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Wayne Manor Memoirs is a Batman research podcast dedicated to exploring the brightest, darkest, and strangest aspects of the Bat-Mythos. Join Joe & Kendall every other Friday as they deliver the bat-facts straight to your ears. Be prepared for discussions on first appearances, origins, story arcs,creators, retcons, and more!

Wayne Manor Memoirs Joe & Kendall

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Wayne Manor Memoirs is a Batman research podcast dedicated to exploring the brightest, darkest, and strangest aspects of the Bat-Mythos. Join Joe & Kendall every other Friday as they deliver the bat-facts straight to your ears. Be prepared for discussions on first appearances, origins, story arcs,creators, retcons, and more!

    Batman Kinda Sus

    Batman Kinda Sus

    We’re back, Bat-Fanatics, and rapidly (for us) approaching the culmination of Season 3! This time Joe and Kendall pull a fast one by picking a comic so recent it was only collected in trade a month ago, Batman: The Imposter. Those of you who loved The Batman will find several similarities within this book. He is a Bruce Wayne imagined in the real world. He battles crime with simplistic gadgets, minimal support infrastructure, and near suicidal tendencies. What happens when someone poses as Batman and begins killing criminals? Gorgeously illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino, Mattson Tomlin’s script is clearly influenced by his time working on The Batman’s script. There are definitely some great ideas here. The real question Bat-Fanatics must ask themselves is: which Batman do you prefer, one rooted in realism or one rooted in traditional comic book storytelling? We can’t answer that for you, but we sure give you our opinions!
    Plot Pandemonium: Batman: The Imposter #1-3

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Can’t Harley Wait

    Can’t Harley Wait

    Something seems off here, Bat-Fanatics, . . . apparently shenanigans are afoot on Earth-11! This time “Joe & Kendall” (really Megan & Chloe) meet-up to discuss Harleen, Stjepan Sejic’s retelling of Harley Quinn’s origin. This book has everything: sexy Harleen, sexy Joker, sexy nightmare sequences, sexy Hugo Strange (. . . I’m sensing a theme . . .). Harleen served as one of the tent poles of DC’s Black Label launch and is (generally) considered one of the best titles in the brand to date. So prepare for a romance story of epic proportions where Harleen >>> Harley, where the Joker has abs upon his abs, and where Batman (and Two-Face?) are almost inconsequential!
    Plot Pandemonium: Harleen #1-3

    • 39 min
    Dick Grayson: Sexy Spy

    Dick Grayson: Sexy Spy

    Holy Tom King, Bat-Fanatic. As often as we worship at the altar of Tom King, this particular series has been largely overlooked by Joe & Kendall (mostly Kendall). Joe read the first volume a few years ago, but Kendall had never read any of it! As the title implies, Dick Grayson leaves the life of vigilantism behind to take a role as a (sexy) spy for Spyral. This series is co-written by King & Tim Seeley with art by Mikal Janin. Needless to say, this Dick looks great! Can Dick keep his ethos intact in the life of espionage? Can Helena Bertinelli REALLY be a compelling love interest when Babs is still on the table? Is the Midnighter actually cool? These are some of the topics we delve into as we cover the first part of Grayson! Prep your ID concealing hypnos, track down the latest super-power granting organ, and settle in to learn the secrets of supers across the globe!  
    Plot Pandemonium: Grayson vol. 1 #1-6 + Annual 1

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Bat-Radar February 2022

    Bat-Radar February 2022

    The Bat-Radar returns! This time Joe & Kendall dedicate an hour to a bevy of topics, including: new jobs, their most interesting reads from Feb 2022, and some killer TV. If that weren't enough, they also do their best to review every Bat-Book they are currently reading. Do they get them all? No. Do they try really hard? Maybe. So sit down and listen to more unscripted nonsense from J&K and they talk comics, television, and video games.
    Content: Spider-Man, Jeff Lemire's Moon Knight, classic Cloak & Dagger, One-Star Squadron, Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Superman: Up in the Sky, Human Target, Peacemaker
    Bat-Book Roundup: Batman, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Robin, Batman/Catwoman, The Joker, Catwoman: Lonely City, Action Comics

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Kamandi: The Apes of Wrath

    Kamandi: The Apes of Wrath

    The Devil, Watergate, Molemen, and MORE!!!
    Joe & Kendall return for their seasonal coverage of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth! And as usual, they have a blast experiencing these banana pants stories. This time Kamandi must compete in a deadly Kentucky Derby, find the missing Watergate Tapes, learn the secrets that possibly elevated animals to human intellect, meet the molemen, and KO a killer giant worm. Seriously, Bat-Fanatic, what more could you possibly be looking for in your comic entertainment?! So, prepare your giant cricket for battle, do your best impression of a retired linebacker in a blonde wig, crank your emotions up to 11, and get ready for more gorilla violence than you can shake a banana at. THIS…IS…KAMANDI!
    Plot Pandemonium: Kamandi Vol. 1 #13 - 18

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Whose Year Three is This?

    Whose Year Three is This?

    It’s been a long time Bat-Fanatics, how have you been? Joe and Kendall have switched jobs, fought plagues, enjoyed holidays, and generally taken an unexpected break from podcasting. One month later, they release an episode recorded before CHRISTMAS. Ah well, that’s quality right? We continue to show zero viability for a Patreon. Anyway! This time Joe and Kendall hit you with the “hidden” Batman: Year X story by looking at Marv Wolfman’s Batman: Year Three. Never heard of it? Never read it? Well, they didn’t collect it until 2019! You can read it on DCUI though… Year Three focuses on Robin’s origin and history with notorious gangster Tony Zucco while simultaneously dealing with the fallout of Jason Todd’s death in the present. It’s a book overloaded with potential, that unfortunately fails to deliver. It’s not all bad though! Get ready for helicopter gang slayings, a Batman on the brink that is still more tame than modern Batman, some delightful Dick zingers, and SO MANY opportunities for “PHRASING!”. Plus, at the rate we’re going, who knows when you’ll get another episode!
    Plot Pandemonium: Batman Vol. 1 #436 - 439

    • 1 hr 1 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

FletchLIVES323 ,

Best Batman Podcast

You guys are awesome! This is the best place to get my Batman fix. Always enjoy your book reviews. Bat and Cat is my favorite read right now which I picked up after listening to you guys.

wutmean ,

Looking for a Batman podcast look no further!

I’ve been replaying Batman: Arkham City, and I was looking for a review of it since I’m really enjoying it on replay, I found these guys. After listening to their review of the game, I was hooked! This is a great Batman podcast the hosts have great chemistry and are extremely knowledgeable while also leaving room for a bit of levity! I highly recommend this podcast!

MattMalecki19 ,

Batman + Fun = Outrageous!

I love the premise and format of this show. Deep diving into a different Batman related topic each episode is awesome. I love the energy that both Joe and Kendall bring. This is a really fun listen and it’s only gotten better and better. Keep up the great work fellas! Outrageous!!

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