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Many know Garrett J White as founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live a life of having it all, but few know of his background as a banker. Now, you will be given weekly gold in the form of tools and lessons he taught elite businesses to make money, grow money and keep money.


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Many know Garrett J White as founder of Wake Up Warrior, a program for married businessmen to live a life of having it all, but few know of his background as a banker. Now, you will be given weekly gold in the form of tools and lessons he taught elite businesses to make money, grow money and keep money.

    Conversations With the Storyteller, the Trainer, and the Assassin | Warrior Wealth | Ep 021

    Conversations With the Storyteller, the Trainer, and the Assassin | Warrior Wealth | Ep 021

    Garrett is joined for the first time by special guests in this, the final public episode of Warrior Wealth. If you’ve enjoyed the Warrior Wealth podcast and have gotten value from it, Garrett's encouragement to you is to get off the f****n freebie sideline and get into the game by heading on over to warriorbook.com, bigmoneystylist.com, or wakeupwarriorwoman.com
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Storytelling Garrett: Jeremy Finlay has been with me from the very beginning. Over the last four years, he has done tens of millions of dollars in sales by taking the belief and concept known as the Warrior’s Way to the marketplace. He has successfully designed and marketed a message that is actually unsexy and very unattractive: admit that you are a liar, you are full of shit, and you are absolutely the cause of all your pain. Jeremy: Most people think that advertising and marketing are the same thing, which is not true. They’re very different in approach. Distinguishing the difference allows you to see the difference, and being lethal at both allows you to separate the conversation. Advertising has to do with who you’re speaking to, and marketing has to do with what you’re saying, which is the message that is being delivered to the audience. QUESTION: What are you doing to level up your marketing and advertising skills?
    Golden Nugget #2: Stockton to Malone Garrett: Coach Sam Falsafi has been responsible for over 15 million dollars in personal, one on one, over the phone sales for Warrior. He is our lead coach and trainer. For Sam, the idea of sales has now turned into this idea of someone who brings it to a conclusion; someone who closes the loop that was initially incepted by marketing. Sam: Advertising and marketing positions a leader to actually take the next step and bring it to close. Maybe it positions a video as the leader, maybe it’s a physical person on the phone - whatever it may be, marketing positions the leader, and the leader brings it to a conclusion. [mks_pullquote align="left" width="300" size="24" bg_color="#000000" txt_color="#ffffff"]QUESTION[/mks_pullquote]
    What is your understanding of your position as a leader?
    Golden Nugget #3: Deploy the Weapon Garrett: Jeff  McGregor dabbles in money and finances, high-level conversations about strategy, and where we’re going with the movement in general. He plays a key role when it comes to operations and finances. He and his team are the true foundation of Warrior. Jeff is the glue that makes fast execution sustainable. He brings order to the chaos. The beginning of 2017 was all about building the foundation -  every time we took a step forward, it was all about solidifying that level rather than just finding new routes. QUESTION: What condition is your foundation in?
    Golden Nugget #4: Universal Language Jeremy: Warrior changes your perspective of money. It changed mine. Money is not about money. Money is about freedom. Through Warrior, we change our perspective on what freedom means to us. This whole conversation about having it all is a nice catchy saying, but its’ s deep in terms of the way we express what true freedom looks like in our lives. The Universal language of freedom is money. Jeff: Where I came from, money needed to be kept in safekeeping whereas here, money is used to create new opportunities, and out of those opportunities, things develop, grow and change, and create more opportunities. It’s almost like a multiplier in a sense vs something that gets consumed. The key point is that it's used to create the opportunities for others to hear and live the message of the Warrior's Way. QUESTION: What is your story about money?
    Golden Nugget #5: Loop of Survival vs Loof of Purpose Sam: A man who is in the loop of purpose has a different relationship with money than a man who is stuck in

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    The King Eats First | Warrior Wealth | Ep 020

