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Wayne Manor Memoirs is a Batman research podcast dedicated to exploring the brightest, darkest, and strangest aspects of the Bat-Mythos. Join Joe & Kendall every other Friday as they deliver the bat-facts straight to your ears. Be prepared for discussions on first appearances, origins, story arcs,creators, retcons, and more!

Wayne Manor Memoirs Joe & Kendall

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Wayne Manor Memoirs is a Batman research podcast dedicated to exploring the brightest, darkest, and strangest aspects of the Bat-Mythos. Join Joe & Kendall every other Friday as they deliver the bat-facts straight to your ears. Be prepared for discussions on first appearances, origins, story arcs,creators, retcons, and more!

    How to Kill Lord Death Man

    How to Kill Lord Death Man

    Happy Holidays, Bat-Fanatics! You know, as we always say on this podcast, there is nothing that prepares you for this festive season more than taking a closer look at another psychopathic member of Batman’s rogues gallery. This holiday season, the Calendar Man has stuffed your proverbial stocking with bits and pieces of Lord Death Man. But don’t fret! He’s gonna be fine! He survived a volcano! That might be getting ahead of ourselves, though… Joe & Kendall put the menace of Bat-Manga under the microscope to find out just how Lord Death Man… lords…over… death? That’s right, Bat-Fanatics. Joe read manga. FOR YOU! And he even liked it. What is the world coming to?
    So don your dramatic capes, pull out that skeleton Halloween costume from a few years ago, prepare your best Han Solo in carbonite impression, and get ready to contemplate the harsh realities of insanity and immortality as we cover ALMOST EVERY SINGLE APPEARANCE OF LORD DEATH MAN EVER. That’s right. Almost all of them. Watch out for the volcano.
    Infinite Origins: Batman vol. 1 #180, Bat-Manga #1-3
    Continuity Crisis: Batman Inc vol. 1 #1-2, Batman Inc: Leviathan Strikes! #1, Batman Inc vol. 2 #13, Talon vol.1 #16-17, Batman Eternal vol. 1 #46, Harley Quinn vol. 3 #48-49, Batman: Gotham Nights #16

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Being Brave & Staying Bold: S1 Ep 26 & S1 Recap

    Being Brave & Staying Bold: S1 Ep 26 & S1 Recap

    Welcome back to another OUTRAGEOUS episode of "Being Brave & Staying Bold," a bonus show from Wayne Manor Memoirs!
    Joe & Kendall have arrived at the end of season 1! It's time for the final showdown with Equinox! Can Batman & his allies defeat a man in perfect balance between order and chaos? Season 2 says yes. Plus, we pick our highs and lows for Season 1.
    This episode covers season 1, episodes 26: The Fate of Equinox! 

    • 50 min
    The Crisis in Rutland

    The Crisis in Rutland

    Welcome back Bat-Fanatics for an episode of particularly weird proclivities! This time Joe & Kendall discuss the unofficial DC/Marvel Meta Crossover from the early 70s. This crossover, orchestrated by Steve Englehart, Len Wein, and Gerry Conway, takes place during the Rutland, Vermont annual Halloween Parade and features said writers (plus Glynis Oliver) as characters within their comics interacting with comic characters. Oh yeah. It’s one of THOSE. So buckle-up because we’re about to cover our first Marvel comics EVER on this podcast! Find answers to all of life’s questions: does Marvel pay Steve Englehart? Who is Tom Fagan and how many rooms does his mansion have? How many hamburgers can Len eat? What keeps happening to Glynis? And (most importantly) why is Steve Engleharts car so crappy? 
    Oh! And your emails. So many emails!
    Plot Pandemonium: Amazing Adventures vol. 2 #16, Justice League vol. 1 #103, Thor vol. 1 #207

    • 1 hr 9 min
    The World's Finest Team Up

    The World's Finest Team Up

    Our Quadrology is over, which means it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled, seemingly random, programming. This time Joe & Kendall take a crack at Superman: The Animated Series (STAS)! Turns out, this was another (unintentional) blind spot for Joe. Of course this is a Batman podcast (at least we say it is…), so we’ll be discussing their first team up in the Timm-verse, World’s Finest! This TV movie, with a meager runtime of ~66 minutes, is incredible. Joker/Lex “team up?” Check. Hamfisted but surprisingly satisfying romance between Bruce and Lois? Check. A sense of growth within our titular characters from working with each other? Check. If you’ve never watched this, Bat-Fanatics, stop reading and go do it. Seriously. We’ll wait. Back? Great! Let’s talk Batman & Superman!
    Episode Extravaganza: Superman the Animated Series S2: E16, 17, & 18 - World’s Finest

    • 1 hr 4 min
    The Ol’ Englehart & Rogers Treatment

    The Ol’ Englehart & Rogers Treatment

    We welcome back beloved Batman fan, and fan-favorite guest, Chris Schrader (Rogue’s Gallery, Hey Do You Remember?, Strange Case of Lucy Chandler) to the podcast for the show stopping finale of the Hugo Strange Quadrology! It only took us 4 to 72 months to finish four REAL episodes of the podcast. That’s quality, right? What are we discussing? Why Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers of course! Didn’t we kinda do that last time? Sure, but this time we’ve invited a guest and given ourselves some REAL breathing room to discuss their creative works in detail. What else did they work on? What are the highlights of their careers? Is there anything else you should look at? ABSOLUTELY! 
    So dive in, Bat-Fanatics! Joe and Kendall are great fun, but Chris always gets them thinking outside their comfort zone! 
    Background Bat-File: Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers

    • 1 hr 35 min
    B-Side: Suicide Squad (2016)

    B-Side: Suicide Squad (2016)

    We're back for another B-Side! This time we take a left turn (or several left turns?) to discuss a film that offers some really high highs and some really low lows. Hot on the heels of The Suicide Squad, Joe & Kendall decided to discuss 2016's Suicide Squad.
    Part of the early attempt to establish a DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad suffers from myriad problems: trying to be Guardians of the Galaxy, WB meddling, and a bizarre script to name a few. However, it's not all bad! We are introduced to Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Viola Davis' TERRIFYING Amanda Waller. 
    Listen in Bat-Fanatics as we dissect why Joe likes this movie, why it disappoints Kendall, and whatever the hell Jared Leto was doing here.

    • 1 hr 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

FletchLIVES323 ,

Best Batman Podcast

You guys are awesome! This is the best place to get my Batman fix. Always enjoy your book reviews. Bat and Cat is my favorite read right now which I picked up after listening to you guys.

wutmean ,

Looking for a Batman podcast look no further!

I’ve been replaying Batman: Arkham City, and I was looking for a review of it since I’m really enjoying it on replay, I found these guys. After listening to their review of the game, I was hooked! This is a great Batman podcast the hosts have great chemistry and are extremely knowledgeable while also leaving room for a bit of levity! I highly recommend this podcast!

MattMalecki19 ,

Batman + Fun = Outrageous!

I love the premise and format of this show. Deep diving into a different Batman related topic each episode is awesome. I love the energy that both Joe and Kendall bring. This is a really fun listen and it’s only gotten better and better. Keep up the great work fellas! Outrageous!!

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