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Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

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Jason Stapleton is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, award-winning film producer, and investor with a unique take on life, culture, and success. Join Jason three times a week as he shares insights on creating a more powerful, wealthy and influential life.

    America Returns to Normal: The Corporate Press Is Race-Baiting Once Again

    America Returns to Normal: The Corporate Press Is Race-Baiting Once Again

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    Remember 2016?
    At this point, it might as well be 1916. So much has happened since then. The world we live in now is different in so many ways.
    But apparently it's not too different.
    2016 was the year where racial tension in modern America seemed to hit an all-time high. Black Lives Matter dominated every headline, and Colin Kaepernick was in the middle of nuking his NFL career. Every day brought a new case of police brutality, another officer-involved shooting, or more race riots tearing apart American cities.
    Every day, day after day, we were hammered with relentless, breathless coverage of a brewing race war.
    You would have been forgiven for thinking we were on the verge of an actual outright war. We probably were.
    Then those stories disappeared overnight. Suddenly nobody cared about Black Lives Matter anymore.
    The police brutality didn't stop. The shootings continued. But nobody talked about them. We all talked about Russian election interference for four years.
    Until now.
    Now we've suddenly been swamped with stories about race-based violence once again. In 2020.
    What do 2016 and 2020 have in common? I'll let you think about that; it shouldn't take you long.
    Friend of the show Michael Malice often points out that there's a difference between a bias and an agenda. Lots of people talk about the bias of the corporate press, but they clearly have an agenda.
    You can see it just as clearly--perhaps more clearly--in the stories they DON'T cover. Google Duncan Lemp.
    The corporate press is fighting a war for your attention. Your attention is power. Your attention is money.
    Who are you going to spend it on?
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    The Real Russia Scandal: Joe Biden's Quid Pro Quo

    The Real Russia Scandal: Joe Biden's Quid Pro Quo

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    Remember how the corporate press spent years breathlessly freaking out about Trump and Russia? It was the only story for month after month after month. All we heard was "quid pro quo."
    Then Robert Mueller released his report and it all sputtered out into nothing.
    Now Joe Biden is embroiled in his own quid pro quo scandal. And the corporate press don't want to touch it. They've abandoned any pretense of objectivity, because people care more about partisanship than factual news.
    Tune in today and we'll give you the details.
    Also, as a reminder, we're taking a long weekend for Memorial Day. So our next show will be next Wednesday.
    Enjoy the break and make the most of every day. We sure will be. ;)

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    Life is Full of Risks, So Stop Living In Fear

    Life is Full of Risks, So Stop Living In Fear

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    A top WHO official says the second wave of the "pandemic" will be worse than the first. As if they can actually know that! Maybe it will be. Who knows.
    The problem is, that type of warning is being used to pressure governments into continuing these disastrous lockdown policies. Why?
    Because lockdowns are disastrous to the local economy, and they make people even more dependent on organizations like… the WHO. How convenient!
    Meanwhile, economists are now warning of an impending "tidal wave" of delinquent mortgages, surpassing even the Great Recession.
    That's hardly news.
    In fact, we've known for a long time that most Americans don't have $1000 to get them through an unexpected emergency. And record millions have lost their jobs due to lockdown over the past several weeks. So of course we will be seeing record numbers of late mortgage payments.
    All of this so-called "news" is really just fear porn. Scared people are much easier to control.
    Don't let yourself be led around by the nose. Lean into your fears. You can't be a healthy person if you aren't exposing yourself to risk.
    There's a whole world of opportunity out there. Don't let someone else's fear stand in the way of your future.
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    Dave Rubin Joins Jason to Talk About His New Book: Don't Burn this Book

    Dave Rubin Joins Jason to Talk About His New Book: Don't Burn this Book

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    If you haven't heard of Dave Rubin, you might be living under a rock. Dave is a good friend of the show, so it's been awesome watching his career take off over the past few years.
    We invited him on the show today because he just released his new book.
    In Don't Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in the Age of Unreason, Dave tells the story of his political evolution from progressive to classical liberal.
    In fact, his evolution is continuing even today. On this show, he introduces a new term he's trying on for size.
    We talked about a bunch of stuff, including how he wound up touring with Jordan Peterson, the crazy autoimmune condition that nearly forced him to shut down The Rubin Report, and how to navigate the pitfalls of daring to think and say unapproved things.
    And of course you can't have any conversation today without discussing the coronavirus.
    Dave also lives in Los Angeles. And he's getting fed up with the government here. It was bad enough when they were closing beaches and bulldozing sand into skate parks.
    But now the major of LA is issuing orders commanding everyone to wear masks whenever they're outside. That ain't gonna happen.
    The response to the so-called pandemic has become a true inflection point. Democratic politicians at all levels have doubled and tripled down on authoritarianism. And most Republicans recognize the political will behind opening things back up.
    I don't remember the last time it was as fashionable as it is now to publicly champion the idea of liberty and the danger of authoritarian leaders.
    The world is changing. And it's changing fast. As the show intro says, we live in the greatest period in human history.
    I'm glad we have people like Dave who are spreading the message of liberty and encouraging people to take control of their own lives.
    After you listen to this episode, make sure you pick up your own copy of Don't Burn This Book. Just click this link to buy.
    Also, go follow Dave. You can find him on Twitter at @RubinReport and on YouTube at The Rubin Report. And make sure to visit RubinReport.com so you can check out his new community at Locals, a social media network he created as a "subscription-based community solution that gives power to creators, not platforms."
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    Corona Madness Sets In

