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For those who question the status quo, or are just starting to, this podcast will explore a variety of topics; pursuing truth and justice, tempered grace and a little bit of cheek.

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For those who question the status quo, or are just starting to, this podcast will explore a variety of topics; pursuing truth and justice, tempered grace and a little bit of cheek.

    Vaccination: A Biblical and Scientific Perspective

    Vaccination: A Biblical and Scientific Perspective

    “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” (Prov. 18:17)
    We (Janny & Samantha) are back at it again with our favorite topic: vaccines. This time, from a biblical perspective. Few subjects cause more controversy than vaccination - even in the church. While some church leaders have stepped out in support of vaccination, voices of opposition or concern are often ignored on the basis that "the science is settled."

    We believe such a complex issue warrants further discussion among believers and non-believers alike. However, regardless of where you land on the topic of vaccination, we are calling on the body of Christ to publicly support the religious freedoms that allow Christians to live in accordance with the guiding of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The freedom to opt out of all or some vaccines is one such issue.

    We hope this episode will provide some much needed context for this issue and prompt you to discuss this with other believers.

    Episode topics:
    3:00 - Summary of four takeaways for this episode
    8:45 - Immunity (natural vs artificial)
    12:30 - Vaccines as a contributor to decline in infectious disease
    14:20 - A note on the immunocompromised
    17:10 - Vaccine adverse event reporting
    19:10 - Clinical trials and placebo studies
    25:40 - Herd immunity
    30:45 - Autism, vaccine court, and the National Vaccine Injury Act (1986)
    41:15 - CDC whistleblower and Andy Wakefield
    45:25 - Aborted fetal tissue (ethical and health implications)
    55:45 - Should Christians be skeptical of the CDC, HHS, or vaccine manufacturers?
    1:01:20 - Christians and the common good
    1:06:45 - Vaccines as "God's gift," moral responsibility
    1:14:10 - Closing words, action items

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    Zach Bush, MD: The Landscape of Chronic Health Conditions & What Now?

    Zach Bush, MD: The Landscape of Chronic Health Conditions & What Now?

    welcome Zach Bush, MD to the Very, Very, Quite Contrary podcast today! I know many of you have listened to the mind blowing dialogue shared on the Rich Roll Podcast because I couldn’t shut up about it when it came out, and I’ve been doing my own deep dive into all the information I can gather from Zach including joining his Intrinsic Health Series Biology Basecamp. 
    If you aren’t familiar with Zach Bush, yet, the last several minutes of today’s podcast he’ll summarize in a nutshell the current state of our health and how it all comes back to the soil and microbiome and how the work with Farmer’s Footprint will be making massive strides to accomplish the goals.
    Meanwhile, the meat of this podcast, we chatted about other health specifics like: 
    What comes first, the inflammation or the damaged cells?Is the chronic disease boom stemming from the same thing? Are we all experiencing the same damage and just expressing it differently?How does emotional trauma fit into this picture?The importance of vaginal mucous at birth and how our microbiome changes soon afterOh and how did Zach Bush’s career start?For those familiar with RESTORE/ION, you’ll be happy to know there’s a gift with purchase available for those buying the 32 oz ION BIOME will receive a free travel size when you use the code JANNYO at checkoutFor those not familiar, I encourage you to check it out here!Read the transcript for this episode here.

