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Game talk, game debate, and live game playthroughs. We're really bad at games. New episodes weekly!

We're Bad At Games We're Bad At Games

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Game talk, game debate, and live game playthroughs. We're really bad at games. New episodes weekly!

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

SpicyKimChie ,

My favorite gaming podcast!

This podcast is so great that I downloaded iTunes just to rate and review the podcast (again). As I said in my first review on Facebook: not only are these guys bad at games, they're also bad at podcasts. I'm kidding, of course. WBAG will always have a special place in my heart.

I always looked forward to new episodes because the cast is so lively and goofy that they can always make me laugh. But alas, all good things must come to an end.

Goodnight WBAG

In someone’s room
A podcast bloomed
Three friends, their jokes,
And one somewhere who never spoke

One day they said
“It’s time to bring this to an end”
So with a heavy heart I sign
Sweet dreams, We-BAG, we’ve run out of time

Goodnight viewers
Goodnight niche humor
Goodnight Luke Wilson
And the costume of Jack Skellington

Goodnight measles
Goodnight weasels
Goodnight brain in a box
Goodnight adorable tots

Goodnight Scottie
Goodnight Geli
Goodnight Gloom
And Kyle, who's always in the other room

Goodnight oxen
On the trail of Oregon
Goodnight river they never forded
Goodnight plumber Michael Jordan

Goodnight “Cold Cuts”
Goodnight horde of phantom ducks
Goodnight Queen Lorelei
Goodnight to the Kyle who’s inside of a pie

Goodnight Zork
Goodnight Dark Overlord
Goodnight blacksmith Orvden
Goodnight self-trained orphan

Goodnight fairies
Goodnight curdled dairy
Goodnight dozens that bakers bake
And all of the edits Kyle didn't make

Goodnight Brandon
Goodnight Lin-Manuel Miranda
Goodnight Hayden
Goodnight St. Pigeonation’s

Goodnight Patrick
Goodnight bomb-diffusing havoc
Goodnight hunter-gatherer cave
Goodnight Apples to Apples in four different ways

Alright, alright… I’ll say goodbye
So long, We-BAG, we’ve had some great times
I won’t forget the things I’ve seen
And I know I’ll miss you when I dream

Josh Holton ,

I'm worse at games

Love this podcast and these guys. I have played many games with Hayden and he has destroyed me in every single game. I have never beaten him... So if he is "bad at games", what does that make me?

kellyjw514 ,

Hands down the best podcast about games!

The hosts are amazing and super knowledgable and they make listening fun! 10/10 would listen again! Also...that Antiphons band is pretty cool too! <3

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