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Unleash Your Peace provides daily peace training so you can live your best life yet.

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Unleash Your Peace provides daily peace training so you can live your best life yet.

    (95) Eissa Hashemi - What Can We Learn From Archetypes?

    (95) Eissa Hashemi - What Can We Learn From Archetypes?

    Do you know what archetype you are? Do you know what your archetype says about the way you live your life? Or the things that challenge you the most? 
    In today's episode, we speak with Dr. Eissa Hashemi who has spent the last 15 years studying archetypes and learning about what they say about us as humans and as individuals. Tune in to find out how you can use archetypes to better understand yourself, those around you, and your relationships. 

    • 41 min
    (94) Susan Hirasuna: Power Of Storytelling

    (94) Susan Hirasuna: Power Of Storytelling

    Fox 11, Weekend Anchor Susan Hirasuna is no stranger to finding and telling compelling stories that connect with people on deep, emotional levels. In her 30+ year career, she has interviewed hundreds of thousands of people and covered every major event you can think of. 
    In this very informative episode of the Unleash Your Peace Podcast, Susan shares with us how she came to fall in love with journalism, what it takes to make dreams come true, and what ingredients a story must have to be newsworthy. 

    • 38 min
    (93) Stephen Powers: Can Loss Inspire You To Live?

    (93) Stephen Powers: Can Loss Inspire You To Live?

    If you are struggling with loss now, or you have in the past, we have a very special episode of the Unleash Your Peace podcast for you today. This week, we speak with creative visionary Stephen Powers. Stephen's prolific career expands across several industries and has touched the lives of millions worldwide. He is the COO of Wisdome LA, CEO of the publishing house Powers Omnimedia, and the former CEO of Bodhi Tree, one of our favorite spiritual shops in Los Angeles. As a GRAMMY-winning record producer, Stephen produced more than 150 albums with artists including Will.I.Am, Tina Turner, and The Beach Boys. If you've met Stephen you know him as a powerhouse whose passion for creative, spiritual, and socially just endeavors seems to be endless. But did you know that he was actually on track to become an Oceanographer? When Stephen was 18 years old and studying Molecular Biology at MIT, his younger sister was tragically killed by a drunk driver. It was not until he came face-to-face with his own mortality as a result of this horrible loss that he asked himself the question: "What do I really want to do?"What Stephen's incredible story demonstrates is that embedded in even the greatest tragedies is an opportunity for expansion.A decade after the death of his sister, a second heart-shattering loss left him distraught and angry at God. But through this agonizing darkness, he found the strands of light that eventually led him to a place of real internal peace, from whence he has inspired so many. 

    • 50 min
    (92) Layla Khamoushian: How To Lawyer Mindfully

    (92) Layla Khamoushian: How To Lawyer Mindfully

    Mindful lawyering might sound like an oxymoron, it might even be funny as a concept, but in many ways, learning to lawyer mindfully could save the lives of those who practice it. It could also unlock unseen opportunities, create more balance, help solve problems more creatively and attract better clients -- all while creating a better quality of life. 
    In this episode, we talk to Los Angeles based immigration attorney and yogi, Layla Khamoushian, who shares with us about how her burnout experience lead her to find a better way to live. 

    • 41 min
    (91) Arjuna O'Neal - How Getting Shot Saved My Life!

    (91) Arjuna O'Neal - How Getting Shot Saved My Life!

    What’s the worst thing in your life right now? What’s the thing that’s keeping you up at night? What's giving you anxiety all day? Making you feel frustrated, angry, helpless or stuck? 
    Now answer this: Is what you’re dealing with worse than getting shot? Is it worse than lying in agony with a bullet in your groin, feeling life slip out of you along with endless pints of your blood? 
    You see, this is exactly what happened to our guest Arjuna O’Neal when he was only 19 years old. In this gripping episode of the Unleash Your Peace podcast, Arjuna shares how getting shot and literally dying actually saved his life. 
    So many of us wait to hit rock bottom before starting to crawl out of our self-created prisons. We entertain and even cater to those highly unproductive feelings of doubt, unworthiness, unlovableness, and self hatred until we can no longer afford to do so. 
    Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t have to wait until your unhappiness becomes unbearable before choosing a better life. You don't have to get shot before you find your true purpose. 

    • 49 min
    (90) Natalia Ruiz: Healing Your Inner Child.

    (90) Natalia Ruiz: Healing Your Inner Child.

    Last night, I watched a hearth-wrenching and skillfully-performed one-woman show by a friend who shared the gruesome details of the traumatic experiences that shaped her early years. Personally, I can count on the fingers of my right hand how many people I've met in my entire life who didn't have one or a series of traumatic experiences that continue to haunt them well into their adulthood. 
    Some of these events might be trivial, like being ignored on the playground or getting lost in grocery store for a few minutes. Other events such as being raped by a parent witnessing a shooting are considered horrible by all standards. 
    And then there are the thousands of moments that sprinkle across our timeline on earth which are only punctuated by the way they make us feel. Shame. Guilt. Anger. Helplessness. Fear.These are the emotional signatures of the wounds we internalize and carry with us often to our death. This week, on the Unleash Your Peace podcast, we speak with Natalia Ruiz who, after spending many years healing her own inner child, has created a safe haven for girls between the ages of 8 and 12 called "Girls Lead." Her organization empowers young girls to become leaders among their peers. They learn to address and work through their own life events BEFORE they become wounds for life.
    Learn more about: Girls Lead - http://girlsleadsummit.com
    Peace Unleashed - https://peaceunleashed.com  or https://instagram.com/peaceunleashed

    • 39 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

soup2901 ,


I was initially introduced to Ellie & Neloo by a 3rd party mutual friend. Working within the wellness industry, I looked into the podcast podcast, albeit without much expectation.
And BOOM! Ellie captivated me from episode 1 (“what is peace?”). Ellie has an unbelievably unique way of helping make otherwise difficult & polarizing concepts, easier to understand. A necessary part of being able to introduce the lesson into your own journey. Just love the short format series style as well. I come back to Ellie and the podcast daily to Unleash & Learn.

Miliaris ,

Everyone needs to hear these words

Ellie has helped me so much. Her voice is so soothing yet also strong and knowledgeable. And trusting.
The way i think about the world and my relationship to myself has multiplied tremendously! I have sent this podcast to all my family and friends.
The short episodes make it very appealing and easy to listen to in between day to day activities or on the go. I find myself excited for what she will talk about next.
Really, give this podcast a listen!

Adrieanne ,

Full of Warmth and Love

This podcast has been extremely grounding and helpful with my own personal journey to inner peace. I love how effortlessly Ellie takes this podcast from one topic to another, interconnecting and hitting upon all aspects of life. I binge-listened to the whole podcast!! I also enjoy following her instagram page where she does live videos and posts really inspirational quotes and photos. @peaceunleashed. Thank you Ellie!

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