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A Vulcan Hello to you! We're discussing every episode of "Star Trek: Discovery."

Vulcan Hello - A Star Trek Discovery podcast from The Incomparable The Incomparable

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A Vulcan Hello to you! We're discussing every episode of "Star Trek: Discovery."

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4.4 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

squalamack ,

Scott rules

I love Scott’s hosting style. People who nitpick over canon take the fun out of Star Trek,

Cortanaya ,

Great conversation and insightful recap!

Really enjoy listening to the folks in the podcast go over the show. I'm watching Discovery overseas and it's nice to hear other people's perspective on the show since I don't know anyone else here watching with me.

It's nice to hear people embrace some of the new takes in the show instead of echoing Trekkies that think the only Trek show worthy is the one they grew up with. I appreciate the positive perspective and the absence of trolling. Look forward to more of these as I binge through the show!

CrassMallarky ,

Like being trapped on a plane with an annoying person who discovers you both like Star Trek.

This show is everything you're afraid your friends will think when you tell them you're a Star Trek fan. I can tolerate a lot in a podcast host, but the combination of smarmy arrogance and surprising ignorance about both the real world and Star Trek itself makes this show terribly frustrating. (If you can't even be bothered to attempt to pronounce the two or three few-syllable names of major characters in the show about which you're producing a multi-hour podcast, you probably ought to find another job.) That said, some of the guests have interesting things to say. I just wish they had a better forum in which to say it.

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