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Welcome to our multidimensional playground. Here and now activating, exploring, co-creating and anchoring Heaven on Earth in all moments.

Visionary Souls with Sydney Campos Sydney Campos

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Welcome to our multidimensional playground. Here and now activating, exploring, co-creating and anchoring Heaven on Earth in all moments.

    Ep. 114: Amy Pamensky | Surrendering into Feminine Flow

    Ep. 114: Amy Pamensky | Surrendering into Feminine Flow

    Amy Pamensky is a speaker, mindset coach, and facilitator. After getting married at Age 25, struggling with depression, and feeling lost in her career, Amy took a deep dive into spirituality and self discovery.
    Through this journey, she radically transformed all areas of her life, and since then has supported hundreds of women to overcome self doubt and create unshakable confidence. Her mission is to empower women to create a life filled with passion, purpose, and joy.
    Amy uses her signature Discover Your Confidence methodology to support women to break through their fears, listen to their intuition, and confidently take action toward their dreams.
    Connect with Amy:
    IG: @amynatalieco
    Podcast: Feminine Frequency Podcast
    Website: www.amynatalieco.com
    Gift: www.femfrequencybundle.com
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    Ep. 113: Sandra Wright + Leanne Marrama | Reading The Leaves: Everything is an Oracle

    Ep. 113: Sandra Wright + Leanne Marrama | Reading The Leaves: Everything is an Oracle

    Leanne Marrama is a full-time professional psychic. She teaches classes, presents at festivals around the country, and hosts weekly séances in Salem. Among her many media appearances, she has been featured on TLC's What Not to Wear, Ghost Chronicles, and Beyond Belief with George Noory.
    Sandra Mariah Wright owns an events business (Spirit Beacon Psychic Fair & Mystical Marketplace), as well as a jewelry and occult supply company (Gallows Hill Witchery), and manages the largest annual psychic fair in the country (the Salem Psychic Fair & Witches' Market). She has appeared on the Travel Channel and Showtime, and has been featured on Dish Network's Magnificent Obsessions.
    Connect with Sandra + Leanne:
    Instagram: @thepsychictea and @leannemarrama
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PsychicTeas

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    Ep. 112: Niraj Naik | A Way To B(r)E(athe): Awakening Soma-di

    Ep. 112: Niraj Naik | A Way To B(r)E(athe): Awakening Soma-di

    A natural-born healer, Niraj became a pharmacist with a strong desire to help people live a life full of health. In those years, Niraj saw firsthand just how ineffective and even damaging pharmaceutical drugs can be. The stress and overwhelm caused by this realisation, lead Niraj to become a patient of stress-related depression and ulcerative colitis. That is when he embarked on a journey of profound self healing.
    Today, Niraj lives his life totally healthy and symptom free thanks to the unique breathwork exercises he created, which combine all of the ancient wisdom of Pranayama with modern day science. He has built a supportive and empowering online community of thousands who encourage each other to live their best lives, whatever that looks like for them. Niraj has helped people turn their lives around in many different ways.
    Niraj has featured in articles from multiple news outlets across the world such as Forbes, CNN, The Guardian, and Huffpost for his mega viral Coca-Cola Infographic. He has also appeared at events like Mindvalley City Campus, Envision Festival, and on podcasts like Wellness Force Radio, The Ben Greenfield Podcast, and more.
    Niraj could provide insightful commentary on any of these topics: The benefits and science behind Breathwork (Check his highly influential breathwork school and community) Holistic health, natural supplements, and plant medicine (He is also known as The Renegade Pharmacist) The power of music in healing (Niraj is a professional musician and has run successful music labels) Hypnosis for improved health (He facilitates peak performance mindsets, boosted well-being, and restful sleep) Meditation and brainwave entrainment (Niraj revamped the brainwave entrainment industry whilst healing himself from chronic illness)
    Connect with Niraj:
    Instagram: @the_renegade_pharmacist and @somabreath
    Facebook: facebook.com/groups/somabreath
    Websites: www.therenegadepharmacist.com and www.somabreath.com

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    Ep. 111: Sunday Oliver | The Body as a Portal for Miracles

