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Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

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Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

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4.7 out of 5
1.7K Ratings

1.7K Ratings

Nong Sanshi ,

Five star value.

Included below is my original commentary on this Podcast. Rating hasn’t changed, but my reasons for continuing to listen have only grown.

I - like many of the long time listeners - was skeptical of the change in podcast focus, and voiced my opinion on the subject in the private FaceBook group. That said, I liked the new content, Jason’s focus on the message of individual change, and the willingness to take a big risk.

I also appreciated Amy’s efforts to serve as Jason’s advocate in the former version of the FaceBook group. I figured if Jason could take a leap of faith, I could get some skin in the game and become a supporting listener.

I am no entrepreneur, nor should I be - but, I respect the message, enjoyed meeting Jason in the Washington DC meet up before heading out to work in Djibouti for a year, and have picked up a few valuable nuggets of information along the way. See original review below.
I wholeheartedly endorse the program and rate it a five-star value. I started listening to The Jason Stapleton Program when there were about 700 people consuming his content every day. It was a chance encounter with a YouTube video that brought me over to the program, and I will continue to listen, download, and share with a friend for as long as the program remains true to its core Ideals: Peace, Tolerance, Individualism, Free Markets, and Limited Government.

This is the economic-political podcast you are looking for if you were a Bernie Sanders supporter who cared about the plight of the poor and the downtrodden and saw the corruption of the DNC during the last election as a sign your voice had no say. It is also the program you need to hear, if your version of small government and minimal state incursions into the free markets doesn’t match the new populist trade-war Republicanism espoused by the current administration.

If you have a thin-skin, are a single-issue voter, or are one of those kinds of folks who claim to be a reasonable, open-minded, free-thinker, but shut off a broadcast as soon as an opinion that challenges your world-view splashes across the screen …. Don’t bother listening. This program won’t be for you, and since it is free, it is no big loss. Spend your time listening to something that makes you feel good, pursue your own happiness.

I am a fall-from-grace former neo-conservative who over the course of the last decade and a half, began to see that the Republicans did not represent my political views. Stapleton’s political views don’t match my views either, and I regularly find myself cringing over some of Stapleton’s commentary on geo-political issues. Sometimes it sounds like a bury your head in the sand, non-interventionist, blame America first philosophy, sometimes I find the experts he speaks with on issues like Yemen or Syria to be terribly one-sided, and I have profound differences of opinion on issues like privacy in a world that is far different than that of our founding fathers; however, after listening to his program and if I am honest with myself, I must admit that some – only some - of my differences could be the last vestiges of my Republican roots desperately lingering in my world view.

If you are a Bernie supporter or Democrat, Stapleton agrees with Bernie on the problems facing average Americans and cares with the same passion for those hurt by poor policy and crony capitalism… But be prepared… he will ruthlessly criticize how we best deal with these problems and the degree to which more government is the answer to said problems. I am sure there will be other topics, with which you agree and disagree, but if you take the ten-episode challenge and listen and engage through his private Facebook group, your views and arguments will be greeted with respect.

So why listen if Libertarians and disaffected Democrats and Republicans may find some profound differences on some of the topics presented in the program?

Honesty and economics: A program that looks at issues from a principled point of view does not fall into the trap of party politics. Stapleton doesn’t try to package his program as anything other than a platform to spread the five pillars of liberty nor does he claim that he is unbiased; however, his commentary is rooted in fact and it can be checked for accuracy. Some of his political commentary could have alternate views, and still be rooted in a moral and principled approach; however, the economic facts are the biggest strength of the program and do not lie.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, we all understand two basic truths when you look at the societal-political landscape. America’s greatest strength is the economy AND something is terribly wrong with our fiscal and monetary policy. Diplomatic, Military, and other forms of soft power require a sound economy to leverage these strengths to the benefit of Americans. Stapleton’s program provides a great primer for some, reminder for others, on basic economic principles. He will take you through Keynesian economics, the Chicago school of thought, illustrate examples of Mises’ and Rothbardian principals, and discuss some of the issues and strengths of the Austrian business cycle… irritating right, left, and Libertarian along the way.

Millennials look at their job prospects, saddled with outrageous debt, and know something is wrong. Working poor look at their options to escape living pay-check to pay-check, and are pessimistic. Baby boomers are looking at retirement and struggling with second careers and diminished returns on savings. Everyone knows social security is a Ponzi scheme… Even those rich enough to weather an economic downturn know something is coming, and are taking measures to protect their wealth. Stapleton breaks down the problems in economic terms – largely looking at macro issues – but also distills economics and finance into digestible chunks for your average consumer.

It is worth an hour of your time and you won’t be disappointed.

reshelb ,


Lost all credit with me when you suggested Trump pulling troops out of Syria meant bringing them home.

boardcrazy113 ,


I have been a listener to this show for a few years now and I was skeptical about the change at first! However after listening to this show before and after the change, I can say it is a great improvement! Jason goes into not only politics but how we can live out our principles in our own lives to better ourselves and the people around us! Leading by example is what he talks about in this show and if you need direction in your life this is a great place to start!

Love the show man!

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