    The King Eats First | Warrior Wealth | Ep 020

    This is the fifth part of our five-part series in preparation for the Warrior Wealth Summit. In today's episode, we go deep into the conversation of Leadership.
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself Leadership as a topic is not new by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to business and life. Most of us have considered that leadership itself is something that is found in some magic pill, a weekend seminar, or something that we can drink to instantly get our magic fix of the "seven steps to leadership." There is a simple principle that is laid out in the Bible. Jesus was asked which, out of all the laws that existed, was the most important one of all? Jesus responded with, "Love God." He then went on to say, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." This last part of the equation is what everybody likes to snip out of the conversation, but that’s where the secret is found. QUESTION: What does it mean to you to be a leader?
    Golden Nugget #2: Air and Rocks Here are the facts about life: You cannot love your neighbor if you hate yourself. You cannot love God if you hate yourself. If you hate yourself, then the only kind of leadership you can give is motivation, the motivation that comes from a leader who ultimately, at the end of the day, does not find himself worthy, loveable, or acceptable. When you attempt to lead another human being down a path that you have not been yourself, when you attempt and expect others to do what you have been unwilling to do, or when you expect from your team and from your clients behaviors that you will not demonstrate yourself, you have become nothing more than a leader with a glassful of air. QUESTION: What type of leadership do you demonstrate?
    Golden Nugget #3: If You Do Not Live It, Do Not Lead It Most people learn some shit and then think they’re ready to lead. They attend a webinar, go to a convention, or read a book and then they try to lead what they have learned. Individuals who lead what they have learned, have nothing to offer. They become exposed for the posers that they are. You must be willing to personally live what you have learned. It is the living of the thing that gives a man permission to lead. If you do not live it, do not lead it. You cannot fake what you have or have not lived. Every leader I have ever worked with who is lacking in the game of power as a leader in their organization comes down to one simple truth: they’re f****n liars. They lie in their leadership and expect their people to live what they do not live themselves. QUESTION: Where in your life are you expecting others to live what you are unwilling to live?
    Golden Nugget #4: The King Eats First Cullen Talley: Many of you understand the King Eats First principle, yet you can’t stand in the space of that because you don’t hold it for yourself. You don’t love or honor yourself enough, causing others that are dependent upon you or are connected to you pay a price because you’re unwilling to be the king that eats first. Learn, live, and lead is an active tense verb. It's a state of mind and a state of being. It's a way that we actually operate and show up for the people we are responsible for, and the people that have put their trust in us. Do not lose sight of the fact that you have to be enough of a man to eat first and to stand in that space to create that. QUESTION: How are you deomonstrating and living this principle inside your family life?
    Golden Nugget #5: Collision Based Leadership Collison is the ability to course correct a situation and a person. As a leader, your entire role is to get clear on where you’re going, why as an organization you’re going there, where you’re at today, and then to align the troops on your team to get into formation to move towards that destination. This means tha

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    The Game of Numbers | Warrior Wealth | Ep 019

