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The VEL Institute podcast interviews Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who have fascinating stories that will inspire others to be more, give more and serve greater. This podcast is brought to you by VEL Institute, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, which has a mission to develop and connect Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders through collaborative learning.

VEL Institute Podcast - Inspiring stories from Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders‪.‬ Terry Weaver, Co-founder, VEL Institute podcast host

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The VEL Institute podcast interviews Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders who have fascinating stories that will inspire others to be more, give more and serve greater. This podcast is brought to you by VEL Institute, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, which has a mission to develop and connect Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Leaders through collaborative learning.

    Ryan Hawk

    Ryan Hawk

    Ryan Hawk is a keynote speaker, author, advisor, and the host of an internationally known podcast, The Learning Leader Show, which Forbes called “the most dynamic podcast around” and Inc. magazine recognized as “one of the 5 podcasts to help you lead smarter.” The show has millions of listeners in 156 countries worldwide.

    Ryan runs the leadership advisory practice at Brixey & Meyer. A regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies, he has worked with teams and players in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA. His focus is on inspiring excellence, developing leaders, and striving for continuous improvement. Through his workshops, keynotes, and online courses, Ryan has taught leaders from all over the world how to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they lead, starting with themselves.

    Ryan is a 2019 winner of Dayton Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award. His business experience includes being an award-winning sales professional, sales manager, and vice president of a national sales team in a multibillion-dollar multinational company. Prior to his corporate career, Ryan played quarterback collegiately at Ohio University, and professionally in the Arena Football League.

    Podcast Segments

    [2:13] - Sustained Excellence.

    [4:45] - Ryan’s podcast with Jim Collins.

    [7:27] - Rain on handling getting people on his podcast.

    [10:38] - Being an influence on your children.

    [12:32] - Deciding to go on a journey of learning.

    [16:33] - Feedback from listeners of Ryan’s podcast.

    [18:32] - Fear.

    [24:03] - In Search of Excellence & The River of Doubt.

    [27:36] - Ryan writing his book.

    [28:34] - Generalist vs. Specialist.

    [32:17] - The importance of getting feedback.

    [36:10] - Symbols to think and prepare.

    [40:00] - Preparing to give a speech.

    [44:06] - Ryan’s favorite learning techniques. 

    [48:00] - Where should people start Ryan’s podcast?

    [50:18] - Henry Cloud.

    [52:24] - Ryan’s favorite keynote to give.

    [54:57] - Focusing on the now.

    [57:24] - Ryan’s book.

    [1:00:18] - Find Ryan.

    Selected links from show

    Ryan Hawk's Website

    Ryan Hawk's Twitter

    Ryan Hawk's Instagram

    In Search of Excellence - Book

    The River of Doubt - Book

    Range - Book

    Legacy - Book

    Give and Take - Book

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    JP Lane

    JP Lane

    JP Lane is one of the most inspiring humans alive. In 2011, JP was serving as a Combat Engineer with the U.S Army. While deployed to Afghanistan, JP was blown up by a 200 Lb. IED (Improvised Explosive Device). He lost both his legs, his right arm snapped in half, he lost his four front teeth, his pelvis snapped in half, his spine dislocated from his pelvis, and everything in his torso was destroyed by shrapnel except for his heart and left lung. His journey of recovery and what he is doing today is an awe-inspiring story that will truly inspire you.

    JP’s mission is to inspire and encourage everyone to “Never Give Up, Never Surrender”. JP Lane has spoken and sang at over 250 events all over the world with a sole purpose of motivating others to live with no excuses.

    Podcast Segments

    [3:47] - American Idol.

    [7:48] - JP Lane’s Story.

    [14:25] - When did JP’s positive attitude start?

    [17:15] - JP deciding to inspire people.

    [19:53] - Door’s that have opened for JP.

    [27:56] - Singing the National Anthem for an NBA game.

    [29:12] - JP’s Iron Man leg.

    [33:26] - Deciding not to hide the scars and prosthetic legs.

