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"Untold Radio AM covers, Interesting new science, genomic studies, odd wildlife research, strange disappearances, cryptids, mysteries, life after death, interesting celebrities, UFOs and other unexplained events and occurrences plus whatever topic we feel is UNTOLD.


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"Untold Radio AM covers, Interesting new science, genomic studies, odd wildlife research, strange disappearances, cryptids, mysteries, life after death, interesting celebrities, UFOs and other unexplained events and occurrences plus whatever topic we feel is UNTOLD.

    Untold Radio Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross – Skilled Research Scientist Who Discusses UFOs and Other Anomalous Phenomena

    Untold Radio Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross – Skilled Research Scientist Who Discusses UFOs and Other Anomalous Phenomena

    Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross is a researcher, scientist, anomalist, writer, presenter, and educator who began his professional career as a classically trained musician. By nature, Dr. Gross is an accomplished artist who chose music as his preferred medium of expression. However, out of necessity, Bob became a scientist and aggressive researcher. Currently, he is retired and living in the Chicago Area.

    In 1970, Robert W. Gross received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His baccalaureate degree was followed by a Master of Education Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. By 1975, he had enrolled at Penn State University, where he studied filmmaking.

    Bob taught in Pennsylvania’s public schools and held concurrent adjunct professor positions at Penn State University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania as a music educator. In 1980, he co-wrote a children’s musical play. This musical play was entered into a national competition sponsored by the Open Court Publishing Company, and open Court awarded the play second prize. Writing the musical play provided Bob with knowledge about human curiosity and mysterious experiences. The award led to Dr. Bob studying musical playwriting at Illinois Wesleyan University.

    In 1984, Bob earned a Doctor of Education Degree from Penn State University. While at Penn State, he studied acoustics, aesthetics, music, and research design, among other subjects. His flawless approach to advanced research was a direct result of The Pennsylvania State University Graduate School awarding his dissertation an excellent rating.

    In 1985, Dr. Gross began drafting another children’s musical play. The new play incorporated several contemporary popular topics: UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, spaceships, and outer space. To learn more about the UFO/UAP phenomenon, Dr. Gross joined the Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained—a nonprofit scientific research organization and clearinghouse for UFO sightings.

    During the summer of 1989, Dr. Gross confronted an unidentifiable aerial phenomenon (UAP) inches away from him. Throughout this close encounter, he experienced an unusually strong affective response. Bob realized that his intense aesthetic reaction involved a non-arts object. Dr. Gross’s interest regarding links among anomalies, aesthetics, intelligence, and the human brain was ignited.

    From 1992 to 1998, Bob served as a member of the National Assessment of Educational Progress Arts Education Consensus Project in Washington, DC. As the project’s multimedia assessment specialist, Dr. Gross was introduced to the research of Dr. Howard Gardner. Dr. Gardner, a psychologist from Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences. In 1999, Dr. Gardner wrote about the possibility of expanding his Multiple Intelligences theory to include existential intelligence. In 2013, after conferring with Dr. Gardner, Dr. Gross instigated an independent research project that explored potential links among musical intelligence, existential intelligence, aesthetic experiences, anomalies, and unexplained phenomena. Through the process of conducting research for his independent study, Dr. Gross was introduced to neuroaesthetics. Neuroaesthetics is a relatively new subfield of neuroscience that merges neuroscience with observed aesthetics.

    Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross’s professional experiences embody a depth and breadth of understandings, skills, and habits of mind that translate into an acute awareness of what ought to be. He is an advocate of the creative problem-solving process. During his career, he has pursued a livelihood as a presenter and writer with more than twenty articles published in journals and on blogs. Bob has also delivered lectures at local, state, national, and international conferences.

    Dr. Gross specializes in Anomalistics—using the...

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    Untold Radio AM Tobe Johnson – Author of the Owl Moon Lab Experiment and Paranormal Researcher

    Untold Radio AM Tobe Johnson – Author of the Owl Moon Lab Experiment and Paranormal Researcher

    Tobe Johnson: Author/Co-Producer/Podcaster Tobe Johnson's background has taken him all over the world in search of hidden realities. However, it would be in his own home- town of Springfield, Oregon Tobe would find that one hidden reality would override all others, the reality of Sasquatch. Tobe is the author of The Owl Moon Lab: A Paranormal Experiment and the host of Strange Brau Radio. This weekly podcast focuses on guest testimonials of hidden realities. Guests have included Colonel John B. Alexander, Brien Foerster, Ron Morehead, and 1st hand experiencers of such phenomena as time travel, alien abduction, occultist practices, cryptids, government cover-ups, and Sasquatch.


