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Your Old Pal Will takes you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of all recordings vinyl. A through Z, organized alphabetically by artist/compilation title, irregardless of genre. Maybe it’s by title. Maybe it’s by album. Who knows what path we take next. New episode every Wednesday.
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Your Old Pal Will takes you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of all recordings vinyl. A through Z, organized alphabetically by artist/compilation title, irregardless of genre. Maybe it’s by title. Maybe it’s by album. Who knows what path we take next. New episode every Wednesday.
Bonus: Catch the Randomly Generated Vinyl Cocktail Hour live every Friday at 6pm via video (https://twitch.tv/vinylomatic) or audio (https://mixlr.com/youroldpalwill).

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 4

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 4

    The New World Theatre Ochestra [00:22]
    "After Hours Joint"
    Honeymoon in Manhattan
    Somerset P-3000 1958
    An approximation of Gershwin, I suppose.

    Elton John [04:37]
    "Susie (Dramas)"
    Honky Château
    UNI Records 93135 1972
    An approximation of The Band, I suppose.

    Fred Burton [08:01]
    "There's Going To Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight"
    Honky Tonk Percussion
    Spin-O-Rama S-8 1958
    Honky tonk piano with percussion... with stereo separation.

    "Fingers" Mahoney [10:15]
    "Bicycle Built for Two"
    HonkyTonk Piano
    Riviera Records R0050 1960
    Honky tonk piano with percussion... in mono.

    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra [14:02]
    "Hooked on Bach"
    Hooked on Classics
    RCA AYL1-5022 1981
    See? Those High on Music people got nuthin' on the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This title single from this album reached number 10 on the Hot 100 in 1981.

    Al Hirt [19:59]
    "Holiday for Trumpet"
    RCA Victor LSP-2446 1962
    Oh right, as opposed to "Holiday for Strings".

    Dirty Three [22:15]
    Horse Stories
    Touch & Go TG165 1996
    So good. The third studio album from Aussies Warren Ellis, Mick Turner, and Jim White.

    America [26:10]
    "A Horse with No Name"
    Warner Bros. Records BS2576 1971
    Whoops... I guess Your Old Pal Will must've been a little sleepy when he filed this one. But the album cover does say AMERICA and then A Horse with No Name, so he put it into H.

    Patti Smith [31:28]
    "Gloria: In Excelsis Deo/Gloria (Version)"
    Arista AB 4066 1975
    One of the finest track one, side ones in rock and roll.

    Isaac Hayes [37:20]
    Hot Buttered Soul
    Enterprise ENS-1001 1969
    How do you follow up a killer rendition Burt Bacharach's "Walk on By"? With this keller jam, of course.

    Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen [47:39]
    "Diggy Liggy Lo"
    Hot Licks, Cold Steel & Truckers Favorites
    Paramount Records PAS-6031 1972
    A fantastic cover of the Jay Miller classic made popular by Doug Kershaw.

    The Rolling Stones [49:31]
    "19th Nervous Breakdown"
    Hot Rocks 1964-1971
    London Records 2PS 606/7 1971
    Got Stones if you want it. This single made it to number 2 on the Hot 100 in 1966.

    Eagles [53:29]
    "New Kid in Town"
    Hotel California
    Asylum Records 7E-1084 1976
    What, you thought I was going to play the title track? C'mon... no one needs to hear that song for at least another decade. Meanwhile, this song features Joe Walsh on Rhodes piano and Hammond organ and is still listenable.

    Boiled in Lead [58:34]
    "Go! Move! Shift (The Moving-On Song)"
    Atomic Theory TTA 8687 1987
    Some Celtic rocking from the Twin Cities, covering a song written by Ewan MacColl, father of Vinyl-O-Matic favorite Kristy MacColl.

    Music behind the DJ: "Walk On By" by Les Brown and his Orchestra.

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    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 3

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 3

    Tom Jones [00:34]
    "If You Go Away"
    Help Yourself
    Parrot PAS 71025 1969
    Nothing like a little descending scale ballad to get things going. I'm a fan of Scott Walker's version of this Brel/McKuen number so I figured I'd give Tom's version a chance.

    The Decemberists [04:39]
    "Billy Liar"
    Her Majesty the Decemberists
    Jealous Butcher Records JB~046 2003
    A little ditty about Keith Waterhouse's fictional fantasist.

    Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 [08:46]
    "Mas Que Nada"
    Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
    A&M Records SP 4116 1966
    Perhaps the first Portuguese-language hit to crack the US, this single made it to number 47 on the Hot 100.

    Def Leppard [11:25]
    "Bringin' on the Heartbreak"
    High 'n' Dry
    Mercury SRM-1-4021 1981
    This first, and better version of this power ballad for the chicks. And I'll be darned, evidently Mariah Carey covered this song. The more you know.

    The High-On Music, Musicans & Singers [17:28]
    "Merry Christmas"
    High-On Christmas
    Parade Records PA108
    Look, it's over before you know it. Just bear with me.

    Gilbert O'Sullivan [21:27]
    "Too Much Attention"
    MAM MAM4 1972
    I could subject you to the world's most depressing song, but instead we're going with the track just before that.

    Duke Ellington and his Orchestra [26:17]
    "Satan Takes a Holiday"
    His Piano and His Orchestra at Bal Masque
    Columbia CS 8098 1959
    An extremely refined version of this Larry Clinton number.

    Curtis Mayfield [23:58]
    "Gypsy Woman"
    His Early Years with The Impressions
    ABC Records ABCX-780/2 1973
    The Impressions first single after the departure of lead singer Jerry Butler. Made it to number 20 on the Hot 100 and number 2 on the R&B charts.

    Chelease Wolfe [31:03]
    "16 Psyche"
    Hiss Spun
    Sargent House SH185-GS 2017
    One of my favorite albums of 2017. Yet another artist I look forward to seeing perform live in the After Times.

    Joni Mitchell [35:19]
    "The Boho Dance"
    The Hissing of Summer Lawns
    Asylum Records EQ-1051 1975
    Can you be an artist and keep your cred when success comes along?

    Split Enz [39:04]
    "What's the Matter with You"
    History Never Repeats - The Best of Split Enz
    A&M Records SP-3289 1987
    Loyal listeners of Vinyl-O-Matic know of my undying love for "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" so I've decided to shake things up this time around. This Neil Finn song originally comes from their 1980 album True Colors.

    Starbuck [42:08]
    "Moonlight Feels Right"
    Hit Machine
    K-Tel TU 2480 1976
    20 Original Hits! 20 Original Stars! Some hot marimba action for you folks. This number made it to number 3 on the Hot 100 in 1976.

    Mantovani [46:59]
    London Records PS 516 1967
    Mr. Mononymous brings us his take on the John Berry instant classic.

    America [49:39]
    "Ventura Highway"
    Warner Bros. Records BS 2655 1972
    The real questions here is, what songs hasn't Hal Blaine played drums on?

    Pete Shelley [53:12]
    Genetic Records ILPS 9676 1981
    Shelley's first solo venture catches your ear with the synth arpeggiator and doesn't let go. Originally intended as a Buzzcocks demo.

    Roberto Rossani and his Orchestra [57:47]
    "Musetta Waltz"
    Honeymoon in Italy
    Somerset SF-4700 1959
    Italian because there's an accordian?

    Bonus Content: K-Tel Hit Machine Television Commercial

    Music behind the DJ: "James Bond with Bongos" by John Barry.

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    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 2

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel, Part 2

    Pallbearer [00:24]
    Profound Lore Records PFL179LP 2017
    Some doomy goodness from the these Little Rock gents. One of my favorite albums from 2017.

    The Isley Brothers [05:48]
    "Fight the Power (Part 1 & 2)"
    The Heat Is On
    T-Neck PZ 33536 1975
    Scorching opener from the Brothers 1975 double platinum album.

    Thou [11:09]
    "Into the Marshlands/Clarity"
    Howling Mine ORE007 2014
    More heaviness, this time by way of Louisiana. Easily one of the best doom albums of the last 10 years.

    Heaven 17 [19:40]
    "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang"
    Heaven 17
    Arista AL 6606 1982
    Sadly, as true today as it was 40 years ago, if not more so.

    Cheap Trick [23:58]
    "Reach Out"
    Heavy Metal - Music from the Motion Picture
    Full Moon DP-90004/Asylum Records DP-90004 1981
    So very 1981 in the best possible way. Roy Thomas Baker produced this excellent Cheap Trick pop rocker co-written by Pete Comita, the bassist who briefly replaced Tom Petesson.

