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WUH is a podcast about my memories of strange horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s. https://www.wakeupheavy.com/

Wake Up Heavy: Recollections of Horror Mark Begley

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WUH is a podcast about my memories of strange horror movies from the 1970s and 1980s. https://www.wakeupheavy.com/

    WUH: Twenty Nineteen

    WUH: Twenty Nineteen

    A brief look back at Wake Up Heavy's first full calendar year on the ol' podcast trail. A hazy look forward, plus some of my favorite "first time watches" from the year.

    I mentioned Peter Ivers in the episode, and instead of making you chase down the articles I read they are all linked in the show notes, as are all the Watch Lists mentioned:


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    WUH: Christmas Evil (1980)

    WUH: Christmas Evil (1980)

    No mere Santa Slasher here, CHRISTMAS EVIL is a psychological study of one lonely man's mental breakdown. Harry Stadling is obsessed with Christmas and Santa Claus and the lack of belief in his fellow man is weighing heavy on his mind. As hypocrisy, consumerism, and apathy meet him on every side Harry slides further into his delusions until he snaps.

    For more info please visit: https://www.wakeupheavy.com/2019/12/wuh-christmas-evil-1980.html

    • 31 min
    WDIHS (IDA): The Burning (1981)

    WDIHS (IDA): The Burning (1981)

    One of a BAJILLION campground Slashers from the early ‘80s THE BURNING is probably most famous for ONE scene that features some stellar Savini wet works. What stands out for me is the great cast: Jason Alexander (with HAIR), Fisher Stevens, Brian Backer, and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her Holly Hunter. It’s also one of the few Summer Camp films that shows the counselors and kids actually doing Summer Camp stuff!

    For more info on this and the other episodes in this series please check out: https://www.wakeupheavy.com/2019/10/why-do-i-hate-slashers.html

    • 27 min
    WDIRT V4E1: Visiting Hours (1982)

    WDIRT V4E1: Visiting Hours (1982)

    When is a WDIRT entry not really a WDIRT entry? When you realize half-way through the movie that you HAVE seen it before. That was the case when I finally tracked down VISITING HOURS a few years back. Thinking I would remember having seen a horror movie with William Shatner in it I watched it in hopes of discovering a new old favorite. But then I started getting the strangest feeling of déjà vu, and finally realized I HAD watched this at some point back in the VHS days of my youth.

    For more info: https://www.wakeupheavy.com/2019/12/wdirt-v4e1-visiting-hours-1982.html

    • 25 min
    WDIRT V3: E1-E3

    WDIRT V3: E1-E3

    WDIRT V3E1: EYES OF FIRE (1983)
    Here's another instance of my stupidity: I saw the very intriguing video box image for EYES OF FIRE probably 50 million times back in my teens and never took a chance on renting it. Dumb, Mark, just plain dumb! This is one fascinating oddity that has never really gotten its chance to shine. The film didn't get very positive reviews when it came out, died at the box office, and wasn't given a VHS release until 1987. At that point it gained a cult following, but once again got buried in obscurity. If you like THE WITCH you should definitely check this one out! [Starts at 00:01]

    WDIRT V3E2: XTRO (1982)
    WUH came back from hiatus with a new WDIRT episode on Harry Bromley Davenport's nutso early-80s ALIEN rip-off that's actually so much more than that. Filled with too many WTF moments to count, and some of the most inspired and gloopy SFX from the era, XTRO would have damaged my brain as a kid. Now that I'm older I can soak in this odd-ball treasure with wild abandon. [Starts at 32:47]

    The last WDIRT in Volume 3 is on Jack Sholder's quirky slasher-home-invasion hybrid ALONE IN THE DARK. It's got Martin Landau as a pyromaniac ex-preacher, Jack Palance as a paranoid POW, Erlind van Lidth as a hulking child-molester, and the mysterious hockey-mask-wearing killer known as The Bleeder. Donald Pleasence rounds out the cast as the equally nutty psychiatrist Dr. Leo Bain. [Starts at 1:01:47]

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    WUH VSEP: Cleo on Return to Oz (1985)

    WUH VSEP: Cleo on Return to Oz (1985)

    My little family is test-driving Disney+ before taking the streaming plunge with the new service, and one of the films I was most excited to visit was RETURN TO OZ. Having passed this one by as a teen, and knowing it's not-so-stellar reputation, I was curious to see if it was actually as "bad" as I'd heard. Since my daughter has read many of the Oz books I wanted us to watch it together. Then I thought, "Hey, this might make a fun episode for her and me to do together!" So that's what we're doing! Hope you enjoy this Very Special Episode.

    For more info: https://www.wakeupheavy.com/2019/12/wuh-vsep-cleo-on-return-to-oz-1985.html

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

Skele-Vader ,

The best.

This is the best podcast, ever!

snotbox17 ,

Like listening to a buddy wax rhapsodic over horror flicks

Thoughtful musings about horror movies. A touch of nostalgia and a touch of scholarly dissection. And he doesn’t yell at you while he does it. Cool background music, too.

BMac382 ,

Refreshing and reminiscent

If you are like me and you grew up going to your neighborhood video store and renting movies based on the box art or you have any interest in the horror film genre than this is a cool podcast to listen to and reminisce. Is it the most in-depth horror film podcast? Nope! Is it the most professionally produced? Not at all, but Mark brings a level of genuineness and sincerity and a love for weird and amazing movies that is refreshing and candid. You feel as if you are entering a conversation with an excited, yet, reluctant narrator on his personal journey of filmdom. Enter in!!!

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