    Skype ID: strangebrau@gmail.com

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    Untold Radio AM Paul Wallis – Uncovering the World's Mythologies for Their Insights

    Untold Radio AM Paul Wallis – Uncovering the World's Mythologies for Their Insights

    Paul Wallis is the author of the International Bestseller "ESCAPING FROM EDEN." He is a popular speaker, researcher, author of books on spirituality and mysticism.

    As a senior churchman, he served as a church doctor, a trainer of pastors, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia.

    Today his work probes the world's mythologies for their insights into human origins, human potential, and our place in the cosmos. "ESCAPING FROM EDEN" was hailed by George Noory as "This generation's Chariots of the Gods!"

    His latest book, THE SCARS OF EDEN" is endorsed by Erich Von Daniken. Paul is a regular voice on The 5th Kind TV and GAIA TV.

    His Popular YouTube channel link: https://www.youtube.com/c/PaulWallis

    Some of Paul Wallis Book Reviews'" 'Escaping from Eden'"

    Erich Von Daniken - "Paul Wallis discusses the variety of views on the question of extraterrestrials. Exciting! I Absolutely recommend "The Scars of Eden!"

    George Noory on Coast to Coast -" 'Escaping from Eden' is this generation's 'Chariots of the Gods.'" 'Escaping from Eden' takes us on a journey that we will never forget. The incredible possibilities of our own existence. Thought-provoking."

    Sean Stone - "Courageous... gives us a new perspective on the creation and engineering of man."

    Barbara Lamb - "Paul Wallis' work is really fascinating, and he expresses his accountings in such a personable way. I have learned so very much from Paul's new book, "The Scars of Eden."

    Jaimie and Aspasia Leonarder - "Paul is a rare fish indeed. Very few scholars embedded so deeply in the church have ever exhibited the courage to question their chosen path. We highly recommend Paul's extraordinary works of investigation to all those seeking a more enlightened path of living. History will recognize his important works as a solid foundation in the true understanding of humanity's origins."

    Steven and Evan Strong- "The best person we know who can get this truth across to people, and explain the whole story, is Paul Wallis. Not only is he a really good communicator and presenter, which is so important, but he brings such great knowledge."

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    Untold Radio AM More paranormal fun with Mr. David Weatherly

    Untold Radio AM More paranormal fun with Mr. David Weatherly

    From the specters of dusty castles, to remote, haunted islands, from ancient sites, to modern mysteries, he has journeyed to the most unusual places on the globe seeking the unknown. David became fascinated with the paranormal at a young age. Ghost stories and accounts of weird creatures and UFOs led him to discover many of his early influences. Writers such as John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Hans Holzer and others set him on course to spend his life exploring and investigating the unexplained. Throughout his life, he's also delved into shamanic and magical traditions from around the world, spending time with elders from numerous cultures in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. He has studied with Taoist masters in China, Tibetan Lamas, and other mystics from the far east. He's picked up knowledge from African and Native American tribal elders and sat around fires with shaman from countless other traditions. Along his path, David has also gathered a lot of arcane knowledge, studying a range of ancient arts from palmistry, the runes, and other obscure forms of divination to alchemy and magic. He has studied and taught Qigong and Ninjutsu as well as various energy related arts. David has also studied stage and performance magic.

    His shamanic and magical background has given him a unique perspective in his explorations into the unknown, and he continues to write, travel and explore, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the strange and unusual. David has investigated, and written about, a diverse range of topics including, Hauntings, Cryptozoology, Ufology, Ancient Mysteries, Shamanism, Magic and Psychic Phenomena. He has been a featured speaker at conferences around the world and has lectured for countless paranormal, UFO, and spiritual groups. He is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Darkness Radio and other radio programs. David has also appeared on numerous television shows including Ancient Aliens, Mysteries at the National Parks and Beyond Belief. His Body of Books are amazing

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    Untold Radio AM Dave Emmons, UFO / ET Experiencer With a Past Military Background and Top Secret Clearance

    Untold Radio AM Dave Emmons, UFO / ET Experiencer With a Past Military Background and Top Secret Clearance

    Long-time UFO / ET experiencer with a past military background and top-secret clearance.

