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Podcast by Louise George

    Ep 7 Being The Change with Dan Gregory

    Ep 7 Being The Change with Dan Gregory

    Dan J. Gregory has recently founded the Elevate Group, where he plans to build an innovation lab and a series of entrepreneurial accelerators designed to support startup founders who seek to make a difference to humanity.

    Dan is also CEO at Unstoppable Media, where he produces content and hosts live experiences for visionary entrepreneurs and inspired leaders.

    He is more commonly known as the host of the #1 Personal Development Podcast for Entrepreneurs, The Unstoppable Podcast.

    In this conversation we talk about:
    - How a 20 min Facebook live of Dan's went viral and why it inspired him to become a 'front line' and leading activist and speaker
    - 2020; politics, health, activism and reporting
    - London and global protests
    - Becoming the change you wish to see
    - Challenging the mainstream narratives
    - Personal sovereignty and the power of the collective
    - The positive difference you can make in the world now

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Ep 6 : Biohacking with Tim Gray

    Ep 6 : Biohacking with Tim Gray

    Tim, "the UK’s Leading Biohacker", is the Founder of the Health Optimisation Summit. As a psychology specialist, serial entrepreneur and successful businessman, Tim founded and invested in multiple 7-figure businesses, including several digital marketing agencies, and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic.

    After years spent self-healing his body from chronic health conditions through biohacking alone, Tim embarked on a mission to educate and empower the masses. As such, he created The Health Optimisation Summit, Europe’s largest health conference, which aims to provide people with the knowledge, tools and resources to take their own health and performance to the next level. The summit is a world-first collaboration between the US-based health titans: Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, and PaleoF(x), which showcases the best speakers from the health, biohacking, fitness, longevity, nutrition, and function and preventative medicine spaces. Tim is also the man behind the Biohacker London Meetup group, a growing global community which laid the foundation in the UK for the summit’s success.

    In this conversation we talk about:
    - What biohacking is and isn't
    - How to get started on your own biohacking journey
    - Getting to the root cause of health issues
    - Longevity
    - Intuition
    - What we've learnt from a 50,000-year-old poo
    - Gut health
    - The importance of sleep
    - Blue blocking glasses
    - Biohacking on a budget
    - The 'recipe' for optimal health

    • 42 min
    Ep 5: Nagivating Challenging Times

    Ep 5: Nagivating Challenging Times

    While the whole world goes through a major transformation it can be easy to feel chaotic, uncertain and hopeless...
    This episode is a reminder of the peace you have within and no matter what is going on in the physical 3D world, you can bring yourself back to centre, love and anchor yourself in the now.
    Solo episode with Louise George, with a Balanced Breathing meditation, you can save and come back to, whenever you need to ground yourself and bring your body and mind into coherence.

    • 16 min
    Ep 4: Wellbeing with Paula Ralph

    Ep 4: Wellbeing with Paula Ralph

    As a Women’s Health Coach, Paula leads, educates and coaches women in making a difference to their experience of their health, to ensure that they not only flourish, but those around them are positively impacted as well.

    Paula's work within the mindset and somatics of health has taken her career from that of a pharmacist for 30 years to making a strong difference in the women she works with. She observed thousands of people doing the best they could with what they knew, but they weren’t getting the health that they wanted, from the traditional avenues they were using. And her women customers were asking for more. ‘What else can I do?’ ‘What else is out there?’ ‘What am I doing wrong?’

    This set Paula on the path of multiple mind and eye-opening courses, thousands of books, workshops and training around the world, all to find what it is that women need to return to a sense of health and wholeness.

    This conversation is FULL of GOLD and topics we talk about include:
    - Why Paula became a Pharmacist and why she left after 30 years
    - How some of her beliefs about medicine have completely changed
    - Expectations of medical professionals
    - How we're just putting a band-aid on many conditions and not getting to the route of the issues
    - Emotional trauma and the connection to physical disease
    - How viruses work and what to do to boost immunity naturally

    You can connect with Paula at:

    Meet the incredible Paula Ralph x

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Ep 3 Flow with Kamau Abayomi

    Ep 3 Flow with Kamau Abayomi

    Join me in this conversation with Artist Kamau Abayomi.

    Kamau is a poet, traveller, QiGong practitioner and teacher, DJ, Mature lover and the funder of Silent Warrior Spirit and Black Divinity Meditation.

    We go deep in this conversation and some of the things we talk about include:

    ⁃ Being in tune with your nature
    ⁃ Honouring your soul calling
    ⁃ Knowing when and how to fight for what you believe in
    ⁃ BEing the change with your natural gifts
    ⁃ The control system of humanity
    ⁃ Energy protection & self-introspection
    ⁃ The ripples of the shifts you make
    ⁃ Who really runs the world
    ⁃ Tapping into our internal guidance
    ⁃ The power of breath and nature for clarity, healing, guidance and connection
    ⁃ Spirituality & Activism
    ⁃ Slowing down to experience it all
    ⁃ The poetry of life expression
    ⁃ Bridging the physical and metaphysical
    ⁃ Reclaiming our fragmented selves and remembering who we really are

    Enjoy and if you do please leave us a review on iTunes / YouTube and share for your community too.

    You can connect with Kamau here:

    Peace x

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Ep 2: Thrive with Elise Lininger

    Ep 2: Thrive with Elise Lininger

    Join me in this conversation with Thriver, Elise Lininger.

    Elise has gone from being a struggling teacher, over her head in debt and on government assistance, to becoming a millionaire entrepreneur, coach, mentor and speaker.

    Helping others to truly thrive in their lives is her mission but it hasn't come without her own struggles; battling chronic illness over the past few years - including mould illness, Lyme disease and breast plant illness - and on her own journey of thriving in health and life, she is a testament to living and leading by example.

    Some of the things we talk about include:

    • How she went from struggling on a teacher's salary to a millionaire entrepreneur
    • Her journey of recovery from chronic illness
    • The mind-body connection
    • Elise' research and discoveries about medical health industries and disease
    • Boosting our immunity, naturally
    • Taking care of mind, body and soul
    • Natural remedies
    • Signs of dis-ease
    • Her beliefs about what's happening in the world right now

    You can connect with Elise at:


    Meet the incredible Elise Lininger x

    • 1 hr 22 min

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