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We answer geeky questions that non-geeks have!

Welcome to Geektown Kurt Onstad

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We answer geeky questions that non-geeks have!

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings
10 Ratings
gailburt ,

Very Inviting!

I'm sorry I haven't gotten to say this sooner but... Life. Anyhow, Kurt is an engaging host who makes you feel very welcome in Geektown. If you've ever found yourself on the fringes of comic book world, or sci-fi world, or fantasy world, you'll find it much easier to navigate into the depths by listening. The episodes are not too long, but they are long enough to give you need information, knowledgeable opinion, and some warm humor. I highly recommend it!

Not Iron Man ,

Great Podcast

The host makes things easy to understand and gives insight on things you may not know about your favorite comics/films.

ChiroJoel ,

Fun and informative!

Every episode has insights for the initiated and the un-. Great information, great perspective, well presented!