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WORKSHOPS THAT HELP YOU SURVIVE AND THRIVE - I help people set up and manage their PERSONAL BRANDING and I provide educational training to help you survive and thrive in business. I am continuously producing WORKSHOPS of value to people who want to get the best out of technology.


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WORKSHOPS THAT HELP YOU SURVIVE AND THRIVE - I help people set up and manage their PERSONAL BRANDING and I provide educational training to help you survive and thrive in business. I am continuously producing WORKSHOPS of value to people who want to get the best out of technology.

    Scammed by HyperVerse? Who owns HyperVerse & HyperNation? Start Legal Action to recover your Crypto!

    Scammed by HyperVerse? Who owns HyperVerse & HyperNation? Start Legal Action to recover your Crypto!

    Hello welcome. You're listening to the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast, or you may be watching the Danny de Hek YouTube channel. Have you been scammed by HyperVerse? Do you know what HyperVerse is? Do you know who owns HyperVerse or hibernation? Well, there's a lot of people out there at the moment. They, you want to take legal action.
    Against the company. It's a Ponzi scheme. It's not even really a company, even though they did start from a company called HyperTech group, they don't actually have any company. So the company founders were, what we've been told were actually two people. And that was Ryan Xu in Sam Lee. so recently I've been hanging out on Telegram something.
    I didn't think I'd actually ever be doing. I actually hated the program, but now I've found myself an admin in a group called HyperVerse Lawsuit. And the people that are in the group, it's only about 500 people. They actually want to take. Legal action against this Ponzi scheme. And I keep upsetting people.
    Now, if you have invested in a Ponzi scheme and you have realized that you've actually lost your money, it can be a pretty hard pill to swallow. And I don't want to be responsible for people's mental health because it's can be devastating when you lose money. So if you are feeling. Um, down and you don't know who to talk to reach out to a neighbor or a close friend and, uh, tell them how you're feeling and get some help if you are feeling down, because it's not a nice thing when somebody told you something that was technically too good to be true.
    And then you find out it's not true. So these two people, Ryan and Sam, they do have a history of being involved in crypto companies. But my feeling is unless the world unites and we all start working as one entity, it's a very hard thing to put together a lawsuit that can actually do any good. And I honestly believe that these two people are either already in a Chinese prison.
    Some. or hiding and will never be able to get them, but because this Ponzi scheme has actually grown. Since 2019, it started off as, uh, HyperCapital and then they rebranded to HyperFund. And then in December, this year, it changed to HyperVerse. And then just on the 22nd of August, they're still going, they've changed it to HyperNation.

    REAM MORE... https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/scammed-by-hyperverse-who-owns-hyperverse-hypernation-start-legal-action-to-recover-your-crypto/
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    Hypertech Group Historical Timeline 2014 to 2022 - HyperCapital, HyperFund, HyperVerse & HyperNation

    Hypertech Group Historical Timeline 2014 to 2022 - HyperCapital, HyperFund, HyperVerse & HyperNation

    April 2014 – Bitcoin Group is formed and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Sam Lee, Allan Guo and Ryan Xu – https://web.archive.org/web/20151008164905/http://www.bitcoingroup.com.au/our-people/
    January 2015 – Collinstar Capital is launched by Ryan Xu – http://www.collinstar.com/about
    March 2015 – Collinstar Capital becomes a shareholder of Blockchain Global which is the eventually rebranded Bitcoin Group before it completely gets renamed.
    November 2015 – Bitcoin Group IPO Closes – $2.9m raised – 20m wanted for initial IPO – Falls well short – https://bitcoinist.com/bnktothefuture-becomes-australias-first-company-launch-bitcoin-mining-ipo/
    August 2016 – Bitcoin Group rebranded as Blockchain Global – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain_Global
    February 2017 – BGL (Blockchain Global) enters into a binding agreement with Digital X to onboard all customers from its liquidity desk, Digital X Direct, onto its own bitcoin exchange platform, ACX.io – https://www.zdnet.com/article/blockchain-global-scoops-up-digital-xs-bitcoin-liquidity-desk/
    June 2017 – BGL buys 40% stake in DigitalX – https://www.zdnet.com/article/blockchain-global-uses-bitcoin-to-take-40-percent-stake-in-asx-listed-digital-x/
    August 2017 – HCash Launches
    January 2018 – Blockchain Global tries to merge with US company BCTS – Merger fails –
    January 2018 – MOF (Molecular Future) token launches on coinmarketcap.com – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/molecular-future/
    January 2018 – Ryan Xu’s Mediachain token launches on Dragooned for 0.1539 USDT – Dumped to 0.01 USDT within 10 days – Millions of Yuan missing for Chinese investors
    May 2018 – HyperCapital is started – https://behindmlm.com/mlm-reviews/hypercapital-review-hypercash-resurrection-ponzi-scheme/
    July 2019 – Sam Lee resigns from DigitalX board
    READ MORE... https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/hypertech-group-historical-timeline-2014-to-2022-hypercapital-hyperfund-hyperverse-hypernation/
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    Marc Gardiner (AU) Vs Danny de Hek (NZ) - Is HyperNation a Scam or Legitimate?