    Brief Biography

    Graduated High School Illinois – Honor Roll – IQ 138
    Lewis & Clark College Illinois – Associate Degree
    Broadcast Center St. Louis Mo. – TV & Radio Broadcasting School
    Lindenwood College - Communications St. Charles Mo.
    U.S. Army 1968 to 1971 – Top Secret Clearance Nuclear Weapons Training.
    Worked as an Electrician while going to school part-time for 10 years.
    Played music with a Family Band for 45 years as a Drummer and Guitar player.
    Worked for two small businesses as a Manager.
    Worked in FM/AM Radio Stations voicing Ads (Commercials). Voice over work for training films.
    Restaurant and Night Club owner
    Worked as Team Leader at an Oil Refinery.
    Worked with Red Cross as Shelter and Disaster Manager.
    Retired. Playing music, Hosting Radio/Video Show and writing.
    UFO/ET experience ever since I was 14 years of age - up to the present day.

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    Untold Radio AM Richard Noll, the legendary bigfoot researcher

    Untold Radio AM Richard Noll, the legendary bigfoot researcher

    Richard Noll has been involved with the Sasquatch subject since the late '60s, when he convinced his mother to take him and his four brothers to the state capital of Washington, in Olympia, where a local researcher, Dick Grover, was playing a corny standup piano with several Bigfoot casts on its top, right at the foot of the steps of the capitol. Dick was there in support of a resolution being presented to make the Sasquatch the State Animal. He was also selling John Green's first book on the subject - "On the Track of the Sasquatch." He convinced his mom to buy it for him for the huge price of $4.00. The original of which now sells for around $600.

    Since then, he has worked with Dr. Grover Krantz, Rene Dahinden, John Green, Peter Byrne, Dr. John Bindernagel, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Dr. Daris Swindler, Dr. George Schaller, Peter Matheson, Dr. Jane Goodall, Briggs Hall, Dr. Leroy Fish and yes even Mat Moneymaker. Rick would often be called upon to investigate local sightings and track finds, reporting back to those that entrusted the task to him. If you talked with him, the majority of the investigations have either been mistaken identities, false interpretations, or outright hoaxes. But then there have been a few gold nuggets that have made him step back, rethink his methodology, recharge and take the mystery on with new vigor. The original investigators treated their search close to the vest. They were in it for the fame and fortune, as much as to solve a mystery they got caught up in, protecting their leads and results for the chance to be the one, the expert, to go down in history as the discoverer. Many of them just ended up writing a few books, articles, or spot appearances on TV documentary's, and those often included Rick and his contributions.

    Rick has traveled to many different locations around the world in search of evidence to prove these creatures' existence but prefers to concentrate his resources in smaller study areas. One such place produced what is called the "Skookum Cast." It was a ¾ body impression of a large animal that laid down to munch on some fruit that was placed next to a muddy vehicle turned out on a dirt road southeast of Mt. Saint Helens in September of 2000. This cast, named after a secluded breeding ground for Elk, captures a distinctive hair pattern on most of the depressions that many feel represent a bipedal animal with large buttocks, two large thighs, calves, and very human-looking ankles and heels. There is even a spot that looks like the forearm, complete with musculature sculpturing, where the creature leaned over to reach for the fruit left for it. Little known to many were the teeth impressions the animal left in the fruit. This impression was discovered on one of the very first BFRO expeditions employing large battleship loudspeakers blasting purported screams from Sasquatch.

    Ricks's main focus in his search of this creature is in exploring its landscape, where and how it could possibly exist, with little to no scientific acceptance for its existence. Many of the scientists he has shown his collection of 60+ track casts, hair samples, taped screams, eyewitness declarations, and of course, the Skookum Cast are secretly very interested and perplexed. Still, science follows the money and funds to look for a yet to be discovered, hair-covered, bipedal primate, here in North America runs as deep and dry as summertime in the Grand Canyon.

    Rick also believes in using the latest technology available, which is used in criminal investigations and archeology. He often sprays reagent compounds and employs sophisticated imaging technology to view the cryptic behavior of nature in its elements.

    • 2 hr 1 min

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4.9 out of 5
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30 Ratings

Tree world lover 🌳🌳 ,

Great Flow

This is a wonderful podcast. It doesn’t matter which co-host sits with Doug. The flow is great and I’ve certainly enjoyed the variety of guests. Keep up the awesome job!

rich8 ,

3 Stars

Interesting podcast except for the rude annoying Doug guy. So 3 stars due to him.

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Having the Doug, a super creative and inquisitive genius, who has uncovered or discovered so much in this world on a weekly podcast is a gift to the world! I could listen to him all day, every day! Thank you guys!!

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