    Ep. 111: Sunday Oliver | The Body as a Portal for Miracles

    unday Oliver had a disease that medical science said couldn’t be cured. But as it turned out, it could be healed. 28 years of living without electricity and running water gave her a relationship with the elements (and the natural world they create) that very few people in the industrial world have. And, on the flip side, her very analytical work as an indexer and book reviewer gave her abilities to understand underlying themes and subtle connections that make our life stories, abilities she uses all the time in her healing work. Over 40 years, Sunday has collected a bouquet of healing skills: botany, plant spirit connection, and planetary relationships with plants, a BA in literature and plant medicine.
    She has trained in nutrition, color healing, sound and music healing, magnetic healing, flower essences, quantum touch, Reiki, essential oils, shamanic and ceremonial work, and more. But her true education has come from being in woods, and by water, and listening deeply. This is the power that turns the impossible into possible.
    You can get a free piece of her recorded work “Inspiring Action” by signing up at http://www.sundayoliver.com. It will gently but powerfully motivate you to do what needs to be done. You’ll also get a newsletter that gives you access to three healing calls to help you in this time: “Going Deeper Than Fear”, “Reviving from Exhaustion”, and “Grief”.
    Connect with Sunday:
    Website: www.sundayoliver.com
    Facebook Page: Sunday Oliver - Energy Healing
    FREE Silent Energy Healing Track - Lung Strengthener
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    Ep. 110: Brandilyn Tebo| Self-Sourcing + Shining Responsibily

    Ep. 110: Brandilyn Tebo| Self-Sourcing + Shining Responsibily

    Brandilyn Tebo is an acclaimed transformational coach, founder and host of The Shift Retreats, bestselling author and inspirational speaker. She specializes in inner child work, subconscious belief reprogramming, emotional alchemy and dream manifestation. She has traveled the world to teach empowering workshops in high schools, prisons, Fortune 500 companies and colleges. Today, she coaches clients on how to remove internal barriers to following their hearts, changing the world and being the fullest expression of themselves! She also hosts a wo-manifestion seminar called The Yes Event, transformational retreats called The Shift and she has an online training program for body image coaches and activists called Embodied Rebel.
    Connect with Brandilyn:
    Website: www.brandilyntebo.com/workwithme
    Join her Retreats: www.theshiftretreats.org/
    Get a copy of her Book: The Achievement Trap
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImZ3jPp3d6J_YZ3L0wd-pw/videos?view_as=public
    Instagram: @brandilyn_tebo

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    Ep. 109: Jamie Lu | Attuning to Heaven on Earth

    Ep. 109: Jamie Lu | Attuning to Heaven on Earth

    Frequency Healer and Mentor with 8+ year professional practice. Jamie Lu is gifted in Light Language, telepathic communication, deep inner psychology, and the refined transmission of Divine Healing.
    She created a method of healing called Frequency Healing that blends voice, presence, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and mental tensions, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24. She transitioned from a successful career in technology after experiencing "multiple deaths" that lead to world travel, years spent alone, and a spiritual awakening event.
    She is a lecturer at the Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness, the first College to offer a degree to Sound Healing students in the United States. She personally trains and coaches clients online at the Love Rising Academy in the facilitation of Frequency Healing. The Academy has activated hundreds of people on their individual paths of Light, Love and Liberated Awareness. Her life's work holds the intention of Liberation for humanity.
    Connect with Jamie:
    Website: www.loverising.earth
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamieluhealing/
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdxR5j4n5TIa7vHPsoDwzKg

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4.7 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

nursemello ,

I ❤️

You spoke in this latest episode exactly how I feel! So so glad your back!!!

Claudia@bohemianbehavior ,


Sydney is an incredible light and clear channel with an gift of seeing the truth. Listening to her podcasts have always felt like a transmission and instant attunement to a higher frequency. Shifts happen when you listen to Visionary Souls. Highly recommend this podcast!

DayMay4444 ,

Explores consciousness, kindness, and truth

Visionary Souls is a beautiful podcast! Sydney Campos has an interviewing style that is at once she filled with humor, lightness, and depth. The visionaries she invites to converse with are truly unique individuals bravely following their soul’s path. This is a place you can come to tap into the very positive ways in which the world is changing.

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