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Chris and Rich explore biblical theology and practical application in a weekly podcast.

Voice of Reason Radio Chris Hohnholz, Richard Story

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Chris and Rich explore biblical theology and practical application in a weekly podcast.

    No Enemies on the Right?

    No Enemies on the Right?

    This week, Chris discusses the conservative argument that we cannot address hypocritical or sinful behavior on the part of our political allies because the need for victory outweighs the need to hold them accountable. Should Christians practice this ideology?

    • 1 hr 19 min
    VOR Rewind - Living Righteously in a Time of Tribulation

    VOR Rewind - Living Righteously in a Time of Tribulation

    This week we look back at when Chris and Rich walked through 1 Peter to encourage Christians to live righteously in a time of tribulation and persecution. Walking in holiness is a living testimony to the excellencies of our Savior.

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Christian Humility, AI, and LGB Minus the T

    Christian Humility, AI, and LGB Minus the T

    This week, Chris takes on some listener questions regarding possible discord within the LGBT socio-political realm and "Generative AI." He also encourages Christians to focus their motivations on glorifying Christ while being His humble servants in this world.

    • 1 hr 27 min
    VOR Rewind - Winsome and Nuanced: A Godly Stratagem or a Coward’s Retreat?

    VOR Rewind - Winsome and Nuanced: A Godly Stratagem or a Coward’s Retreat?

    This week, we revisit Chris and Rich taking on the ever-present argument that Christians need to be winsome and nuanced on social issues lest we offend the lost. Is this biblically true or are the pitfalls Christians need to be aware of?
    Show Links:
    Just Thinking - A Nuanced Gospel
    Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Man and Sin
    Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Ungodliness
    James R. Wood - How I Evolved on Tim Keller
    James R. Wood - This Article is Not About Tim Keller
    David French - A Critique of Tim Keller Reveals the Moral Devolution of the New Christian Right
    Jeff Wright - He Holds Them in Derision: Godly Mockery

    • 2 hr 2 min
    Finding Joy in Suffering

    Finding Joy in Suffering

    This week, Chris and Rich discuss Paul's letter to Colossae where he states he rejoiced in his suffering. How can Christians view suffering as a blessing from God and find joy in the trial?
    Show Link:
    Desiring God - What is the Secret of Joy in Suffering?

    • 1 hr 7 min
    VOR Rewind - He Came to the Lowest

    VOR Rewind - He Came to the Lowest

    This week, we revisit Chris and Rich's discussion that when Christ came into the world, He came among the lowest of society. There is no barrier to any rank or social status to have access to God if they come in the manner He has prescribed. 
    Show Links:
    A.W. Pink - Access to God
    Cessationist Conference

    • 1 hr 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings


One of my favorites!

Fantastic podcast. So thankful for the way that these men search the scriptures and share with us. I found my self “amen-ing” through these episodes. I am recommending this ministry to my friends. God bless you, brothers!

Rexie878 ,

What is the the biblical basis?

I listened to the podcast regarding TGC debate with Jen Wilkins. Your arguments included sources from places other than the Bible and just personal opinion (not biblical).

You discussed children having secular friends and having problematic influence. Child rearing years are the best times to discuss their peer influence. Our children will go off to college and careers and then what? They will have all the same (delayed) questions and their parents won’t be there to guide them.

I became a Christian in public high school because a Christian shared the gospel with me. We can’t sit here surprised that people are leaving Christianity at astounding rates when Christian’s silo themselves in homeschool or private Christian school environments. What if that Christian had not been there to witness to me? We need to care about God’s children (all of them!) and see them as God’s beautiful creation. We need to have deep care in their salvation! You truly cannot argue that you’re able to share the gospel with people in homeschooling as you can actually living life with your neighbors. The interest of your community directly impacts your children for generations to come. It impacts your grandchildren in a society that has not heard the gospel message!

You are fear mongering just as you label Jen Wilkins as doing. Christians in public schools deserve at the VERY least, verbal support from other Christians. Not everyone has a choice for private or homeschool and your negative dialogue does directly negatively impact your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Debra and Tia ,

Episode 211

Thank you for this episode and all that I have listened too. Biblically sound and useful for living.

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