    Virgil Fox [27:34]
    "J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565"
    Heavy Organ at Carnegie Hall, Vol. 2
    RCA Red Seal ARL1-0477 1974
    That's right, Bach orgelwerk set to a light show, oops light experience. No, really.

    Taj Mahal [35:44]
    "Diving Duck Blues"
    Heavy Sounds
    Columbia CS 9952 1970
    Compilation for the kids who are into the heavy stuff. This track is a selection from Taj's first album.

    Swiss Yodel Club [40:03]
    "Sounds of Switzerland: Wolfsbödeler Yodel Song/Wie Bas Ich Mir Da Obe"
    Songs from Heidi
    Disneyland DQ-1327 1968
    Yodels recorded via the tin cans and string method?

    Bloc Party [44:16]
    "Helicopter (Weird Science Remix featuring Peaches)"
    Dim Mak Records DM095 2006
    The sounds of 2006, in a good way.

    Gravy Train!!!! [50:05]
    "Burger Baby"
    Hello Doctor
    Kill Rock Stars KRS 389 2003
    Why yes, of course there's a video.

    Los Campesinos! [51:55]
    "Baby I Got the Death Rattle"
    Hello Sadness
    Heart Swells HS001/Turnstile 796.A022.010 2011
    This is an album that just keeps on giving. I always enjoy putting it on the turntable.

    Music behind the DJ: "Spinning Wheel" by Terry Baxter and his Orchestra

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    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter H as in Hotel

    The Turtles [00:23]
    "She'd Rather Be with Me"
    Happy Together
    White Whale WW 114 1967
    Sure I could have gone with the smash hit title track, I dig this side two lead off that was also a hit for The Turtles, peaking at number 3 on the Hot 100. Also, charity is out of sight.

    Miss Kittin [02:33]
    "Happy Violentine (Marco Passarani San Valentino Mix)"
    Happy Violentine
    NovaMute 12NOMU140 2005
    Another quality 12" from Miss Kittin.

    Nathan Salzburg [08:37]
    "Mrs. Gristle's Reel"
    Hard for to Win and Can't Be Won
    No Quarter NOQ 035-1 2013
    For those of you wishing to play along at home, the tuning is CGDGAD.

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers [11:43]
    "A Thing About You"
    Hard Promises
    Backstreet Records BSR-5160 1981
    This album came out just in time for my 13th birthday. I've played it almost as much as Damn the Torpedoes over the years.

    Sebadoh [16:57]
    "On Fire"
    Sub Pop SP370 1996
    Sebadoh's thrid outing with Sub Pop.

    Desmond Dekker [20:33]
    "Shanty Town"
    The Harder They Come (Original Sountrack Recording)
    Mango SMAS-7400 1972
    Some quality rocksteady from the rude boy himself.

    Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra [23:13]
    "Harrison: Elegiac Symphony - Tears of the Angel Israfel"
    Harrison: Elegiac Symphony/Hughes: Cadences for Large Orchestra. Two Conductors, Multisoloists, and Electronic Tape.
    1750 Arch Records S-1772 1977
    Huh... that b-side sounds really cool. Maybe in Season 7 I'll play all 23:36 of it. Stay tuned!

    Neil Young with the Stray Gators [28:51]
    "Out on the Weekend"
    Reprise Records MS 2032 1972
    The Stray Gators were Ben Keith on steel guitar, Kenny Buttrey plays drums, Tim Drummon on bass, Jack Nitzsche on piano and slide guitar.

    Don Ho [35:08]
    "Blue Hawaii"
    Hawaii's Greatest Hits
    Reprise Records RS 6418 1970
    Fun fact: The Don Ho Fan Club was located in Beverly Hills.

    Cherry Glazerr [38:02]
    "Haxel Princess"
    Haxel Princess
    Burger Records BRGR520 2014
    Title track from one of my favorite albums from 2014, on excellent pink splatter vinyl.

    The Decemberists [40:44]
    "The Rake's Song"
    The Hazards of Love
    Capitol Records 50999 2 14710 1 8 2009
    A fine rock opera with some help from Lavendar Diamond as well.

    Dave Mason [44:01]
    "Here We Go Again"
    Blue Thumb Records BTS 34 1972
    Mason's second solo album after the demise of Traffic.

    Todd Rundgren [47:01]
    Bearsville BHS 3522 1981
    Rundgren's ninth studio album. All aspects of the album from instruments to engineering by Todd, of course.