    The Game of Numbers | Warrior Wealth | Ep 019

    This week in our podcast, we are releasing Part 4 of our Warrior Wealth series. We’re going to be talking about the not so sexy but vital topic of accounting and the game of numbers, and why knowing your numbers actually matters.
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PROTECTION Golden Nugget #1: Ignorance is Not Bliss I hear so many people talk about how they don’t care about money, yet at the end of the day if you don’t care about it, who’s going to care about it for you?  If you’re not all about the money inside of your business, what exactly are you all about? I have been on the journey of building big shit, only to watch the big shit I’ve built be destroyed because of a lack of focus and knowledge on the topic of finance, accounting, taxes and legal protection. These topics matter, but they’re not f****n sexy. But they become sexy to an individual who actually wants to keep what they build. QUESTION: How has avoiding and ignoring the topic of taxes and accounting in your business affected it?
    Golden Nugget #2:  Make, Spend and Hope Most business owners and individuals get caught up in the game of make, spend, and hope: the repetitive cycle of make money, spend money, and hoping to maintain the money the rest of their lives. There are a few that understand that in order for the game to continue to rise and to work, an individual must keep money so that they can grow money; that the growth phase and the keep phase is almost more important than any other process that they could experience. QUESTION: What phase of the cycle are you currently in?
    Golden Nugget #3: Business Worth and Cash Flow A balance sheet gives an individual the opportunity to look at two things: their assets and their and liabilities. The overall goal of a balance sheet is to give someone the opportunity to declare what the worth of their business is. The more important game and the reason why most businesses are failing is that they don’t understand their income statement. It measures income against expense and through this tool we discover our cash flow. Nine times out of ten, a business will fall apart because of what is happening on the Income statement. QUESTION: This week in your business, how much money did you have coming in, and how much money did you have going out? Did you experience a profit this week?
    Golden Nugget #4: Backpack Pitchmen Most businesses wouldn’t be able to provide up-to-date books for last month, let alone what happened in the last year, and yet inside of that, they expect to be able to build and dominate. Without clear books, you have no clear looks; without clear looks, you have no potential to actually build a business that will last. So you build a business that you end up erasing every couple of years. Most people run their business by checking the balance of their bank account for the day and make their move based on the available cash; they measure their entire business based on what’s in their bank account today, although 30%-40% of the money is already spoken for. QUESTION: What do your books or lack of books reveal about your business?
    Golden Nugget #5: Fact or Fantasy The worst part about living in a world of fantasy when it comes to finances is that your decisions become nothing more than fiction, and nothing inside of what you’re building has a foundation of facts. If you don’t build a business driven by the facts, then you build a business driven by fantasy, and inside of that place of fantasy, your vision becomes nothing more than fiction. My whole world had fallen apart from the facts that I avoided. My strategy for dealing with the facts was to drink and yell at my wife. I was so terrified at my numbers that I would ignore my numbers, ignore reality, and create my own numbers in my mind. I eventually fell in love with numbers. I can deal with facts, but what

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    Client Experience and Fulfillment | Warrior Wealth | Ep 018

    Client Experience and Fulfillment | Warrior Wealth | Ep 018

    We've got the third edition for you this week of a five-part series as we continue to give you hour-long deep dive content, with an invitation to join us at the next Warrior Wealth Summit.
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....POWER Golden Nugget #1: Fulfillment Strategy I’m going to help you understand about quality; how your fulfillment strategy and the way you build and fulfill your business comes down to the quality of the investment in the packaging, the positioning and the process that your clients and students experience. From our books to our live streams, from our black polos to our t-shirts and to our f****n tattoos, what we do here at Warrior is about delivering unique and valuable experiences that actually ruin you, and that you might want to consider taking on the mission of ruining your clients forever. QUESTION: What do your products and fulfillment say about you and your business?
    Golden Nugget #2: What is Value? Firstly, it’s a perspective. What is valuable to one person is not valuable to another person. We’re selective in our perspective about value. Secondly, it’s preference. Value itself is ultimately identifying a problem that matters to a prospect, and that problem itself has the ability to eliminate or reduce levels of pain and bring about high levels of pleasure. And inside of all of this, you are able to take someone to a possibility. QUESTION: Are you targeting the people who value your product, service or experience?
    Golden Nugget #3: Hero's Journey Someone starts out on a journey and ends up in the same place he started, but he’s a different human being. He goes through a drift, he gets in a pit, he experiences a lift and he experiences re-birth. Every client who’s solving a problem inside of your world is going through this experience. This journey is a journey from the problem and the pain, down into the pit, and that pit takes us up to pleasure and possibility that’s offered up. All of this is being pitched inside your marketing. QUESTION: How can you use the Hero's Journey in your marketing?
    Golden Nugget #4:  Show Me the Money In my first ten years as an entrepreneur, I had never once considered that the greatest money that I would make would come from my willingness to see my clients, not as a one take transaction but to invest in my clients in a way that would have them wanting to stay with me for life. I started asking myself, “What would it take to keep this client for life?" There has to be a shift in where you see the value being created. Once you sell something there is a stewardship that falls upon your shoulders to deliver, and that value ladder you deliver on and the packaging and positioning, drive the pricing and the fantasy and connection of that prospect or client to you, to your brand and to the movement that you’re taking a stand for. QUESTION: How do you treat your leads and your customers?
    Golden Nugget #5: Client For Life When I started Warrior, I made this commitment: I’m going to invest in my people first. Our goal is to always outpace your investment. My goal is to make the free shit better than what you pay for so that the shit you pay us for, gets you results fast. We expect a shit load from our clients. We expect you to work and we expect you to do shit. But in order to authorize that type of demand from our students and clients, I’m going to invest in your first and I’m going to put you into a karmic debt with me. You’re going to know that when you step into a game with me in our companies, that we’re going to invest first and it’s going to put the debt on your side. QUESTION: What does investment into your people look like?
    If the King doesn't rise, the Kingdom dies!
    Quote of the Week: "When we say create value, value is determined by the consumer. Is your shit valuable? That depends. Will people p

