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Natasha and Miles cover The Dark Tower! Natasha has never read the series and Miles has read the first 5. Buckle up as we begin our journey, a few chapters at a time!

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Natasha and Miles cover The Dark Tower! Natasha has never read the series and Miles has read the first 5. Buckle up as we begin our journey, a few chapters at a time!

    The Dark Tower Finale Wrap-Up

    The Dark Tower Finale Wrap-Up

    First, check out our sponsor for this episode, the TRAPP Society's upcoming special project set in the world of the Dark Tower. It takes place between books six and seven, and aims to correct some of King's more egregious indulgences. The characters include a survivor of Jericho Hill, the High Wizard of Brooklyn, a shapeshifting badass from Dungeons and Dragons, and so much more.
    The show isn't available just yet, but head to the Shattered Worlds RPG podcast feed to hear the first hour of your newest podcast obsession. shatteredworlds.libsyn.com

    I can't believe how long we've been doing this series, but damn this feels like it's been going on all my adult life. And now it's over, and I'm left with so many questions and so many moments that I want to know more about or still don't completely understand, as I'm sure many of you also felt when the series ended.
    Miles and I spend this last episode answering questions submitted on Facebook, Twitter, and email from all of you, asking us everything from how we'd rank the books in order of favorite to least, who we would have killed off and why, which characters we want to know more about or see in the story more, and all kinds of other things. We had a really good time chatting about the series as a whole, and we discuss the fact that Miles came into the recordings unsullied with knowledge of how it all ends.
    Thank you all so much for listening, for leaving reviews, for submitting questions, and we wish you all long days and pleasant nights.
    Toodaloo, mothafuckas.

    Artwork Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/25kartinok/art/Susanna-704021520

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    Wind Through The Keyhole- Skin Man (Part 2) & Epilogue

    Wind Through The Keyhole- Skin Man (Part 2) & Epilogue

    Listeners, this is it! It's time for the very last chapter of coverage of The Dark Tower series, which will be followed up by one more episode of discussion before we wrap on this podcast feed altogether. It's truly the end of an era.
    The ending to this book was rather surprising, because I expected the Skin Man to be someone we had already met and instead it's someone that doesn't really mean anything to us. Of course, when he transforms in front of them we get to see King's writing shine, because man does he write horror well. So I think I will forgive him.
    The thing that I'm feeling the most ambivalent about it the whole thing with Roland's mother. I would be interested to hear what you folks think about my and Miles's theories, and whom you agree with. I didn't think about it the way Miles did at all, but for all I know, he may be right.
    Thank you all so much for sticking with us as we made our way down this twisting road, and we will see you next week with the final episode.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 3- Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 2

    Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 3- Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 2

    Hi there you beauties! Miles and I are here with the second-to-last episode of Wind Through The Keyhole, and I'm delighted to inform you that, despite some quibbles about the fact that the Red King has a cameo in this story, I really liked it.
    Tim Ross carries on past the small community of swamp people, sure that he will be returning this way and that he can repay the kindness they've shown him. They know differently because they're aware the Starkblast is coming, so it's actually kind of heart wrenching to watch him say goodbye. And on top of that, we find out later that the dragon also died, which just seems unfair. The Starkblast is a bastard.
    Once Tim reaches his destination he has to screw up his courage again to face down an enormous tiger, which it turns out later is totally harmless, and they snuggle down to wait out the storm under the protection of a magical bedsheet, which later carries Tim home again with his bottle of potion to cure his mother.
    The story does have a rather brutal ending, because Big Kells has come wandering back and cut the Widow Smack's throat while she was sleeping by the fire, but Tim's restored mother sinks her late husband's axe into Kells' head, and we all lived happily ever after.
    It's overall a pretty satisfying story, but like I said, the mentions of the Red King being trapped on a balcony of the Tower, and of Aslan being in charge of one of the Beams, were really distracting. Whaddayagonnado. They didn't ruin it, just made me stop and say, "Wait, what?"
    Thanks so much for listening! See you next week!