    Linda Ronstadt [50:02]
    Heart Like a Wheel
    Capitol Records ST-11358 1974
    Linda taking this Little Feat number for a nice cruise. Some high quality pedal steel work from Sneaky Pete.

    Tom Waits [53:02]
    "(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night"
    The Heart of Saturday Night
    Asylum Records 7E-1015 1974
    Longtime Vinyl-O-Matic listeners will know that there is a lively rendition of this song by Jerry Jeff Walker.

    Music behind the DJ: "Brazil" by Billy Mure

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    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter G as in Golf, and some that begin with the letter H as in Hotel

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter G as in Golf, and some that begin with the letter H as in Hotel

    Nat King Cole [00:32]
    Greatest Love Songs
    Capitol Records ST(L) 7116041 1985
    A South African compilation of Nat's finest love songs. This rendition of Hoagy Carmichael's 1927 standard is indeed pretty fine.

    Creedence Clearwater Revival [03:45]
    "Green River"
    Green River
    Fantasy 8393 1969
    Classic Side One Track One from a Classic Album.

    Tom Jones [06:17]
    "Kansas City"
    Green, Green Grass of Home
    Parrot PAS 71009 1967
    I think Kansas City is quite a distance from Wales.

    Philippe Entremont with the Philadelphia Orchestra [09:02]
    "Grieg: Concerto in A Minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 16 I - Allegro Moderato"
    Grieg: Concerto For Piano And Orchestra In A Minor, Op. 16 / Moussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition
    Columbia Masterworks ML 5301 1958
    My first Walkman (yes, Walkman) came with a Sony demonstration cassette that featured a rendition of Grieg's Piano Concerto in A Minor performed by Hiroko Nakamura and the Tokyo Philharmic Orchestra, and I've been hooked ever since.

    Kowloon Walled City [22:20]
    "The Grift"
    Gilead Media RELIC68 2015
    Excellent Bay Area heaviness on some incredible translucent nebula vinyl.

    The Sandpipers [26:07]
    "La Bamba"
    A&M SP 4117 1966
    Some easy to digest easy listening version of La Bamba that you will ever hear.

    Tony Bennett with the Count Basie Orchestra [28:52]
    Guest Star: Tony Bennett/Al Tornello
    Guest Star G 1485 1961
    I figured we'd continue our big city tour of the Midwest.

    Red Rhodes [30:58]
    The Guitar around the World
    Alshire S-5199 1967
    A few years later, Red Rhodes would join forces with Michael Nesmith for a partnership that would produce The First National Band.

    Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd [33:12]
    Columbia CS 9130 1965
    Now there's some excellent stereo separation for you. The standard originally composed by Toots Thielemans.

    Habibi [36:38]
    "Detroit Baby"
    Burger Records BRGR492 2014
    Some excellent garage pop from these Brooklyn women on their debut outing.

    Lynn Kellogg, Melba Moore, James Rado, and Gerome Ragni [41:09]
    "Good Morning Starshine"
    Hair: The Original Broadway Cast Recording
    RCA Records LSO-1150 1968
    Goddam hippies.

    Sonny and the Sunsets [43:42]
    "Hairdressers from Heaven"
    Hairdressers from Heaven
    Rocks in Your Head Records RIYHR 001 2019
    Continuing the theme of hair.

    Chér [45:44]
    "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?"
    MCA Records MCA-2104 1973
    Goodbye Sonny (as producer), hello Snuff Garrett (as producer). Pretty solid rendition of Barry & Robin's classic. Yup, that's right... I watched the BeeGee documentary recently.

    Yellow Eyes [49:08]
    "Ice Knell"
    Hammer of Knight
    Gilead Media relic85 2018 (original release: Sibir Records SR 001 2013)
    Some NYC based black metal to liven things up a bit. A gold and black splatter slab of vinyl.

    Les Brown and his Orchestra [53:32]
    "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'"
    Happiness Is... Up, Up and Away with the Happy Hits of Today
    Reader's Digest/RCA Custom RDA 106-A 1970
    Groovy easy listening for sure.

    Mitch Miller and the Gang [56:38]
    "Where Do You Work-A John/Yes! We Have No Bananas"
    Happy Times! Sing Along with Mitch
    Columbia CS 8368 1961
    Well, did you sing along?