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    Frame Control| Warrior Wealth | Ep 017

    Frame Control| Warrior Wealth | Ep 017

    This week’s episode is from a livestream event leading up to the Warrior Wealth Summit in June of 2018. Garrett jumps into the topic of sales and ultimately the idea of frames.
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode....PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: Maintaining a Frame The beauty of technology: #1 it speeds life up and #2 it also f***s things up when it doesn’t work the way that you were intending. Livestream is a wonderful technology and is a beautiful way for us to teach train and educate. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s ok because this is all part of what it is to build a business. Anytime that you and I are trying to make more money, keep more money and grow more money - anytime we’re inside the Warrior Wealth frame - we’re going to have to actually maintain the power of frame control. QUESTION: What is your experience of holding a frame when technology has stopped working for you?
    Golden Nugget #2: The Land of Yes or No It doesn’t matter how great your marketing is if your ability to get people to do shit doesn’t exist. You have to have the courage to lead people by saying, "Here’s what I want you to do next.” Most of us don’t realize that sales is a function of leadership. Sales leads people down a path of a series of decisions, and if I've  done my job of pre framing and framing, I’ve created conditions for a person to make a decision of yes or no. If you are a person who operates on a daily basis from a weak stance and a weak frame that says I'm okay with giving maybes, then don’t expect to be someone who can collect the yes and no's. QUESTION: How are you doing with leading your children to a yes or no answer?
    Golden Nugget #3: I Am a Closer Most people don’t see themselves as a closer. They think that they can be about business and creation and never have to be in the uncomfortable position of calling people to task to do shit. They dance around the conversation of commitment and they dance around the conversation of getting off the middle of maybe. I Am a Closer is an identity, a willingness to look at yourself and say I am a person who ultimately commands the authority inside of my own world and inside the world of those I lead to make commitments. It’s not enough to just introduce ideas; ideas without implementation don't matter. QUESTION: Do you appreciate a woman who is direct and full of certainty, or do you think she's a bitch?
    Golden Nugget #4: Strategic Seduction Strategic seduction is the process of how I build everything.  Your sales and frame begin at the first contact and the first engagement across the board. Step #1 is communicating and getting clear in your message that speaks to the problem, the pain, the powerful possibility beyond the pain, the path a person would take, wrapped up with the courage to Pitch. At this point you are looking for Permission. Step #2 is giving them the data they gave you permission for in Step #1, and Step #3 is converting their mindset. This is the stage of taking someone through the most intense part of the journey of where they are and the possibility you have talked about back in Stage #1 QUESTION: How clear is your marketing message?
    Golden Nugget #5: Reframe Their Story Your prospect is in a place where they think they cannot do it. #1 Their current word view which consists of their rules and stories. #2 Their self view which is the story the person has about themselves. #3 We need to deliver a roadmap which shows them the path between the problem and the pain to the possibility to the new identity of themselves and the word in which they operate. Stage #4 Compel Action. There has to be a 100% agreement by the prospect that "There is a problem, I see the pain in my life, and I want to solve it." They become 80% committed to the reality that you are the possible solution for them. #5 Close & Commitme

