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An Award Nominated Podcast! Storytelling at its best. Discover and learn from the gutsiest Entrepreneurs and Creatives from around the globe! Get tips, hacks and words of wisdom to help you unleash your super powers! Hosted by Nova Lorraine.

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An Award Nominated Podcast! Storytelling at its best. Discover and learn from the gutsiest Entrepreneurs and Creatives from around the globe! Get tips, hacks and words of wisdom to help you unleash your super powers! Hosted by Nova Lorraine.

    Marketing Outliers and Defining Tattoos Not Brands with Clint White

    Marketing Outliers and Defining Tattoos Not Brands with Clint White

    Listen to Nova chat with Clint White – founder of Tattoos Not Brands, Inc. Cranes NY Business top Entrepreneur. He has 30 years of proven results in audience reach maximization and impact in industries including eCommerce, fashion, food, hospitality, and more. Social Impact Summit at UN award winner, advisor, angel investor, and co-founder.
    Tattoos Not Brands the Book
    Tattoos Not Brands the Podcast
    Nova asks Clint what his why is. He says it’s because it’s the only thing he truly knows. As the quiet one (to watch out for) he’s hyper-observant, which goes with marketing. He gets into how there are only about 100 true brands exist, and the other outliers need to learn new marketing approaches.
    Clint talks about STL – Skills, Timing, and Luck – that have to be aligned. He also goes into certain myopic practices.
    Clint talks about the marketing mix – what he calls the “Four ‘P’s”:
    ·        Price
    ·        Product
    ·        Placement
    ·        Promotion
    Taking the mic
    Clint asks Nova about how fashion, blockchain, and the metaverse combine and what should people look out for in regards to that. Nova goes into detail with her thoughts on that topic. She goes into fast fashion, supply chain, blockchain, smart contracts, and the metaverse as a three-dimensional space and a new immersive, social environment online.
    Nova and Clint conclude by talking about the future of advertising, brands versus tattoos, and changes already here and coming soon that will impact it all.
    What is your why?
    Tattoos Not Brands
    Unleash Your Supernova

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    Art, Manifestation, and the Power of Words with Jay Bonadio

    Art, Manifestation, and the Power of Words with Jay Bonadio

    Listen to Nova chat with Jay Bonadio, Jr.
    Jay Bonn – formerly the Unsigned Artist - has been shaking up the Orlando art sign. He started as a silk-screen artist at 15, evolving to shattered glass art. He’s added work with Bonsai more recently.
    Nova talks about meeting Jay by phone and advised him to change his identity as “The Unsigned Artist.”
    Nova asked Jay what his why is. He explains how he started taking things apart to see how they worked at a very young age. In college at Flagler College, he began to unlock what his why was, and overcoming dyslexia. He talks about friends recommending he put his drawings on shirts, leading to a men’s graphic T-shirt company called J Bon Clothing. That would lead to silk screening on larger and larger canvases.
    Jay talks about KarmaLoop, and how getting on there helped him get in with numerous local retailers. He also discusses how having to be an employer as an entrepreneur impacted his relationship with his mom – who is his rock. He talks about how running a business taught him how to help other artists with creating a business around their natural talent.
    Nova and Jay talk about getting over being frozen by self-criticism of your own work. They also talk about selfishness and teaching, as well as mentors and mentoring.
    Taking the mic
    Jay talks about how Nova recommended that he drop the persona of “the Unsigned Artist” because of the power words gave to that. Taking that cue, he asks Nova to expand upon the notion of how words give power to creation.
    What is your why?
    Unsigned Artist
    Screen Printing
    Shatter art
    Unleash Your Supernova

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    Technology and Its Disruptive Power with Abhishek Sharma

