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A podcast about the people, the projects, and the culture of WGI. We sit down with our team members to see what they do on a daily basis to chase their passions and help our clients become successful.

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A podcast about the people, the projects, and the culture of WGI. We sit down with our team members to see what they do on a daily basis to chase their passions and help our clients become successful.

    66 - Christian Stewart, Geospatial Technologies Specialist II

    66 - Christian Stewart, Geospatial Technologies Specialist II

    For our first WGI Unleashed episode of the new year, we chatted with Christian Stewart, a Geospatial Technologies Specialist, out of our West Palm Beach, FL office. Christian is an extremely talented and knowledgeable member of our robust Geospatial division with over 18 years of dedicated service at WGI!
    Christian gave us a glimpse into his early life in the Berkshires, NY, and revealed that the traditional college education path wasn't right for him, so after high school, he booked it down to sunny Florida.
    We talked about how one of his friends, who already worked at WGI, scored him a job as a rodman on a field crew focusing on land surveying. He explained that he was attracted to this work because it provided him the opportunity to be outside in nature while also allowing him to travel to different parts of the state and country.
    Soon after beginning his career here, he and a few others on his team decided to take advantage of WGI's tuition reimbursement program and joined a Geospatial apprenticeship program at a local college, where he received several professional certifications, and all the while furthering his desire for this field of work.
    Christian walked us through what "a day in the life" looks like for him here at WGI, and was quick to boast about all the high-tech pieces of equipment he has gotten to put his hands on and all the different types of challenging projects he has had the opportunity to work on during his time here.
    We also talked about what he likes to do in his spare time and discovered he is an avid long-distance runner, having completed multiple ultramarathons in the United States and several other countries.
    We also learned how following the death of a close friend, he leveraged his love for running and desire to honor her memory into an annual charity event called the JW Corbett 50 Mile Race. This event, which is near and dear to Christian's heart, raises money for underprivileged schools in South America to purchase musical instruments.
    Listen now to find out what Christian's cell phone wallpaper is, which celebrities he's had the unique opportunity to meet, and how many different countries he has completed ultramarathons in.

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    65 - Tamara Henderson, Senior Project Engineer

    65 - Tamara Henderson, Senior Project Engineer

    For our final WGI Unleashed episode of the year, we talked to Tamara Henderson, a Senior Project Engineer in our Jacksonville, FL, office. Tamara is an integral part of our Civil Engineering team and recently marked two years with WGI.
    Tamara talked to us about her family and growing up as a “big, awkward nerdy girl” in Prichard, Alabama, a suburb of Mobile, where we learned she graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.
    She took us through her journey of narrowing down what engineering field she wanted to focus on, and what ultimately led her to choose the civil engineering path. She also talked to us about her involvement in professional organizations, such as ASCE and SWE, and how networking played a pivotal role in helping her land her first job.
    We delved into her passion for mentoring and volunteering and discussed how she gives back to her local community by being involved in non-profits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and Habitat for Humanity.
    We talked about her role here at WGI and what a typical workday looks like for her, where we learned she is primarily focused on land development, which she described as “everything from the building to the street and sometimes the street.”
    Tamara let us in on her deep love for travel and shared several of the destinations she has visited and what's up next on her agenda. She also divulged some pro tips for traveling, interesting tours to check out, and how to properly immerse yourself in the culture of where you are visiting.
    Listen now to discover the unique name of Tamara's blog 📝, why you should never take a class with a teacher who wrote the book 📔, and what major household appliance 📺 she never uses.

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    64 - Nina Fuentes, Office Coordinator

    64 - Nina Fuentes, Office Coordinator

    For episode 64 of the Unleashed podcast, we head back to Texas again to talk to Nina Fuentes, the Office Coordinator for our San Antonio office. Nina has been with WGI for over four years and is integral to keeping our San Antonio office running smoothly and our team members there feeling supported.

    We talked with Nina about what it was like growing up in Brownsville, TX, and what spurred her cross-country move to Wisconsin, where she taught us the meaning of "the lady at the well" while talking about her family. She told us the heartfelt story about how she met her now husband and how her soothing voice and some flashlight assistance on a last-minute job brought them together.
    We learned that Nina worked in the early childcare industry and legal field for many years before fate stepped in and helped her find WGI. Nina took us through what she does on a typical day here and explained why she loves her job and the people she works with so much.
    She also shared about her faith, gave us a few inspirational tips on how to remain positive in difficult circumstances, and taught us that the outcome of a given situation is essentially determined by how you choose to react to it.

