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A Doctor Who ratings and review podcast for fans of the modern series who are curious about the classic series.

Wanderers in the 4th Dimension: A Journey Through Doctor Who Wanderers in the 4th Dimension

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A Doctor Who ratings and review podcast for fans of the modern series who are curious about the classic series.

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4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Eldestructo83 ,

Here you go, Charlie.

I’ve been marathoning this podcast at work for the last few days and have had a ton of fun listening to the breakdowns of each episode. I started feeling very bad about Charlie saying he never gets iTunes reviews. (iTunes has ceased to be!) Now I’m on my lunch break and really give it a good write-up. I’m almost thru the 2nd Doctor’s tenure and cannot wait to get to MY Doctor, Pertwee. And on to some of my favorite stories, The Daemons, (DELGADO!!) Inferno, and much later Kinda/Snakedance, Caves of Androzani, and Time and the Rani. Lots to listen to here. Great show guys! You got me for the long-haul. (Even if I am hopping on late.)

StevenTaylor4ever ,

Help me, I just binge listen Wi4D

I took a road trip and listened to the podcast going to and back from my trip. I listened to 22 hours nonstop of the Wanders in the 4th Dimension, so now I feel qualified to give a review. I had originally planned to give it a four but Charlie said that he saw a five in the future of iTunes reviews so I felt trapped in a predestination paradox.
This is a great and entertaining show that thrills and keeps my mind alert and thinking even for those of us that are more fans of the classic than the new Who. And to be honest, most of the complaints are due to me listening to them into order and still no catching up. I just finished listening to the Tomb of the Cybermen. I hate that I can't throw my two cents in about the question of the week since it was from so long ago. I would love to had argued at the time, the got the motivations of the Meddling Monk all wrong but I assumed they did not understand the importance of that Viking raid in 1066. But I digress, this is a podcast I have and will continue to suggest to friends , family and whatever stranger I happen to meet. And finally, ALL HAIL KING STEVEN

DrSugarM ,

Love it!

Great podcast! Love it! One of the best Dr Who podcasts out there.

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