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Rural Appalachia is a place rich with culture, art, lore, and superstition. Host and artist, Erin Alise Conley (along with lots of colorful guests) is telling these stories one episode at a time, as well as sharing a unique Appalachian view on all things creative.

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Rural Appalachia is a place rich with culture, art, lore, and superstition. Host and artist, Erin Alise Conley (along with lots of colorful guests) is telling these stories one episode at a time, as well as sharing a unique Appalachian view on all things creative.

    Time Travel Tourists S2E21

    Time Travel Tourists S2E21

    Imagine you had your very own, brand spankin’ new time machine. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you change if that is possible at all? For the season finale I posed one simple question… “What would you do if you could time travel?”. Aaaand let me tell you, it went from light hearted, to trippy, to heavy to light hearted again a few times! Don’t miss this one, guys!

    In the Episode:

    Time Travel: WTF even happens?

    Crazy pop culture moments

    A potential existential crisis?

    Ancient Aliens? IT WAS ALIENS! IT WAS!


    • 50 min
    Dali the Rebel S2E20

    Dali the Rebel S2E20

    Artists are rebels by nature, but few have left a lasting impact on all media like Salvador Dali! Film, fashion, furniture… this man did it all! And did so with some very questionable behavior so HEADS UP, GUYS!!! This one gets NSFW, because you can’t talk about Dali without mentioning his antics. Nothing about this guy was mild mannered, to say the least!

    In the Episode:

    Surrealism, Freud, and the Human Mind

    A lobster phone?

    An amazing interaction between Dali and Andy Warhol

    Dali’s outlandish publicity stunts

    Episode Sources: [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3]

    • 47 min
    Haunts & Haints S2E19

    Haunts & Haints S2E19

    IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN! We are celebrating Weird Appalachia style - telling ghost stories in a dark creepy attic AND sharing YOUR submitted listener stories. It’s a creepy good time! We had so many amazing story submissions! There was no way we could fit them all in this episode, so be sure to visit weirdappalachia.com in the coming days until Halloween for all of them!

    In the Episode:

    Erin’s upbringing in a haunted house

    No, Wisey… NO OUIJA BOARD!

    A spooky story passed down from Jess’ granny

    An underground seance in a Baptist church!?


    • 38 min
    Mountain Death Rituals S2E18

    Mountain Death Rituals S2E18

    Appalachia - land of many tales and quirks. Our home is full of lore and specific customs, especially when it comes to death. Out-of-towners might just think we are a little weird, but we are very set in our ways when it comes to our death rituals. Kentucky Funeral Director Tommy Campbell is our special guest!

    In the Episode:

    Superstitions and “signs” that a death is coming

    Appalachian Death Crowns

    Strange customs

    Playing hide and seek in the funeral home!?

    Episode Resources:




    • 40 min
    Holler Kids S2E17

    Holler Kids S2E17

    What happens when you get 3 Kentucky childhood best friends together? You get a slightly NSFW episode of Weird Appalachia! Landline singing competitions, creepy old houses, teaching each other about the birds and the bees, terrorizing our teachers… when you’ve known each other as long as we have, you’ve got PLENTY of crazy stories to share! And, listen, y’all - there ain’t nothing in the world like talking with old friends to bring out your STRONG ACCENT!

    My special guests Danielle (Danno) and Kayla (Tater K) are raising a little hell with me and reliving the glory days.

    In the Episode:

    Growing up: getting into “meanness”, as our Mammaws would probably say

    Landlines with 3-way calling!?

    A Kentucky girl living in Seoul, South Korea



    • 40 min
    Redneck Reputations S2E16

    Redneck Reputations S2E16

    It’s time for a little R & R, y’all! Redneck Reputations! Comedian Justin Darnell joins me in an all-new podcast episode where we are really going there when it comes to Appalachian stereotypes.

    For better or worse, our area is riddled with ideas about who and what we are. Whether it’s the media painting us in a negative light, or delightfully fun (but still inaccurate) films and shows portraying us dumb, barefoot hillbillies, there are loads of stereotypes and misconceptions about us Appalachians.

    Our humor may be a little crude at times, but it is all said with love. And if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

    In The Episode:

    Common Appalachian Stereotypes: the good, the bad, and the ugly

    You must LOVE Kentucky Fried Chicken!

    Our thoughts and a little (somewhat credible) history lesson on the opioids crisis

    The entrepreneurial spirit of Appalachian millennials


    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Mark Delaware ,


Jumped in on the Digital Catfish episode and heard stories that reminded me off the crazy experiences we all had when the internet was still pretty fresh out of the box. From creepy online pedos to crzy chatrooms. Even how this stuff leaked into MMORPGs and what not.
The host and guests are all great and funny. Definitely enjoyed the banter and exchanges.
Great stories and as terrible as they were, our naive childhoods were entertaining with the new tech.
A must listen to show! And I highly recommend that episode as well! 10/10

Katayanish ,

Diamond in the rough

I randomly found this jewel and wanted to say thank you. I'm a Sign language interpreter and I practice translating idioms into ASL often. Your Appalachian idioms episode was a great source of new idioms to find conceptual signs for. It was also freakin hilarious.
Thanks again
-Kataya Urquhart-

UtahFilmNerd ,

Contagious Enthusiasm

The quirky voices of the host and co hosts are simply a delight to listen to. Erin’s laugh makes my soul smile and Wisey on Ep 26 is particularly hilarious. These Kentucky Nerds definitely have a passion for the topics they cover and it’s contagious!

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