    Music behind the DJ: "Witchita Lineman" by Joe Reisman and his Orchestra

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    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter G as in Golf, Part 4

    Albums and All That, Starting with the letter G as in Golf, Part 4

    Elton John [00:32]
    "Honky Cat"
    Greatest Hits
    MCA Records MCA-3007 1974 (1980 reissue)
    Funky feline fun!

    Loretta Lynn [05:46]
    "Wine Women and Song"
    Greatest Hits
    MCA Records MCA-1 1968 (1973 reissue)
    Loretta's 3rd top ten single on Decca, reaching number 3 on the country charts in 1964.

    Dawn [07:48]
    Greatest Hits
    Arista AL-4045 1975
    This first outing from Tony Orlando and Dawn reached number 3 on the Hot 100 in 1970.

    Webb Pierce [10:53]
    "I Ain't Never"
    Greatest Hits
    MCA Records MCA-120 1968
    Legend has it that Mel Tillis traded crediting Webb as a co-writer on this number for a pair of boots that Pierce was wearing at the time. Webb's 1959 version made it to number 2 on the country charts. In 1972, Tillis' version made it to number 1.

    Diana Ross [14:32]
    "Upside Down"
    All the Greatest Hits
    Motown M13-960C2 1981
    A great tune penned for Ms. Ross by Chic's Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. Made it to number 1 on the charts of course. I dig the guitar work on the outro.

    Sly & the Family Stone [18:38]
    "Sing a Simple Song"
    Greatest Hits
    Epic KE 30325 1970
    The b-side from the all killer no filler 1968 Sly single "Everyday People".

    War [22:35]
    "The Cisco Kid"
    Greatest Hits
    United Artists Records UA-LA648-G 1976
    One of my favorite songs when I was a kid, and I still love it. Definitely an irresistable hook. Made it all the way up to number 2 on the Hot 100, but was held out of the number one spot by... Tony Orlando & Dawn's "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree".

    Willie Nelson [26:20]
    "Good Hearted Woman"
    Greatest Hits (& Some that Will Be)
    Columbia KC2 37542 1981
    Waylon Jennings wrote this inspired by a newspaper piece about Tina Turner's relationship with Ike. Purportedly written by Jennings and Nelson over a poker game. Jenning's version is quite excellent.

    Petula Clark [30:37]
    "Call Me"
    Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
    Warner Bros - Seven Arts Records WS1765 1968
    Pretty snappy for what would become an Easy Listening standard.

    ABBA [33:24]
    "The Name of the Game"
    Greatest Hits, Vol 2
    Atlantic SD 16009 1979
    Not sure why I like the more dramatic ABBA songs like this and "Knowing Me, Knowing You", but I do. This one made it to number 12 on the Hot 100. The bass intro was inspired Stevie Wonder's "I Wish".

    Conway Twitty [38:13]
    "Hello Darlin'"
    Greatest Hits Vol. I
    MCA Records MCA-52 1972 (1973 reissue)
    Long associated with Conway Twitty, this single stayed at the top of the country charts for four weeks in the summer of 1970.

    Bob Dylan [40:38]
    "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You"
    Greatest Hits Volume II
    Columbia KG 31120 1971
    The third single released from his 1969 album Nashville Skyline. Some pretty hot guitar licks.

    Elton John [45:57]
    "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
    Greatest Hits Volume II
    MCA Records MCA-3027 1977
    Released in 1974 and topping the pop charts in January of 1975, this Beatles cover features John Lennon himself joining in on guitar and backing vox under the pseudonym Winston O'Boogie. I am pretty sure was the first version I heard as a kid, thanks to pop radio. Definitely recall the Univibe guitar opening and the synth lead in the middle, and the odd but awesome reggae break.

    Marty Robbins [51:47]
    "El Paso"
    The Greatest Hits
    Columbia C2X-3
    Please enjoy this Dudley (aka H.B. Barnum) spoof of this 1959 song.

    Johnny Cash [56:27]
    "It Ain't Me, Babe"
    Greatest Hits Volume 1
    Columbia CL 2678 1967
    Great admirers of each other, Cash recorded this Dylan song for his 1965 Orange Blossom Special with June Carter helping out on vocals. Their single made it to number 4 in the country charts.

    Trini Lopez [59:29]
    "La Bamba"
    Greatest Hits!
    Reprise Records R 6226 1966
    A live version from 1963 of this traditional Mexican folk song, non-traditionally credited to Lopez which would normally be credited as traditional. Perhaps it's due to Lopez's Beatles-esque break in the middle of the a

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