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    Vaccine Court is Real. Here is Porter's Story

    Vaccine Court is Real. Here is Porter's Story

    "Public good can have private shortfalls, and sometimes what edifies the group decimates the individual."
    Joining me today is Sarah Bridges, mother to Porter, whose lifelong vaccine injury was awarded compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.
    This conversation is the story of Porter's injury and a look behind the curtains of Vaccine Court, as we've come to call it, and the difficulties in fighting a system set up for your failure.
    The audio transcript is available on my blog post here.
    Mentioned in the podcast:
    Sarah's memoir about Porter's vaccine injury and struggle with the government system: A Bad ReactionChildren's Health DefensePhysicians for Informed Consent

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Kimberly Van Der Beek on Newborn Care

    Kimberly Van Der Beek on Newborn Care

    Kimberly Van Der Beek, well-respected mama of five, joins the podcast to share some of what she's learned along the way and what she wished she'd known with her first child.
    Kimberly shares invaluable insight yet we hardly scratch the surface of newborns! Perhaps we'll have her back for more beyond the birth and newborn stages, but even if you're not in, or preparing for, that stage of parenting, I bet you'll learn something here that you'll pass along to someone who could benefit from the info!
    You can find Kimberly on instagram regularly as @vanderkimberly, where you can also find her famous Newborn Highlights (part 1 and part 2) referenced in the episode!
    Also referenced in the podcast:
    Holistic Mama Guide Part 1 (Pregnancy & Prep)Holistic Mama Guide Part 2 (The Birth)

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Transitioning to Non-Toxic Cookware

    Transitioning to Non-Toxic Cookware

    Making the transition to non-toxic cookware; it can be a daunting task. My friend Molly from MaisonPur and I wrote a blog post about the concerns with different types of cookware along with our recommendations for healthier choices and decided to do an audio version of the post.

    We know this can be overwhelming, but we hope to present options in a good, better, best format to help you feel comfortable with your choices from a health and budget perspective.
    Cookware:My heirloom Cast Iron brandBudget friendly Cast iron (re-season with non-gmo oil): 100% Ceramic Pots & Pans (Discount with code JANNY10)Glass food storageThe article  about microwaves is available here!The information about lead/cadmium, California Prop 65 and XRF testing can be viewed here.Boss Sauce Recipe (Via Whole Sisters)
    1 ½ cups raw cashews⅓ cup roasted red peppers2 tablespoon lemon juice¾ cup water1 ½ teaspoon salt¼ cup nutritional yeast (this one is my favorite)½ teaspoon chili powder½ teaspoon garlic powderpinch of turmericInstructions
    Place all the ingredients into a high-powered blender, process until smooth.Transfer to a sauce pan, heat Boss Sauce up on medium low on your stove top until warm. If you feel the sauce is too thick, just add a little water.Use in any recipe that calls for cheese sauce. Excellent over potatoes and steamed vegetables.

    • 1 hr 19 min
    The Enneagram Episode

    The Enneagram Episode

    Elisabeth Bennett of @enneagram.life joins the podcast to discuss the personality typology taking over the internet: The Enneagram. In this episode we discuss:
    What IS the Enneagram and where did it come from?Attributes of each numberHow to best love each typeDescription of wingsHow your type is “assigned”Why is The Enneagram so popular within faith-based communitiesIs The Enneagram a good tool to use with our children?Connect with @enneagram.life on instagram and sign up for their newsletter here to get the welcome e-mail mentioned in the podcastBook mentioned in the Podcast: Road Back to YouBlog post with audio transcript

    • 1 hr 5 min

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4.9 out of 5
633 Ratings

633 Ratings

trash2 ,

truth is spoken- even if inconvenient

Such vital conversations. The people who are “disappointed” or find it “shameful” are the same people never willing to admit when they’re wrong or are seeking growth. When we clench-fist our way through life, our health and our families suffer most. Ears to hear and a willingness to unlearn is open-mindedness.

Thankful for insight and care on these hard subjects. Incredible episode on childhood cancer 👏

ALW77777 ,

Very helpful

This podcast is full of fantastic information. I’ve learned a lot from listening and hope more are to come.

StarLetterLunch ,

Echo Chamber

Janny has created a bubble around her life that allows for no disagreement. She knows all and sees all, and if you disagree, you will be publicly shamed and/or blocked. Is this the kind of person you want to get information from? Someone who lives in an echo chamber? She is blatantly anti-science. Not for me.

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