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Real conversations with real people

Untapped || A Yoga For BJJ Podcast Sebastian Brosche

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Real conversations with real people

    Emily Kwok

    Emily Kwok

    Emily Kwok was the first female in Canada to receive her black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the first to win a world championship.

    These are only a few things Sarah and Emily talk about:

    Concepts behind being an effective instructor - importance of teaching foundations and how more is not always better.

    How earning your black belt is really a Licence to Learn

    How to put into perspective the story we tell ourselves verses the reality of what is actually going on

    Concepts to prolong longevity of BJJ - How to train BJJ for many years (avoiding the scenario of being a broken black belt)

    The concept of how we evolve into different versions of ourselves - and how to address that

    The importance of not only the physical work, but also the mental work for competing (and training)

    So much more

    Book References:

    ‘Thinking in Bets’ by Annie Duke

    ‘The Art of Learning’ by Josh Waitzkin

    ‘Grit’ Angela Duckworth

    • 2 hr 9 min
    Pilot Podcast

    Pilot Podcast

    Sebastian, Adam and Sarah have an informal conversation as they introduce the podcast and what it is about.  People from all over the world will be interviewed from all walks of life with the goal to get behind the facade and see what is really going on behind the scenes. Nothing but the real deal. Each episode will end with a breakdown discussion from Sebastian, Sarah and Adam. 

    • 41 min

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