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Hosted by Valerius, co-hosted by Spirit Wolf: Discussion about any old topic that might come up...some of it perhaps even more than a little interesting! ~(~.=.^)~

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Hosted by Valerius, co-hosted by Spirit Wolf: Discussion about any old topic that might come up...some of it perhaps even more than a little interesting! ~(~.=.^)~

    VDC: Episode 7

    VDC: Episode 7

    This, my friends, is the trippiest episode we've ever done. Turns out that Skype is interesting and fun...and also a mite laggy. This creates interestingly drawn out sounds sometimes...especially when you get four people going at once.

    Yes...we have guests on this show! The Freaky Furry Friends, JP SylvrWolfe and Stina Kitsune-Vixen. They too agree that this is an extremely trippy episode. In fact, they're the first ones to have said it.

    Alas, no soundboard, music, or even dragon's roar in this episode...Skype doth not allow such things to go through easily...so, I'm afraid it's all talk this time around. Alas.

    Perhaps next episode will be easier on the ears. One can only hope. ~(^.=.^)~

    • 36 min
    VDC: Episode 6

    VDC: Episode 6

    Episode 6: Wasps, Borders, and Sad Goodbyes.

    Yes, we start this episode with a massive blooper. But hey, wasps are evil. Seriously. They terrorize innocent dragons and wolves, then, upon being thwacked soundly, fly off to find their friends.


    Sadly, this is the last podcast of the summer with Spirit and Myself sitting at the same computer. She shall be moving up to Georgia on a mission trip, and I shall be resuming college at OWC in Florida. Sigh. I shall have to find other co-hosts during this time, when Spirit is unable to get onto Skype.

    So, enjoy, world! This is it! For the summer, at least.

    • 1 hr 9 min
    VDC: Episode 5

    VDC: Episode 5

    Episode 5: Pork, Skype Frustrations, and Malfunctioning Sound Systems.

    Alas, the ending of this episode is much truncated. Partially due to the dead air that occurred, and mostly because the music that filled that dead air simply seems to have vanished. Not quite sure what happened yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out before the next podcast.

    A quick summary of the omitted bits include:

    The sound of typing keyboards. The random conversation of the two of us trying to convince the Freaky Furry Friends, (One of them in particular) to Skype call us. A rather funny bit that included myself tickling Spirit.

    Alas, those bits are lost. Not to worry though. The last part of the show largely sucked. ~(^.=.^)~

    • 58 min
    VDC: Episode 4

    VDC: Episode 4

    Episode 4: Fursuiting, Soundboards, and Background Music

    INCONCEIVABLE! Valerius has a new soundboard to play with...and he does so, frequently. Often to the point of Spirit getting rather miffed about it. However, many good things occure, including the filling of dead space with lovely music.

    Well, fun music at least.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    VDC: Episode 3

    VDC: Episode 3

    Episode 3: Borders, Questionable Books, and Dark Parking Spots

    Sorry that this episode is so late. We tried to record an episode earlier, but it didn't work out too well. So, here we have our explicit, yet hopefully interesting episode for the week.

    As with the previous episodes, please call in! We like to hear from our listeners! Also, send us podmail! We like that too.

    Anyway, take care, and enjoy!

    • 44 min
    VDC: Episode 2

    VDC: Episode 2

    Episode 2: X-Men 3, Steak and Shake, and Midnight Ramblings

    SPOILER ALERT! If you've not seen X-Men 3 and want to, beware this episode! We will be spoiling parts of the movie for you!

    Okay. We discovered during the course of this episode that once it hits midnight, we can't spell any more. We mention a couple of websites, so here they are: http://sonartoo.deviantart.com and http://valerius.deviantart.com

    Please call in and tell us what you think of the show! We'll post your comments at the end of the episode!

    • 1 hr 16 min

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