    [37:00] - JP’s using his situation as a gift.

    [47:00] - JP’s book.

    [51:53] - What’s going on in JP’s life ten years from now.

    [59:15] - JP’s shirt.

    Selected links from show

    JP Lane Website

    JP Lane Facebook

    JP Lane Instagram

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    Daryl Jones

    Daryl Jones

    Daryl Jones was a St. Louis Cardinal’s 2005 3rd round draft pick. He had a 7 year period of pro baseball with the Cardinals & Reds organizations. As one of the Cardinals Top 5 Prospects, and being known for his raw athleticism and speed, Baseball America rated him as the St. Louis Cardinals “Best Athlete” and “Fastest Baserunner”. In his post MLB career,Daryl has continued to thrive as a community leader by coaching, teaching, and equipping young athletes to maximize their abilities on and off the field. In 2016 he became a Published Author of the book “God Cares About Sports.” Daryl’s goal is to use his experience and ability to speak publicly about the challenges and triumphs of what it takes to make it in the Big League to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in others.

    Podcast Segments

    [2:43] - Daryl’s favorite cartoon as a kid.

    [3:45] - If you could be a superhero who would it be?

    [4:25] - Early life athletics. 

    [8:03] - What kept Daryl in sports.

    [10:43] - Learning to have a positive attitude and confidence.

    [13:56] - How important is visualization.

    [19:15] - What is visualization like for Daryl?

    [20:49] - Daryl’s journey being a professional athlete.

    [30:44] - What’s the environment in Major League Baseball?

    [35:47] - The day Daryl was drafted.

    [38:49] - Coaches and influencers.

    [45:56] - The power of what others tell us and we tell ourselves.

    [52:13] - The transition from being a professional baseball player.

    [1:00:56] - What is Daryl passionate about?

    [1:02:17] - The inspiration behind Daryl’s book.

    [1:06:15] - Daryl being a speaker.

    [1:08:19] - Leadership that Daryl follows.

    Selected links from show

    Daryl Jones' Instagram

    Daryl Jones' Website

    God Cares About Sports - Daryl's Book

    Millionaire Success Habits - Book

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    Andy & Elizabeth Greever

    Andy & Elizabeth Greever

    Andy and Elizabeth Greever are what you might call a power couple. They are the founders of EverSan Cooper, a real estate investment company in Texas. They are both also great community leaders. Andy is currently raising money for the YMCA through Dancing for A Cause and Elizabeth has been nominated for Woman of the Year by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The Greevers share about how entrepreneurs can impact their community significantly through leadership and caring for others.

    Podcast Segments

    [2:00] - A power couple.

    [3:14] - Favorite cartoon as a kid.

    [5:13] - Why did Andy & Elizabeth choose teaching.

    [9:31] - The catalyst for starting EverSan Cooper. 

    [18:19] - The moment the catalyst clicked.

    [20:40] - Being passionate in the community.

    [23:40] - Inspired Leaders.

    [25:32] - How important is collaboration?

    [27:00] - Elizabeth being passionate about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

    [30:08] - Andy being a dancer.

    [33:57] - Challenges in building a business.

    [41:10] - Preparing for challenges.

    [45:44] - Having an abundance mindset.

    [47:55] - Being lifelong learners.

    [49:14] - How Andy & Elizabeth stoke their fire.

    [51:22] - Andy & Elizabeth’s podcast.

    [56:30] - Advice to new entrepreneurs.

    Selected links from show

    EverSan Cooper Website

    EverSan Cooper Facebook

    Inspired Leaders

    Jackie & Christine Battle - EverSan Cooper Podcast

    Barry Blanton - EverSan Cooper Podcast

    YMCA Dancing with the Stars - Charity

    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Charity

    Rich Dad Poor Dad - Book

    The Go-Giver - Book

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    Josh Cherry

    Josh Cherry

    Josh Cherry, CEO of Delta Life Fitness franchising, served as a U.S. Marine for 13 years, and is a Texas A&M graduate. Josh earned 9 air medals, a Navy achievement medal with valor, and a combat aircrew designation. He was selected for the enlisted to commissioning education program where he completed flight school with a perfect score and 1st in his class. He then served as a Captain leading Marines for an additional six years. Josh has dedicated his adult life to innovation in the fitness industry. He and his team have successfully launched 30+ Delta Life Fitness gyms across the United States.