    Technology and Its Disruptive Power with Abhishek Sharma

    Listen to Nova chat with Abhishek Sharma. He is a co-founder and COO of Fashinza, an AI-driven B-to-B marketplace and global supply-driven platform. They serve 300+ fashion brands across 6 countries. Abhishek has been part of multiple startups. He has led multiple product teams. An active angel investor, he’s also been interviewed on CNBC.
    Nova and Abhishek talk about helping creators and founders have a platform to be found and heard, which Fashinza has been doing.
    Nova asks Abhishek what his why is. He explains how he looked at how what you wear tells the world who you are, and he wanted to help with that and help people better express themselves – specifically with Fashinza.
    He goes on to talk about how the emerging technology plays a pivotal role, and how the power of technology helps founders and businesses to better connect with customers.
    Technology and its disruptive power
    Nova asks Abhishek about his vision for virtual spaces. He talks about connecting real life to virtual life and how that is likely to grow.
    Abhishek talks about sustainability and how it gets addressed.
    Nova asks what advice Abhishek would give as an investor to a new entrepreneur. He provides his thoughts and some examples – and connecting that to the disruptive power of technology. He then talks about an existing brand getting into the new technology, web3, and the metaverse.
    The three ‘T’s: Trust, Transparency, and Traceability
    Nova asks Abhishek to share challenges in his journey.
    When it comes to ongoing and future challenges, he shares the three ‘P’s: Product, People, and the Planet.
    Taking the mic
    Abhishek asks Nova what her advice would be for a new founder. Nova says that, given emerging technology, she’d encourage Web3 and emerging tech education for minimal integration of the tools available through them.
    Abhishek asks Nova what else in AI and web3 will impact the future of the creator space. Nova sees a positive model for financial sustainability via the new technology, both for the maker and the consumer. She looks forward to more opportunities, creativity, and access.
    Nova sums up the discussion, and thanks Abhishek for joining her.
    What is your why?
    Creator space
    Unleash Your Supernova

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    Love What You’re Doing with Tiffany Daniels

    Love What You’re Doing with Tiffany Daniels

    Listen to Nova chat with Tiffany Daniels. She was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. At age 16, she worked in the San Diego Light Opera. Tiffany has danced for the LA Lakers and LA Charger girls and is a multitalented actress with many impressive credits. She is featured in Raine Magazine Volume 39.
    Tiffany explains what her why is. She realized something she really enjoyed as a kid – dance classes. She talks about how her mom wanted her to have a different path and experience for Tiffany’s childhood than she had. Tiffany went on to find joy in her dance and musical theatre talents. The energy exchange of being on the stage brought her frequent joy. After a brief stint away from the arts in college, she returned to what brought her joy and passion.
    Love what you’re doing
    Tiffany and Nova talk about paying attention to your heart and seeking out what makes you happy. Tiffany goes on to talk about how the energy of live performance creates a unique energy and exchange. She also talks to Nova about how TV and film do and don’t differ from live theatre.
    Nova asks Tiffany what advice she would give someone just starting out in the entertainment industry. One thing Tiffany says is, “You have to be your own boss.” She also talks about saying yes to the things that will lead to the next thing.
    Taking the mic
    Tiffany asks Nova about her theatre experience, and where she was coming from in that thought process. Nova talks about how she got into theatre after a large move and leaving a settled routine. She went in wanting to learn with no expectations.
    Tiffany and Nova conclude by talking about taking the concept – even if it terrifies you – of doing it. Lean into your fears to expand yourself and unleash your supernova.
    What is your why?
    Comfort zone 
    Unleash Your Supernova
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    Exploring “Why Not?” with Monique Coleman