    Corona Madness Sets In

    Click here to download the free training mentioned in today's show.
    To start off today's show, we're gonna answer another listener question. This one is about time management.
    It's a good question because the vast majority of people wander their way through life. They have no purpose, and they don't have clear goals, so they have to drag themselves out of bed. And that means they're starting each day reacting to the world.
    But we're winners.
    Winners don't react to the world. Winners impose their will upon the world. And that starts with owning your morning. So we'll run through some tips for starting your morning on the right foot.
    The bulk of our conversation today, however, is focused on the collapse of the lockdown narrative.
    Stop me if you've heard this before: a major newspaper published a clickbait headline. The internet freaked out. And an hour later they published a "clarification" that wasn't NEARLY as juicy of a headline.
    On Tuesday, the LA Times ran this headline: L.A. County 'with all certainty' will keep stay-at-home orders in place through July. They were quoting LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, while ignoring that she clarified that the lockdown would be relaxed in stages.
    The clarification was too late. The damage was done.
    This entire pandemic hoax has pulled back the curtain. The media and political elite have revealed just how corrupt and incompetent they are.
    And it's destroying people's lives.
    If you aren't yet convinced that it's time for you to take control of your life and maximize your own freedom through wealth creation, this isn't the show for you.
    We're going places. We see the opportunities for greatness, and we're surrounding ourselves with people going in the same direction.
    Are you coming?
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    The Wealth Gap, Explained: Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer While Everyone Else Struggles

    The Wealth Gap, Explained: Why the Rich Keep Getting Richer While Everyone Else Struggles

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    At the end of Friday's episode, one of our listeners sent us a Superchat on YouTube. We didn't have time to answer it then, so that's the first thing on the docket today.
    It was a good question. He hates his current job and wants to work for himself as a creative. But he doesn't know where to start, and he's struggling with his mindset.
    I'm sure that many of you can certainly relate.
    Wealthy, successful people run the world. The media and politicians (I repeat myself) will tell you that it's someone else's fault if you don't have the wealth or success that you want. And that's just nonsense.
    Now, to be clear: that doesn't mean there aren't bad actors who hurt other people.
    In fact, our entire financial system is set up to benefit those who already have money. You'll see no greater evidence of this than the fact that the stock market continues to climb as we set new record highs in unemployment.
    We have an article in the stack today that was posted by Zero Hedge. A guy named Lance Roberts wrote it originally.
    He points out that all three Quantitative Easing programs of the last 12 years--more than $33 TRILLION in total stimulus--have resulted in just 5.48% of real economic growth. Why is that?
    In his words: "Low, to zero, interest rates have incentivized non-productive debt, and exacerbated the wealth gap. The massive increases in debt has actually harmed growth by diverting consumptive spending to debt service."
    If that doesn't make total sense to you, don't worry. That's what today's show is for. We'll explain in detail.
    Here's the point, in a nutshell.
    Every human system is skewed to the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. When you're rich, life is easier. Once you have money, it's easier to make more money.
    But here's the good news: it's never been easier to make money. We live in the greatest time in human history.
    If you don't currently have the life you want, it's because you haven't yet become the person who deserves it. If you spend your life blaming other people for the life you have, you'll never get it.
    "It's my fault. Winners win. Be better." These are the mantras of this show.
    Start embracing them today, and watch your life begin to change.
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1.8K Ratings

Insider: Andrew ,


I’m an economist, entrepreneur, and libertarian. I listened to JSP a while back and really enjoyed it. Real economic, business, and political strength! And killer cohost! Now it’s a motivational show transparently geared toward creating a sales funnel for his products. Which is fine, but there’s just not enough value in the show to give me confident that the products are any good for someone who already a motivated hustler like myself.
Cohost is pretentious, ranty, silly, and a know-it-all (not in a toungue-in-cheek way like Jason is) who acts like he’s wiser than other also rando libertarians on the internet. Not someone I’d want to be like, or even want at my house party. Poor cohost IMHO especially for a motivational show.

libertyuno ,

Jason Advertising

This show is all about Jason’s products. He use to provide useful information and have interesting discussions. Now all he does he talk about his products and read ads. Unsubscribe.

MN Weather32 ,


I’ve listened to Jason for the last 6 years. I like him and think Matt’s a great wingman. I understand he’s looking to drive revenue towards his trainings and seminars, which makes sense, but it feeling like 90% of the show is advertising for himself. Not complaining, as it’s his show, but just giving feedback. Jason’s a smart dude, has mission. Hopefully I’ll be able to hire him someday if I run for office.

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