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Matt Bailey, Matt Breckons and a guest take it in turns to pick things they're excited to talk about or recommend to each other.Low key good fun time.STRICTLY NO WEIRDOS.


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Matt Bailey, Matt Breckons and a guest take it in turns to pick things they're excited to talk about or recommend to each other.Low key good fun time.STRICTLY NO WEIRDOS.



    A few weeks ago we sat down and had a fun chat with Drew - @drewmillward

    Lots of laughs - we talked about:

    Building Guitars
    Bailey's small twitter following
    Anti-vax documentary (channel 4)
    Clarks shoe shops
    Making Beer
    Making music
    The Miracle of the Internet and the modern age
    Bootleg shirt shops (@blood.gulch / @youthxenergy)
    The Lake Nyos disaster
    Screen Printing
    The inevitable fourth wave of Ska
    The 90's

    Drew was a real treat to chat with. Thanks again!

    Rate and subscribe, yeah?!

    @baileyillustration / @rogueprintco

    Episode art (if you can see it!) is by Drew Millward.

    Intro - FINISH THE FIGHT by our lord and saviour Marty O'Donnell
    Outro - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

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    7: CROM

    7: CROM

    Holy shit! It's been over a year! 

    We're back baby.

    This week we're joined  by the excellent and lovely CROM @crom_cristianortiz on the instagram amnd @bitsofcrom on the twitters.

    We talk to CROM a bit about whats important to him artistically, about the process behind some of his projects, and learning to draw left handed.

    We ponder the question.. is Matt Bailey a massive capitalist?

    I also try and convince Bailey to watch an unanimated TV show called Mare of Easttown.

    As it's been a minute i really had to remind myself how everything worked - so whilst i've attemped to balance the audio - i think i did a pretty crap job capturing it to begin with - apologies!

    I also didn't the notes required (during recording) to write this description with any accuracy, so it's just my terrible memory.

    Anyway, we had fun chatting - hope you like it.

    Intro/Outro is Ceiling Granny by Mogwai


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    6: BATDOG

    6: BATDOG

    WELCOME BACK! Episode 6 sees us shading spheres with Batdog.

    In this episode, we get to know Burney AKA Batdog, and we talk about:

    Steve Huston - New Masters Academy www.nma.art
    Ted Seth Jacobs - The Dictionary of Human Form
    The Righteous Gemstones
    The Outsider
    Get Your Hands Off Eizouken
    Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba
    Sorry to Bother you

    Matt Bailey's new patreon - https://www.patreon.com/baileyillustration
    Godsteeth's patreon - https://www.patreon.com/GODSTEETH
    Batdogs new tees with @holymountainprinting


    You can still rent a Matt a movie here - https://ko-fi.com/whaddayasayin

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    5: Joshua Belanger

    5: Joshua Belanger


    Today we are joined by Joshua Belanger - @joshuabelanger // joshuaandrewbelanger.com

    and we talked about:

    The Jaws Board game
    Black Monday Murders (image comics)
    Gundam Origins
    Uncut Gems
    Missing 411 / conspiracy theories
    Legend of the overfiend
    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
    47 metres down

    and what was scary in movies as a kid.

    Thank you for listening!

    Music = F****d Up

    • 1 hr 9 min
    4: No Guest - This is fine

    4: No Guest - This is fine

    HO BOY!

    Hopped on last minute to catch up, and keep this baby rolling.

    We did a barely servicable job. Back soon with a guest.

    This is fine.

    We talk about:

    Wind River
    The Nice guys
    Anime at the Cinema
    Matt Bailey's top music picks of 2019
    Other Matt's top audiobooks of 2019
    Brecht Vandenbrouke
    Beef Tomato on Sourdough Toast  (Breakfast of champions)
    and if 2020 is the year the world ends.

    Matt mentions the lack of movie rental wishlists, so you can now rent Matt(s) a movie - Ko-fi.com/whaddayasayin

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    3: with IZMA

    3: with IZMA

    This week we're joined by Adam AKA -IZMA-

    @iwazaru91 on Twitter
    @iz.ma on Instagram

    Intro and Outro by Mythless

    spoilers for everything.

    We talk about:

    his upcoming gameboy game DEADEUS
    Free Solo
    Probably all the Video Games
    The artist Tradd Moore and his recent work on Silver Surfer Black, aswell as Luther Strode.

    and Probably more. 

    Thanks xxx

    • 1 hr 16 min

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4.9 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

khmaia ,

Digging deeper

So cool to hear from the mouths of artists today. With platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s much easier to stumble across new artists, but there’s no real understanding of them and their work like hearing from their own mouths. Through talks about sci-fi, audiobooks, comics, music, etc., comes interesting insight into the inspirations and reasons these artists do what they do.

Mr never reviews ,

A must listen creative podcast!

If I could give more I would!

Stingraystatus ,

Great Art podcast!

Awesome podcast, great listen. Working artists talk about their experiences. Gold!

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