    Exploring “Why Not?” with Monique Coleman

    Listen to Nova chat with Monique Coleman. A breakout actress from Disney’s “High School Musical” Franchise, Monique has been keeping busy with many films and TV programs. She was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Host for “Gimme Mo”, which she hosted and executive produced. She was named the first-ever United Nations Youth Champion and hosted the 2022 Girl Hero Awards alongside First Lady Michelle Obama.
    Monique is the featured cover star for Raine Magazine Volume 39.
    She talks about having traveled to over 40 countries doing her philanthropic work and having amazing experiences and meeting inspiring people.
    Monique explains her why. She has a “relentless desire to inspire, to motivate, and to elevate people.” Also – why not? She wants to bring as much joy, awareness, and positive experiences to the world as possible.
    She talks about having a calling to do something great that she was aware of from a young age. She talks about tapping into her purpose via multiple experiences.
    Why not?
    Monique talks about giving and receiving and being empowered – even when you’re young. She talks about the impact of social media and how it creates less connection than we realize.
    Nova and Monique talk about The Four Agreements and how we can choose to agree with - and not agree with - the rules we receive when we come into this life.
    Monique shares how she got out of her low point during times she wanted to give up. She talks about being honest with yourself about how far you want to go in life – and not judging yourself based on the perception of others. She also talks about the power of expressing gratitude.
    “I know what will happen if I stop. What I don’t know is what will happen if I keep going.”
    Monique talks about the importance of differentiating goals from intentions (ego versus soul).
    Taking the mic
    Monique asks Nova what she wants her legacy to be? What does she want to leave and be known for? Nova talks about being the best guide/mentor/support for her own children. She also talks about her compassion for humanity.
    Monique questions Nova about what tools she uses to replenish her energy to be the guide/source/resource to inspire? Nova shares her self-care practices and daily reward for being, speaking with the people who fill her soul, and expansive thinking.
    What is your why?
    Positive Experiences
    Unleash Your Supernova
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    Creating Impact with the Metaverse with Sharad Agarwal

    Creating Impact with the Metaverse with Sharad Agarwal

    Listen to Nova chat with Sharad Agarwal. Sharad and Nova initially connected through LinkedIn sometime in 2022. Sharad is the Chief Metaverse Officer for CyberGear (which was founded in 1996 – the first digital agency in the Middle East). He launched onlywebinars.com in 2019. CyberGear entered the metaverse in 2021. His latest ventures include the Metashapers community (metashapers.com) and metaprenuer.com (which Nova has been on). He is on the top 200 Business and Technology Innovators power list.
    Sharad explains that his slogan is, “Together we thrive.”
    He explains what his why is. Back in 1996, he got into the internet services business for the first time. He’s been a big believer in technology and that it can solve any problem on the planet (transhumanism). Sharad predicts that, like everyone having a website today (when almost nobody had one 30 years ago) everyone will have a presence in the metaverse in the near future.
    Sharad explains the Third address. First address is your home address. Second address is your URL. The third is your metaverse destination site.
    Nova and Sharad discuss the risk-taking of being in Web3 – and how it's unknown territory like entrepreneurship. They also talk about using information, words, and phrases audiences already know to help familiarize people with the new technology.
    The philosophy of Web3 is that it builds community and is shared – not held individually. They also discuss how powerful and real connections made in Web3 are. Sharad shares some exciting new technology coming.
    Pivot and take a chance.
    Taking the mic
    Sharad asks Nova what keeps her up at night? She wakes up flooded with ideas all the time. Ideas galore. What keeps her up is how does she shorten the distance from A to B related to her purpose here? She wants to empower people to take action for a more happy, more fulfilled place in life.
    What is your why?
    Digital Collectibles
    Digital Assets
    Third address
    Making a difference
    Unleash Your Supernova

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5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Tom Antion ,

This lady is a dynamo

Ms. Lorraine has great guests and all kinds of business tips. I love it when the guest gets to ask her questions.

Terrible game on phone ,

Great speaker line, always learning something

Unleash Your Supernova is worth listening to if you are just starting to build your career. By introducing entrepreneurs from around the globe who are experts in their respective fields (particularly culture, fashion, tech), Nova Lorraine is able to ask the tough questions that people want answers to. The show focuses on finding ways to achieve one’s maximum potential in life, the socioeconomic barriers which hinder that success, and doing what you love without stress.

JC 2133 ,

Awesome inspiring show!

Raine rocks! Educational and informative podcast 🙌🏼🎙🔥

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