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Join your hosts Chris + Chris as they talk thee through all things Weez(er)!

We'z Talkin' Weez' 2 Thee Chris Más Productions

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Join your hosts Chris + Chris as they talk thee through all things Weez(er)!

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

JTKenobi ,

********** out of ***** Amazing PODCAST! =W=

A musician's take on the music of Weezer. It's like the 2 Chris' took exactly what I wanted in a Weezer podcast and made it a reality! The guys have great chemistry and both come across like really good and gracious dudes! My only reservation is the occasional profanity, so my 2 young-ish daughters who are both =W= fans (and budding musicians) sadly don't get to listen with Daddy yet. Yet the show is such a gift. Thank you Chris & Chris!

thunderbeard ,

High-Quality Weezer Pod

My favorite Weezer podcast. Really enjoy the deeper analysis of the music I love. I’ve been a Weezer fan since Blue. I was 16 when that album came out and can’t believe that I’m still listening to Weezer 25 years later and still loving it. Definitely have had my ups and downs with this band but this podcast has helped remind me of why I love Weezer so much. They’re just so dang interesting. And they still got the goods.
Keep up the good work, Chris and Chris!

CrunchyKnight ,

10/10 if I could.

This is exactly what I’ve always wanted. You guys are so charismatic and really know your stuff! It’s frustrating being a weezer fan and not having anyone irl to relate, so thank you for being my medium to get all of that nerdy stuff out. 🤠👍🏻

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