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Our church exists to provide a community where everyone can experience a Christ-centered life of purpose.

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Our church exists to provide a community where everyone can experience a Christ-centered life of purpose.

    Kingdom Come

    Kingdom Come

    1. In Matthew 6: 9-14, Jesus tells us how to pray by using the Lord’s Prayer.
    Does the Lord’s Prayer have a different significance to you than other prayers because of its origin?

    2. In our congregation, our children lead us in the Lord’s Prayer each week.
    Why is it important for the children to lead us in the Lord’s Prayer?
    Why is it important for us to hear the children lead the Lord’s Prayer?

    3. In the Lord’s Prayer, we pray, “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. What do those words mean to you and how do they affect your life?

    4. How do you help build God’s kingdom on earth right here and right now? Give examples.

    • 50 min
    The Narrow Way

    The Narrow Way

    1. In today’s passage (Matthew 7:13-14), what does the narrow gate represent and what makes the narrow way so difficult?

    2. What does the broad way symbolize? What makes it so easy and why do so many choose it?

    3. Why would someone who says, “Lord, Lord,” not enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

    4. What is the will of the Father and how do we put it into practice?

    5. In today’s scripture passage, what is Jesus trying to teach us about discipleship?

    • 46 min
    Closer Than You Know

    Closer Than You Know

    1. Each time we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” What do those words mean to you.

    2. When does the Kingdom of God come? Is it already here, yet to come, or somehow both?

    3. Jesus said God’s Kingdom is already among you? What does that look like? Give specific examples.

    4. How and why are Christians to live in the Kingdom of God today?

    • 48 min
    The Kingdom Goes Viral

    The Kingdom Goes Viral

    1. In today’s sermon (Matthew 13:31-33), Jesus teaches the parables of the mustard seed and the parable of yeast mixed into dough. Why do you think Jesus used these ordinary examples?

    2. The Kingdom of God is a future hope, but it is also present with us. What are some of the ways you have seen the Kingdom of God in action in the world and in your life?

    3. When a small amount of yeast is mixed into a large amount of flour, transformation occurs. Where in your life do you need to mix in the Kingdom of God?

    4. The tiny mustard seed grows into a large plant that produces many more seeds. In what situation, do you need to plant the Kingdom of God in your own life?

    • 39 min


    1. What are you waiting on or anticipating in your life now? Has this changed since the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    2. Pentecost is considered the “birthday” of the church. When is your “faith birthday?” Was it a specific moment in time or a gradual realization?

    3. On the eve of Jesus’ betrayal and arrest, he promised his followers he would send the Paraclete/Counselor/Comforter/Advocate that would be with them forever. Jesus kept his promise and the Holy Spirit arrived with a mighty wind and tongues of fire. What does it mean to you that God always keeps his promises?

    4. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit literally means “called to one’s side.” How do you feel knowing that the Holy Spirit is by your side in life? Does it make a difference in how you live?

    5. When have you most powerfully felt the power of the Holy Spirit in your life? What changes occurred?

    • 32 min
    Four Guiding Principals

    Four Guiding Principals

    1. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know what it means to keep alert, but what does it mean in our faith life to keep alert?

    2. When have you stood firm in your faith and what happened? What happens when we do not stand firm as Paul admonishes us to do?

    3. We are all living in widely uncertain times. How has your faith allowed you to be strong and courageous despite the anxiety, confusion and fear?

    4. How would your life and our world be different if everything we did was done in love?

    • 37 min

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