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The Upper Left Corner, USA is known for it's beautiful rivers, forests and mountains. It's also known for it's serial killers and others who commit heinous crimes. This bi-weekly podcast tells a new true crime story out of the PNW in every episode.

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The Upper Left Corner, USA is known for it's beautiful rivers, forests and mountains. It's also known for it's serial killers and others who commit heinous crimes. This bi-weekly podcast tells a new true crime story out of the PNW in every episode.

    #32- Tonya Harding

    #32- Tonya Harding

    Tonya Harding was a talented figure skater who fought a rough home life, abusive marriage and having all the odds stacked against her to become an Olympic figure skater for Team USA. However, after her ex-husband was involved in hiring a hit man to injure Tonya's rival, she becomes infamous for her possible involvement. 

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    #31- Bride of Christ Church (Holy Rollers Cult)

    #31- Bride of Christ Church (Holy Rollers Cult)

    In the early 1900's a German immigrant arrives in Corvallis, OR and begins a church. His beliefs and passion for his ministry attracted several well-respected families to join the church, but it wasn't long before the charming leader had pushed out all men, and drawn all the women very close. Soon the women were cutting ties with their families, and rumors swirled of "purification" rituals involving sexual encounters with the leader, causing the husbands, fathers and brothers to plot their revenge. 

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    Seattle Holy Rollers Killings: The Spectacular End To An Oregon Love Cult - HistoryLink.org

    Edmund Creffield and the Brides of Christ Church (oregonencyclopedia.org)

    Edmund Creffield - Wikipedia

    The real story of the "nudity cult" in Corvallis | Offbeat Oregon History | 05-29-2011


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    #30- Derrick Engebretson

    #30- Derrick Engebretson

    In 1998, three generations of the Engebretsons set out on an Oregon Christmas tree hunt. When the young son gets separated from his father and grandfather, a massive search ensues that turns up nothing. 

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    #29- Doug Carlile

    #29- Doug Carlile

    A Spokane man is gunned down in his own home, leaving behind the only eyewitness, his wife. Once the investigation gets under way, her suspicious behavior puts her on the investigator's radar, but so do some of the man's business dealings. 

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    #28- Diane Downs

    #28- Diane Downs

    In 1983, a mother arrived at a Springfield, Oregon emergency room with her three children who had all been shot. It wasn't long before people began to notice how detached and strangely she was acting. Was this mother capable of murdering her children, and why would she do it? 

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    Rule, Ann Small Sacrifices NY: Signet, 1988.

    The Springfield (Oregon) Register-Guard newspaper, various editions, 1983/1984.

    The Springfield (Oregon) Public Library

    The Washington Post, several editions, with the most detailed story on June 12, 1984, page C1, entitled "The Mother & the Mystery" by Elisabeth Bumiller and Jas Saund.


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    SPOOKY BONUS EPISODE: Collab w/ PNW Haunts and Homicides

    SPOOKY BONUS EPISODE: Collab w/ PNW Haunts and Homicides

    For my awesome listeners, I have a fun bonus episode for you to celebrate spooky season! I teamed up with the podcast "PNW Haunts and Homicides" who agreed to entertain me and my audience with a truly spooky PNW story. If you like the format of this episode, and want more haunts and homicides from the PNW, find PNW Haunts and Homicides wherever you are listening to this episode! 

    PNW Haunts and Homicide: https://linktr.ee/pnwhauntsandhomicides?fbclid=IwAR1wYAJRi4qU2GnuXE4Rybai7LoXPYVHB25v0DBytsi9rBx7ppdO9zgqip0

    This episode was researched by the creators of PNW Haunts and Homicides. Sources are available in the show notes of episode 26 on their podcast feed. 

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
79 Ratings

79 Ratings

cassiej79 ,

PNW Love!

I love when the Pacific Northwest gets exclusive attention, especially when it’s a genre I’m addicted to! Host has great info and gets down to the facts. She might throw in a personal tidbit here and there, but no banter or getting off topic (let’s be clear, I love banter and tangents but I know not everyone does). Episodes don’t run very long, so it’s super easy to consume. Long story short, love this pod and can’t wait for more!

bmoder ,

Sounds like homework.

This podcaster sounds like she was forced to do a book report on the subject matter and present it to the class.

tenaciousdeb ,

Wanted to love this as much as the PNW

The cadence in which these stories are read makes it really hard to get into, it really feels like someone just reading down a list.
Was also hoping that the podcaster would do more of her own work, she is just recapping the work and stories already told by others.

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