    Check out the full episode now to find out who her favorite professional football team is, what the one thing is that she cannot function without, and what her favorite part of working at WGI is.

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    63 - Ravali Kosaraju - Director of Mobility

    63 - Ravali Kosaraju - Director of Mobility

    For episode 63 of WGI Unleashed, we sat down with WGI’s Director of Mobility, Ravali Kosaraju, who joined WGI over a year ago and has significantly grown our Mobility division during her short time with the firm.
    Ravali explained what it was like growing up and attending grade school in India and cleared up the debate on how to correctly pronounce her name. She talked to us about the culture shock she experienced after moving from India to Canada as a teenager and what it was like to attend college in Canada, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.
    She took us through the first few years of her career working in the public sector for several cities and told us why she decided to transition to the private arena and join WGI. Ravali also detailed her involvement with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and how she was recently named one of their ITE Young Leaders to Follow for 2022.
    We discovered she met her now husband on an online dating website 💻 and that they have a bright and active three-year-old daughter 👼. She shared that in her spare time, she enjoys going on long hikes 🏞 in nature, crocheting 🧶, and just spending quality time with her family 👨‍👩‍👧.
    Listen to Ravali's episode now to find out if she's ever gotten a speeding ticket 🚨, what superpower 🦹‍♀️ she would like to have and why, and how many different languages 🌏 she can speak.  

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    62 – David Gerber, Project Engineer, Transportation

    62 – David Gerber, Project Engineer, Transportation

    Episode 62 of the WGI Unleashed podcast takes us back to West Palm Beach, FL, to get to know David Gerber, a Project Engineer in our Roadway (Transportation) division. David (aka Gerber to most) has been an integral part of the WGI team for over a decade and has had the unique pleasure of working out of several different WGI offices during his time here.
    Despite thinking we knew all of Gerber's ins and outs, we discovered during this podcast recording that we had only scratched the surface.
    We learned that he was born in Miami but grew up in the Lakeland area between Tampa and Orlando. Following high school graduation, he quickly booked it back to South Florida, where he first attended the University of Miami (UM) before transferring to Florida International University (FIU), where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.
    We listened while Gerber told us how a chance encounter at a wedding was not only how he ended up here with us at WGI but also what spurred his interest in transportation engineering in the first place. We learned that he primarily focuses on roadway design for public projects, handling the roadway geometrics, the phases of construction, and coordinating with all the other disciplines working on the project. 
    Aside from talking about his career, we also delved into what Gerber enjoys doing in his spare time, which includes traveling🧳, trying new foods 🍜, playing trivia 🏆, scuba diving 🤿, and simply spending time outside 🌳. 
    Listen to Gerber’s podcast now to find out which celebrity he has been mistaken for, which WGI office is his favorite, and how many animals he has had named Charcoal.

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    61 - Connor Bailey, Senior Planner, Land Development

    61 - Connor Bailey, Senior Planner, Land Development

    For episode 61 of the Unleashed podcast, we traveled down to West Palm Beach, FL, to talk to Connor Bailey, a Senior Planner in our Land Development group. Connor has been a part of the WGI team for over five years and recently earned his planning certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).
    Connor told us what it was like growing up in Orlando after spending the first few years of his life in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin. We learned he earned not one but two degrees from Florida Atlantic University; a Bachelor of Urban Design (BUD) AND a Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP).
    In talking to Connor, we learned what an urban planner does and what exactly his job here entails. He shared with us what his favorite part about working at WGI is, and we also uncovered the fact that he has another unique role here at the company, one specific only to the 2nd floor of our corporate office 👨‍🚒🧯.
    We also talked about his charcuterie board side hustle 💵, taking cross-country road trips with friends 🚙, and his love for EDM music 🎶 and dancing 🕺 on tables.

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

randywilburn ,

So excited to hear the BRD culture on a regular podcast

Big Red Dog is a great Civil Engineering Firm with huge aspirations and a plan to take over the Design Industry one city at a time. This podcast is a great testament to what these guys are all about. I encourage ALL Design Architects and Engineers get a glimpse into the future of the Design Industry. Congrats again, BRD, on such a great production.

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