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The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!

Unspoiled! Buffy the Vampire Slayer UNspoiled! Network

    • 4.3, 27 Ratings

The new dynamic duo discuss one of the most influential TV shows of all time. B has seen every episode, Money has seen none!

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4.3 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Melanie Linares ,

Yet another reason to rewatch the Buffy-verse

I am in love with the quirkiness and friendship of these two hosts! I have been listening for over a year and this show is still as hilarious as that first listen. <3 The two cover both Buffy and the Angel TV shows and while I never made it far into watching Angel I still enjoy the comentary.
I initially went in expecting a straight forward take on the show(s) but was delighted by the unique, personal take. The show does not take itself too seriously, there's crude humor occassionally, and talk of sexuality... and I LOVE that! Take a listen for yourself and join B & M along for the bumpy Joss Whedon ride.

Meepsqueak ,


Honestly I’m surprised at how many 5-star reviews this podcast has. It makes me wonder if they’re all friends and family of the hosts. The hate-casting was kind of funny at first, but it quickly becomes old, as that’s all these hosts seem to do. B claims to be a fan, although you’d never know that by the way she complains about the show. This podcast was really disappointing. The hosts seem to miss most of the themes the show explores. They do a terrible job recapping the episodes. Almost all of B’s tangents are very r/ihavesex, which also gets boring pretty quickly. Some things I do enjoy: Moloch on Grindr, Cordelia fashion critiques, and the guest stars. I’ve listened to a few Unspoiled podcasts now, and this is by far the worst. If you’re wanting a fun nostalgia trip, listed to the Harry Potter cast instead.

RIP Kendra :( ,

Playing catch up

I’m hella far behind, and as an avid Buffy fan, the hate-casting makes me a lil sad, sometimes. BUT! I still love it! I almost stopped listening and moved onto another Unspoiled podcast, then in the Season 2 episodes 9 & 10 show, Money utters the phrase, “Jesus can get it”, and my life was maaaaaade. Since I’m still in the earlier seasons, I’m hoping he learns to love the gang and their hijinks as much as I do, but I’ll keep listening either way. The hosts asides about their lives and other random topics are absolutely enthralling. As of right now, those are my favorite parts of the show, followed closely by the 90’s fashion bashing and Cordelia worship. She is a boss. Happy casting! (Is that a thing people say? I’m new to the podcast arena. Whateves, I’ll say it anyway.) :)

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