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Broadcast veteran Stephan Cox hosts this weekly program, launched in February of 2017. The show features interviews and discussions with thought leaders, political figures, activists, and journalists, with the aim of informing and inspiring the progressive community across the state.

Contact the show at indivisiblepodcast@gmail.com

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Broadcast veteran Stephan Cox hosts this weekly program, launched in February of 2017. The show features interviews and discussions with thought leaders, political figures, activists, and journalists, with the aim of informing and inspiring the progressive community across the state.

Contact the show at indivisiblepodcast@gmail.com

    Be a Voice for the Women of Iran

    Be a Voice for the Women of Iran

    In September of last year, 22-year old Mahsa Amini died in police custody in Iran after being arrested for allegedly not wearing hijab in accordance with government standards. After months of worldwide protests, conditions for women in Iran continue to be dire, and this week's guests are dedicated to keeping the issue front and center by creating awareness and taking action here in Washington.

    Arezou Bagan - Human rights activist and founder and board member of Voice of Iran, a non-partisan, multi-faith advocacy group that supports and amplifies the voice of the Iranian people as they fight for basic human rights and a secular democracy.

    And Azadeh Forouzandeh - Healthcare worker and also a grassroots activist who works as the communications manager for Voice of Iran.


    • 29 min
    Wrapping Up the 2023 Legislative Session

    Wrapping Up the 2023 Legislative Session

    Democrats in Washington’s state legislature went into this year’s long session with a lot of expectations, especially after picking up a seat in each chamber in last year’s election. Groups like Indivisible and Fuse Washington worked hard to advocate for legislation in areas like housing, gun safety, voting rights, healthcare, and a lot more.

    Reiny Cohen is the Communications Hub Director with Fuse Washington, and she joins us to talk about what got accomplished this year–-and some of what didn’t.

    • 21 min
    How We Defeat the MAGA Default Crisis

    How We Defeat the MAGA Default Crisis

    If you followed Kevin McCarthy’s prolonged confirmation process to become speaker, you're familiar with the many concessions he made to the MAGA wing in Congress, specifically those empowering members who want to default on the national debt, something that, if successful, would have catastrophic consequences for the US and even global economy.

    As the vote gets closer, Indivisible is asking groups across the country to call attention to the dangers of this MAGA default crisis by hosting a series of events from May 19th through the 26th.

    Indivisible’s National Advocacy Director, Mary Small, joins us to talk about the details of the crisis, about how to message around it, and about how your group can create an event to call attention to this crucial issue.



    Video Replay of the National Activist Call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy6jv90cd1c

    Slide Deck from National Activist Call about the MAGA Default Crisis: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1i8uE-sGLfH0WJ7dfJZl_BMXPLQ_iGBamlcDMd-t_wUU/edit?emci=ec5fa2fc-d62a-ec11-981f-c896653b9208&emdi=7e8a9566-ddda-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=10327#slide=id.g22ceceab7ed_1_190

    Week of Action Toolkit: https://click.everyaction.com/k/61793117/401213228/2113431474?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9UU00vVFNNSVYvMS82ODE0OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICI3ZThhOTU2Ni1kZGRhLWVkMTEtOGU4Yi0wMDIyNDgzMmViNzMiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogInN0ZXBoYW5jb3hAZ21haWwuY29tIg0KfQ%3D%3D&hmac=MnBlE0FTZbKAZfLYYp9Oo7rQrlvpLpDy8EMkVmpuxI4=&emci=ec5fa2fc-d62a-ec11-981f-c896653b9208&emdi=7e8a9566-ddda-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=10327

    How to Register your upcoming event: https://click.everyaction.com/k/61793118/401213229/-2073411041?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9UU00vVFNNSVYvMS82ODE0OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICI3ZThhOTU2Ni1kZGRhLWVkMTEtOGU4Yi0wMDIyNDgzMmViNzMiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogInN0ZXBoYW5jb3hAZ21haWwuY29tIg0KfQ%3D%3D&hmac=MnBlE0FTZbKAZfLYYp9Oo7rQrlvpLpDy8EMkVmpuxI4=&emci=ec5fa2fc-d62a-ec11-981f-c896653b9208&emdi=7e8a9566-ddda-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=10327