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    Wind Through The Keyhole- Part 3, Wind Through The Keyhole- Part 1

    Wind Through The Keyhole- Part 3, Wind Through The Keyhole- Part 1

    I love titling these f*****g episodes. What an unholy disaster.
    So this episode was intended to cover the entire 'Wind Through The Keyhole' section, but it turns out that's way too much reading for one day, and also this episode is over an hour so it seems like Miles and I were not suffering for things to talk about even with just half the story. So I figure y'all can just forgive us.
    I'm always on board with weird fairytales and folk-tales, so this was right in my wheelhouse. Villages that need to worry about dragons? Yes please. Villages that THINK they need to worry about dragons because someone is a con artist, but then it turns out there is actually a dragon out there? EVEN YESSER PLEASE.
    I really hope you enjoy this episode, and we will see you soon with the second half of the story!

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    Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 2- The Skin Man (Part 1)

    Wind Through The Keyhole, Part 2- The Skin Man (Part 1)

    Hey there, constant readers! Miles and I continue our journey through the final novel of the series, and I find that nothing is what I expected. I mean, who knew we'd basically be fighting werewolves this time?
    The whole deal in this section was very out of left field, but I actually really enjoyed it. I'm very on-board with seeing some of the set-up in Roland's life for the man that we came to know in the main series, and I'm really excited that there's a mystery afoot. That's not to say that there aren't some bizarre and distracting King-isms in this section because trust me, there are. But I'm more willing to tolerate them because we've got (to an extent) a clean slate in this part of the story.
    So who is the Skin Man? My money is on Everlynn. That's all I'm sayin.
    Thanks so much for listening, and I will see you soon with the section titled Wind Through The Keyhole!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Wind Through The Keyhole (Part 1)- Starkblast

    Wind Through The Keyhole (Part 1)- Starkblast

    Hey listeners! Miles and I are getting into the final book (at least so far) in the series, which is apparently going to contain some peripheral information and stories from Roland's youth. What we get first, however, is the setup for what gives our crew the leisure to sit around and tell stories.

    We go back in time, to before they even reached the Calla, and meet a ferryman called Bix who can tell from watching Oy that the Starkblast is coming. Roland can't believe that he missed the signs, and there's only just enough time for the four of them to get to the safety of a stone shelter before the thing hits them like a train.

    There's not much to talk about in this one yet, so it's a slightly shorter episode. Thanks so much to you all for listening!

    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Fancy Pantalo ,

SPOILERS AHEAD I wish I was listening to this when it was made

There are so many things I want to comment on but if I commented now you’d be like that was 3 years ago. I am rereading DT right now and enjoying having a podcast to listen along with (something not available the first time I read them over a decade ago). Two things that no one cares about now probably but I feel the need to shout about for my own satisfaction. Now that you’ve read them you know the preacher woman scene in Tull is entirely unnecessary and the fact he kept that in the revised version is just so cringe and frustrating I could write an essay about it. Your original take on it in the podcast is right on the money. The other thing is more to your cohost. Not everyone thinks Insomnia is a snooze fest! I know tons of people do but I read that book in a day and I loved that the protagonist is an old man. It seemed fresh and cool to me when I read it. I’m still on the episodes discussing the first book so I’m excited to listen through and hear your final takeaways. Long days and pleasant nights to both of you.

entertainer1000 ,


I have followed Natasha for a great number of years, and I follow properties she covers for the mere experience of being able to listen to her podcasts. I was incredibly disappointed, however, when during the last episode covering the song of Susannah, she spends a long time speaking of why widespread murder is the right thing to do. Miles is actually the moderate one in this conversation, attempting to say “well I don’t think it’s very good for the person pulling the trigger” to which she has several arguments of why they should. I never thought, in 2021, it would be necessary to point out why murder, hatred, and violence are not good things. I’m really sad to see her represent some of the same views she once claimed to stand against.

RaptorKitchen ,

Exactly what I wanted

Stumbled across this Dark Tower podcast as I have just reached book 7 and I absolutely adore it. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

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