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Weird stuff to make you think!

Weird Frakin' Shtako Cyclopse

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Weird stuff to make you think!

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4.8 out of 5
242 Ratings
242 Ratings
Greg Graves ,

Woe what?

Did you just say this show is about having an open mind? Seriously I don’t think anyone listening could possibly believe that. This show is a joke. Here’s some advice that should’ve been obvious to you: next time you debate something have someone from the other viewpoint on the show as well. It might Actually be interesting next time but I don’t think I’m gonna waste anymore time listening to the stupid show.



Knight Me! A coHOST?

Ten year casual ,

Shill central

Won't address why islands over 50 miles offshore can bee seen from the mainland in a podcast over an hour long. I can clearly see the casino on Catalina island from over 25 miles away with my naked eye and with my feet in the ocean on the beach with my eyes 6 feet above sea level. On exceptionally clear days I can clearly see with my naked eye San Clemente island 50 miles offshore. This would not be possible on a globe earth. I have been an ocean lifeguard for over ten years and I have spent many hours watching the ocean. Small fishing boats less than 30 feet tall can bee seen fishing San Clemente island on clear days.

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