    How to apply for reimbursement for your event: https://click.everyaction.com/k/61793119/401213230/-783638457?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9UU00vVFNNSVYvMS82ODE0OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICI3ZThhOTU2Ni1kZGRhLWVkMTEtOGU4Yi0wMDIyNDgzMmViNzMiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogInN0ZXBoYW5jb3hAZ21haWwuY29tIg0KfQ%3D%3D&hmac=MnBlE0FTZbKAZfLYYp9Oo7rQrlvpLpDy8EMkVmpuxI4=&emci=ec5fa2fc-d62a-ec11-981f-c896653b9208&emdi=7e8a9566-ddda-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=10327

    Attend the May 4th workshop: https://click.everyaction.com/k/61793120/401213231/-947012178?nvep=ew0KICAiVGVuYW50VXJpIjogIm5ncHZhbjovL3Zhbi9UU00vVFNNSVYvMS82ODE0OSIsDQogICJEaXN0cmlidXRpb25VbmlxdWVJZCI6ICI3ZThhOTU2Ni1kZGRhLWVkMTEtOGU4Yi0wMDIyNDgzMmViNzMiLA0KICAiRW1haWxBZGRyZXNzIjogInN0ZXBoYW5jb3hAZ21haWwuY29tIg0KfQ%3D%3D&hmac=MnBlE0FTZbKAZfLYYp9Oo7rQrlvpLpDy8EMkVmpuxI4=&emci=ec5fa2fc-d62a-ec11-981f-c896653b9208&emdi=7e8a9566-ddda-ed11-8e8b-00224832eb73&ceid=10327#/registration

    • 24 min
    WA Supt. of Public Schools Chris Reykdal on This Year's School Board Elections (and More)

    WA Supt. of Public Schools Chris Reykdal on This Year's School Board Elections (and More)

    School board races are front and center in this year’s election, and for good reason. The stakes could not be higher. We know that the vast majority of Americans support an honest public education for our children, even at a time when that education is under assault. So this week, we hear from Washington Superintendent of Public Education, Chris Reykdal.

    He spoke recently at a meeting put on by Indivisible Tacoma to address the importance of this year’s election, among many other issues facing our schools. We’re proud to bring you the entirety of that conversation here.

    • 26 min
    How to Run for School Board (and Why You Should!)

    How to Run for School Board (and Why You Should!)

    No matter your political affiliation, the vast majority of Americans believe in preserving honest public education. But public schools everywhere are under attack by extremists who are infiltrating school boards to push for things like book bans and prohibition on subjects like slavery, racism, and LGBTQ issues.

    One of the most impactful ways you can push back is to run for school board, and our guests have written a nonpartisan guide on how to do it.

    Petra Hoy, founder and head of Be the Change 509

    Louise Pathe. steering committee for the Washington Indivisible Network, and co-founder of the WIN Schools Workgroup

    Op ed on the value of public education

    Guide: bit.ly/RunForSchoolBoardGuideWA
    Progressive Addendum: bit.ly/RunForSchoolBoardAddendum

    • 30 min
    Why We Need a Wealth Tax

    Why We Need a Wealth Tax

    As you’ve probably heard, Democratic legislators in this year’s session are working to pass a wealth tax for Washington, which would levy a 1% tax on residents with assets above $250 million. The bill is considered necessary to implement this year’s budget, so advocates are working to raise awareness and put pressure on our legislators in advance of the passing of the annual budget.

    Talking about why this tax would be a game changer for Washington is Carolyn Brotherton, PhD, the Progressive Revenue Policy Associate with the Economic Opportunity Institute.

    • 23 min

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4.5 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

VMac100 ,

Good stuff

Just started listening. Very impressed.

Sdarmy ,

Can you interview people from both sides of a story?

I’d like to hear both sides of a story. Do you interview the sheriffs who are choosing not to enforce the stay at home orders?

Why not find a replacement sheriff, not just recall the current one

BlueBird867 ,

Dig in to the Details with Stephan Cox

This is an excellent podcast that covers both national issues and local topics relevant to Washington state voters. Stephan Cox books amazing guests and he brings a persistent intelligence to each conversation. Every week I learn something. Definitely worth your time!

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