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    Pay to Play | Warrior Wealth | Ep 016

    Pay to Play | Warrior Wealth | Ep 016

    This week’s episode is taken from a livestream training in April 2018 with over 500 people in attendance desiring to learn more about Warrior Wealth. Garrett blends together the very different yet harmonious conversations of Advertising and Marketing to create a Road Map to take your business and life further when it comes to advertising the messages that matter to you.
    The following topics will be discussed every month: Week 1: Power Week 2: Production Week 3: Profit Week 4: Protection In This Week's Episode...PRODUCTION Golden Nugget #1: Your Money Must Back Your Message When it comes to marketing and advertising, one of the things you actually have to look at is the time and investment into the quality of the advertising and the marketing that you deliver. I started looking at the advertising within this industry and noticed that the vast majority of the marketers I knew were cheap f*****g bastards when it came to the positioning, packaging and promotion of the shit they were pitching. The way this entire experience for you is being contained is currently inside what we call a frame. Everything you are seeing is a result of our marketing and advertising strategy. It’s not just me giving you a pitch to invest in a ticket, its me showing you by what I do that we take our time, money and energy to back our message. QUESTION: What does the packaging and promotion of what you offer say about your company and what someone can expect to experience with you or your product?
    Golden Nugget #2: From Hope to Strategy You must have a paid advertising strategy rather than living off of hopium - an irrational or unwarranted optimism. What’s happened is that marketing has become a f*****g shit show. You must also be able to operate like a sniper in the way you approach your content and advertising that you’re paying for. You must look for a specific target, have a specific outcome, and back that target with a specific action that you want them to take by paying to put your message into the feed and into the world that exists for your prospects. QUESTION: Do you advertise with hopeful, organic, general marketing or do you operate like a sniper?
    Golden Nugget #3: Leads on Demand A business either grows or dies based upon its lead sources. Most people are trained to think about marketing at the end of the conversation and spend their time building all their b******t first, leaving marketing as an afterthought. The one conversation that actually matters is: Can you make it rain on demand? Can you produce a situation inside your business where there is a surplus of leads available to you, and inside of that where you get to choose who you want to do business with? QUESTION: When are you going to stop the chaos and burnout of constantly struggling to acquire leads?
    Golden Nugget #4: Pay to Play How much are you willing to pay today for a qualified lead? This question altered my reality because I had never, ever considered that I should Pay to Play. If you follow around successful businesses that have maintained and continue to grow systematically, you will see that they have a paid advertising strategy that backs their product, service or experience. Do we still do organic marketing? Of course! An example of this is we do podcasts and do posts all across social media that support our ads. You first have to be willing to pay to advertise for your leads. You want bigger results? You have to commit yourself to seeing and doing things differently. QUESTION: What is the actual dollar amount you would be willing to pay today for a qualified lead?
    Golden Nugget #5: Leads, Applications and Clients We had to look at the cost and at the dollars - how much $ we paid and how much $ we made. My focus was on the gap between two things: My Costs and my Dollars. Where the real money is made is in the strategic seduction of the leads and applications that did not initially buy. 90% of the individuals that you bring in through advertis

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
107 Ratings

107 Ratings

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast!!

Garrett, host of the WARRIOR WEALTH podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Jaragons ,

One of the podcasts that changed my life

I can’t say enough... or maybe I I don’t want to yet... about how this podcast is waking me up. Listened to 6 episodes in my first week of just discovering Wake Up Warrior. I am once again coming back into the power of who I am. I am becoming the man. I do that myself... but I gained the courage and clarity to do so from this podcast.

J.Robertson9413 ,

Top 3 Podcast

By far one of my Top 3 Podcasts. I love how down to earth and personable Garrett is. His podcast along with Gary V and Ryan Niddel are what I now listen to every morning when I go to work.

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