy and content with life as well as you create positive thoughts that boost your energy further. It is like having an adrenaline rush penetrating through your mind and body that satisfies you

    As an emotional coach and spiritual healer I understand that positive thoughts along with positive vibrations create positive outcomes. You can see various examples around you of successful people who are physically very active to remain in that constant flow of joy while productively working towards their goals

    Also as you learn to disconnect from all the issues troubling you while you dance, with time you develop an inner awareness that is also referred to as intuition. Intuition is a gift given to us so that we can follow our gut and detect when there is some danger in the coming future as well as it helps us to connect with our Higher Self

    Ecstatic dance is when you allow the rhythm to take over you and go into a beautiful and peaceful trance. In this state of mind, you are consciously aware of your surroundings and you tap into your subconscious mind

    Through dance we get to pay attention to our bodies which automatically boosts our confidence level as it helps us to focus on the core of our being rather than on physical ailments. What happens is that negative thoughts and low vibrations block the energy from naturally flowing into the meridians of our bodies which is why chakra cleansing and healing is done. So when we dance we elevate our vibrations and create positive thoughts that unblock our chakras and help us to enjoy our lives to the fullest

    Lastly, dance is an excellent therapy to deal with stress and anxiety because it reduces stress and increases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. And as we all know, dancing increases our heart rate and blood flow throughout the body and brain

    These were some of the basic points to consider when it comes to connecting our emotions and dance. Do tune in to the next episode on how dance affects each organ in our bodies

    I thank all of my listeners for tuning in to each episode of mine and welcome you to share your experiences of how dance has affected your lives

    Until the next episode of Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged, this is your host, Natasha Lalwani signing off

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    Episode 15- E-Motion

    Episode 15- E-Motion

    I, Natasha Lalwani welcome you back to one more episode of my podcast show, Unfiltered Emotions Unplugged. You must be wondering what took me so long to release this episode so let me first apologize myself for this leap and tell you the reason behind it. I was creating E-Motion dance therapy.

    E-Motion is exactly as it sounds, working around our emotions. I conceptualized this dance therapy after doing a lot of research and training in various dance forms. World-known performance coach, Tony Robbins always states that emotions are created by motion; hence E-Motion Dance Therapy creates emotional shifts and validates them through holistic yet fun body movements. Each body movement has been created keeping in mind mental, physical and emotional health.

    Firstly, mental health is a very important factor that many of us prefer ignoring nowadays which is why there are so many cases of depression, anxiety and even suicide. All of us continually think and cannot control our thought patterns but we can learn to deal with them and substitute them with more goal-oriented ones.

    Also, E-Motion has been designed considering how our emotions affect our health. For instance, pent up anger or fear results in kidney failure or kidney stones as each cell of our bodies have also got memory of every experience and the pain attached to it. If you want a complete list of which emotion is connected to which ailment, you can email me at unfilteringyouremotions@gmail.com and I will send it to you right away!

    When it comes to our emotional well-being, there are many ways of maintaining a balance such as yoga, meditation, and self-help forums among other holistic approaches. E-Motion comes into the picture as I guide my students to go deep within and connect with their true self or higher self. As they consciously do it, many other emotions and thoughts engraved in the subconscious mind come to the surface which are then treated with this dance therapy. This includes childhood traumas, beliefs engraved deep within set by our families and friends, and feelings of lack of self-worth or self-hatred.

    You might wonder which therapies I use within E-Motion so let me throw some light on some of them: first of all, chakra cleansing to remove all the stagnant energy blocking our chakras and meridians in our bodies; also creating scenarios with cognitive therapies to relive a past traumatic experience and heal the emotions stuck in it by diagnosing the event from a 3rd person’s perspective; including I teach holistic movements to release anger and frustration so that the energy can be focused more towards your goals, etc

    As E-Motion dance therapy is not categorized to a niche group but to all, I have created groups so that each person is given unlimited attention and care during each class.

    Therefore, I have created Survival Of The Fittest, which is E-Motion specialized for cancer survivors and these classes are conducted every Tuesday from 6-7 pm at Zenergy All Way Fitness Studio in Mumbai.

    Also, Danza Shimmy that is a blend of belly dance movements that help us connect to our gut and work with it so that we can follow our instincts with greater ease. There are many health benefits also included in this dance therapy, some of which are:
    o Improvement in digestion
    o Constant menstrual cycles and reduction of fibroids as well as less menstrual cramps and mood swings
    o Delay in menopause and rheumatoid arthritis
    o Weight loss if practiced regularly

    Danza Shimmy classes are held every Wednesday and Saturday from 6-7 pm at Zenergy All Fitness Studio

    Lastly, Fridays are dedicated to anyone and everyone who wants to invest in himself/herself through E-Motion. I have students ranging from 18 to 60 years old who come looking for a quick and easy solution to their mental and...