    Podcast Segments

    [2:30] - What is Josh Cherry like?

    [5:21] - Passions that fuel Josh.

    [7:56] - Delta Life Fitness 45 second pitch.

    [8:48] - Josh’s passion for Delta Life Fitness.

    [12:13] - How important is it to have your ideal customer figured out?

    [15:15] - Favorite show and game system as a kid.

    [16:38] - Favorite memory as a kid.

    [17:57] - Vidor, Texas.

    [19:12] - Joining the Marine Corps.

    [21:45] - Being a Helicopter Door Gunner.

    [23:33] - Biggest obstacles during boot camp.

    [25:20] - The culture of the Marine Corps.

    [29:43] - Pivotal moment in the Marine Corps and in War times.

    [34:08] - Fire power of the guns.

    [35:00] - Pivotal moment in the Marine Corps and in War times. (cont.)

    [46:04] - Greatest lessons learned in the Military.

    [51:20] - Nine Air Medals.

    [54:10] - Pursuing the entrepreneurial dream.

    [59:20] - The progression of Delta Life Fitness.

    [1:08:20] - What to say to new entrepreneurs who say they are too busy.

    [1:10:10] - Can you be successful alone?

    [1:13:35] - How important is it to have a tribe?

    [1:17:14] - How does Delta Life Fitness not become a Curves Fitness?

    [1:21:06] - Becoming a public speaker early on.

    [1:24:27] - Josh’s mindset and always growing.

    [1:26:22] - Visualizing success.

    [1:31:25] - Having gratitude.

    Selected links from show

    Josh Cherry's Keynote

    Delta Life Fitness Website

    Delta Life Fitness Facebook

    Leaders: Myth and Reality - Book

    Psycho-Cybernetics - Book

    How to Win Friends and Influence People - Book

    Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box - Book

    The Go-Giver - Book

    The E-Myth Revisited - Book

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    Thom Bolsch

    Thom Bolsch

    Thom Bolsch is a graduate of Pace University in New York where he earned a BBA in business management. After graduation, Mr. Bolsch was selected for a position with the US Secret Service (USSS) and entered into the training academy in 1989. Thom’s 25-year career with the Secret Service has allowed him to protect and serve four U.S. Presidents, to include President George H.W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George Bush and President Barack Obama. After retirement, Thom raised capital & founded Saddle River Range a 33,000 square foot gun range that has been compared to a country club. Thom is an innovator and servant leader in business and the community.

    Podcast Segments

    [2:20] - 25 Years in the Secret Service

    [11:57] - Having a Career That Gives Back

    [13:17] - Where Did Thom’s Desire to Give Back Originate? 

    [16:45] - President George H. W. Bush

    [22:40] - Different Decision Making Abilities of Presidents

    [25:22] - President Bill Clinton

    [27:22] - When Public Opinion Turns

    [31:44] - President George W. Bush & 9/11

    [39:04] - Lessons Learned as a Secret Service Agent

    [44:25] - Air Force One

    [47:15] - 10 Criteria of Being a Great President

    [51:38] -  Thom’s Admiration for Abraham Lincoln

    [54:42] - Starting & Running Saddle River Range

    [1:04:18] - Guntry Clubs

    [1:06:07] - First Time Gun Purchasers

    [1:08:45] - Why Does Thom Like Teaching People?

    [1:11:58] - Saddle River Range Details

    [1:15:05] - Advice for People Who Want to Start a Business

    Selected links from show

    Saddle River Range Website

    Saddle River Range Facebook

    Saddle River Range Twitter

    Saddle River Range Instagram

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