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B&M take on the coolest show from the weird minds of the Wachowski sisters. There may be sex jokes.

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B&M take on the coolest show from the weird minds of the Wachowski sisters. There may be sex jokes.

    2x12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    2x12: Amor Vincit Omnia

    This finale was extremely entertaining . . . but it wasn't satisfying. But can there be a satisfying end to such a beautiful complicated mess of a show? Probably not. The world is better for having this little wrapup, even if it was rushed and bottled.
    Dropped plot threads: Capheus's election (and all the senseates he met!), Lito's Hollywood career, Sun's brother, Rajan snitching on Ajay, Sebastian, Lila's cluster and their motivations . . .

    There's lots of new fun to be milked from what we do get, though, and I'm astonished that the lovely chemistry extends to actors who have never been in a scene together. Dani continues to be impressive in everything she does, Bug speaks all the languages, and the pure unbridled joy on Felix's face when he bonds with Rajan over being in the hospital (?).

    We could have done without Wolfgang's mom's trauma, but the bulk of the finale seems to be focused on gathering everyone together and finally giving us a timeline of Aneglica's journey. Jonas unfortunately gets sidelined, and we also learn about the Lacuna and what Whispers is really up to.

    The action fizzles but the emotional ending scene was perfect, bringing everyone together for a promise of a brighter future. Also, no one does an orgy scene like the Wachowski sisters.

    Goodbye, sensates.


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    Season 2 Finish Megasode

    Season 2 Finish Megasode

    So a lot of shit is going down!
    Sun: Joong-Ki is spared, but it turns out he has a powerful politician ally So close to a satisfying resolution!

    Lito: We knew he would do well in Hollywood! Also Andy Dick and Cheyenne Jackson! Dani is an amazing agent.

    Nomi: Wedding- meh. Double marriage proposal YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

    Capheus: His security detail betrayed him, but Superpower, of all people, saved him.

    Kala: Rajan is turning his buddies into the authorities, and tells her to bounce. Also we fight about him as a good husband. I'm right, of course. Also she's making blockers with very poor lab safety.

    Riley: Finds a dead body with Diego, and serves as a proxy for Will to chat with the dying Cipher. Also, I expand my wachowskiverse theory.

    Jonas: Appears to have crossed to the dark side. Is he a survivor or a good guy sleeper agent? Who's to say?

    Bug: Looks great in a white tux.

    Felix: Doesn't like his coworkers.

    Silas: Doing Capheus's Mom.

    Jela: Also there.

    Diego: Still a whiny straight boy.

    Cipher: Dies.

    Teagan: Married.

    Nando: Hot.

    Lila: Trying to turn Berlin into a Sense8-friendly city. And I think she's the big bad.

    Wolfgang: Captured, tortured.

    Will; Concocts a risky plan to get all the Sense8's (Plus Amanita!) to london. We're hoping Dani and Nando stayed behind, there's enough danger here. Also Jonas and Whispers have been kidnapped.

    See you guys next year!

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    2x07 There's No Room in My Heart for Hate

    2x07 There's No Room in My Heart for Hate

    Well guys, we've come to a realization. As much fun and interesting as this show is, the fact that it has been cancelled has cast a shadow over our little project. Bitches is frustrated and wants to talk about the plot threads that won't get resolved, and she can't reveal to me which ones they are.
    This sucks.

    So, we're going to be doing a single megasode on the rest of the season, before diving back into Buffy/Angel. We're just as dissapointted as you, but, well, we've also had a listener dropoff, so I guess the market has spoken.

    See you guys in two weeks!

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    2x06 Isolated Above, Connected Below

    2x06 Isolated Above, Connected Below

    Capheus: Gets laid. So does Mom. Also Money has an issue with bisexual erasure.
    Sun: Leaves.

    Kala: More drama with Wolfgang.

    Wolfgang: Drama with Kala, Lila is a badass assassin.

    Lito: Gives the worst Pride opening speech ever. It's not about you, jackass.

    Riley (And Will): Puck is a sensate. Mr. Moy is a treasure trove of information. Also she needs to go to Chicago.

    Nomi: Finds the cabin, has a memory of Angelica that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, or look good for her past.

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    2x05 Fear Never Fixed Anything

    2x05 Fear Never Fixed Anything

    Sun: Reunited with her dog. Probably going to f**k that cop again.
    Nomi: I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF THE WACHOWSKIS TAKING A DUMP ON THEIR OWN LEGACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, e-death. Needs better branding.

    Capheus: Called it. Also, straight dudes are terrible. Universal truth.

    Wolfgang: Hi naked lady.

    Kala: That fight over the dinner table is the realest thing ever.

    Lito: YOu got asked to Grand Marshal the goddamn Sao Paulo pride parade? WHY IS THIS A QUESTION????

    Will & Riley: DJ sensate party! I'm so confused.

    Jonas: Rest in Power.

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    2x04 Polyphony

    2x04 Polyphony

    Sun beats up her boyfriend and says goodbye to grandma jailbreak.
    Wolfgang and Kala flirt in a bathroom AGAIN.

    Capheus is running for office maybe? Also he saves a baby.

    Nomi comes out to Bug. D'awwwww

    Riley visits and underground lab.

    Will is there for some reason.

    Lito tries to track down his first boyfriend.

    • 1 hr 9 min

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