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    Accept Your Emotions (my interview with Professional Trainer & Coach, Annakay Hutchison

    Accept Your Emotions (my interview with Professional Trainer & Coach, Annakay Hutchison

    Annakay Hutchinson is the founder of For Change Be Bold and co-founder of Building Networking Mom and Dad (BNMD). Also, she is a certified Goal Success Coach, Mentor, Keynote Speaker, and Podcast Host known for bringing her charismatic and sweet personality to stir joy into the lives pf those she encounters. Annakay is driven by the motto, " I can, I will," and believes each individual has what it takes to be the best version of himself/herself.

    In this podcast episode, Annakay is taking my interview, throwing some light on how to remain happy even while encountering problems at work. What exactly is happiness and how we should defend our happiness when our family/friends struggle to realize it, are some of the highlights of this podcast episode.

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    Episodio 14: Prevenir El Estres Y Agotamiento

    Episodio 14: Prevenir El Estres Y Agotamiento

    Yo, Natasha Lalwani, os dos la bienvenida de nuevo a mi Podcast, Emociones Sin Filtros

    La semana pasada, hemos conversado qué es exactamente el estrés, los tipos de estrés y las formas de manejarlo antes de la etapa de agotamiento. Por lo tanto, estoy segura de que muchos de mis oyentes estarán preguntarse qué hacer una vez que alcanzan ese agotamiento y las formas de prevenir el estrés

    ¿Cómo puedes estar seguro cuando hayas llegado al punto de agotamiento? Bueno, si experimentas alguno de los siguientes síntomas, has llegado a este punto. Estos síntomas son:
    -Dolores y molestias físicas que pueden provocar enfermedades y dolencias
    -Menos o ningún interés en las tareas laborales o de la vida que normalmente disfrutas
    -Sentirse desmotivado
    -Un alto nivel de dilación que reduce tu productividad
    -Te importa menos la calidad y el cumplimiento de las expectativas
    -Experimentas sentimientos abrumadores
    -Te sientes desconectado de tu familia, amigos o compañeros de trabajo
    -Y te pones ansioso o anticipas eventos o reacciones de personas en el trabajo o en casa

    Cuando sufrimos alguno de estos síntomas, nos enfocamos en los aspectos físicos de cómo deshacernos de ellos, como consumir analgésicos, antidepresivos, altas ingestas de azúcar, alcohol, etc. Sin embargo, la solución para deshacerte de estos síntomas se centra en la causa del problema, que es el estrés

    ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cuál es la razón de tu estrés? ¿Cómo reaccionas cuando estás bajo estrés? ¿Y qué haces para reducir tu nivel de estrés?

    Pero la pregunta de oro es cómo evitar que el estrés forme parte de tu vida
    Estoy segura de que has escuchado o leído sobre muchas formas de prevenir el estrés, tales como:
    -Mantener siempre una actitud positiva
    -Aceptar el hecho de que no todo está bajo tu control y debes dejarlo ir
    -Practicar meditación o yoga para relajar tu mente y cuerpo
    -Hacer ejercicio diariamente y tener una dieta nutricional
    -Y buscar ayuda uniéndote a grupos sociales

    Sin embargo, si hacemos una verificación de la realidad, ¿cuántos de nosotros estamos satisfechos con estas opciones? Es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo y uno necesita encontrar la opción más rápida y conveniente para adaptarse a su apretado horario de trabajo

    ¿No crees que hay una solución dentro de la cual se puede evitar que el estrés se materialice y se apodere de nuestras vidas?

    En realidad, el estrés es un estado mental que se puede controlar con nuestros pensamientos y emociones creando reacciones que no afecten nuestros cuerpos y resulten en enfermedades

    Después de tratar a varios clientes que tienen trastornos de estrés, he juntado métodos muy efectivos para prevenir el estrés y el agotamiento
    -Primero, la comunicación es vital en nuestras vidas ya que nuestras mentes están programadas para la comunicación verbal y no verbal; por lo tanto, encuentra a alguien con quien puedas compartir tus problemas, ya que el estrés se forma por una sensación abrumador cuando creemos que todo el mundo se está cayendo sobre nosotros debido al problema que enfrentamos. Una vez abras tu corazón, te sentirás mejor y habrá menos posibilidades de que la ansiedad se acumule en tu vida y se manifieste en estrés
    -Otra forma que me encanta es pensar en el problema que te molesta y sentir esa emoción de incomodidad en tu corazón y luego liberarla golpeando un cojín o una almohada. Sigue golpeándolo hasta que sientas que has liberado toda esa ira o frustración acumulada desde dentro. Y no tienes que preocuparte de cómo reaccionarán los demás, porque debes hacerlo cuando estás solo en una habitación
    -La mayoría de las veces, aumentamos el estrés ya que no podemos priorizar nuestros objetivos y administrar nuestro tiempo de manera efectiva, por lo tanto, primero hay que encontrar una manera de establecer tus objetivos más..

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