    Marc Gardiner (AU) Vs Danny de Hek (NZ) - Is HyperNation a Scam or Legitimate?

    Hello, I’m Danny de Hek and I’m your saviour from HyperNation. If you’ve been watching my videos, you will see, I did a video like that. Trying to warn people from HyperVerse. I thought it would be good. To go down memory lane. I don’t want you to go to the EcoSystem. I don’t want you to prepare yourself for the new digital world.
    [00:00:28] I want you to come on a journey with me through my videos. I did about four months ago. I had this smashing interview. With one of my Australian friends called Mark Gardner. And he was an advocate for HyperVerse. He was convinced that HyperVerse, we’re gonna build his future for him. And even his brother.

    [00:00:57] He had invested $5,000 and he was getting $140 a day of rewards. And he was rebuying and taking the money out. He had two accounts and he was worried that I was going to Doman to the leaders. At HyperVerse like I had inside knowledge that no one else did a hotline or a telephone where I could communicate with them.
    [00:01:25] I would be the only person on planet earth who could do that. If this was the case. If you have not been following the journey of HyperVerse HyperNation averse, HyperNation color star. Group tech, whatever tech group, whatever. There’s so many different brands. And now they’ve recently rebred to HyperNation.
    [00:01:47] So I did the decent thing and I thought I’ll reach out to mark and say, Hey mark, please listen to me. This time. Don’t invest in HyperNation. Don’t buy one of those NFTs who don’t need one. You’ll be fine. Living on earth without an NFT. You’ll be okay. Trust Danny. Ah, that was funny. I really enjoyed doing that.
    [00:02:13] Actually. I was sort of wondering how that was gonna go, but you know, you, you try doing these things and. you just think, am I gonna come across as an idiot? You know, it was one of the things I did when I did this Video with Mark Gardner. Now he’s an Aussie and I did have the Australian national Anthem ready to go, but I’ve lost it.

    READ MORE... https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/marc-gardiner-au-vs-danny-de-hek-nz-is-hypernation-a-scam-or-legitimate/

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    Ponzi Schemes (HyperVerse) Internet Scams – YouTube Channel Project Frugal & PonziHater – ScamDemic

    Ponzi Schemes (HyperVerse) Internet Scams – YouTube Channel Project Frugal & PonziHater – ScamDemic

    Transcribed using Descript
    [00:00:00] Hey you doing it’s Danny de Hek from the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast. Thanks for tuning in and listening to my podcast, got quite a lot of things to talk about today. I’ve got some facts on a review and use some common sense logic with you when using some reasoning. Now, the federal bank in America has just increased the lending rates, which will probably push America into a recession.
    [00:00:29] And I have a YouTube Channel, which you may be aware of and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been busting a lot of crypto scams as they pop their ugly heads out of the internet and mislead people with lots of stories. And one of those companies that I’ve been spending a lot of my time and energy on is one called HyperVerse.
    [00:00:51] And just recently it’s fallen over and there’s a lot of excuses out there on why. Pioneer and the rewards that are promised to the loyal members or the community after listening to one of the membership leadership videos. One of the thing was discussed a couple of weeks ago was about looking at the facts and reviewing the things that had actually happened with that company and seeing where they are at right now.
    [00:01:21] If you’re not familiar with my YouTube Channel would recommend go into dehek.com and checking it out. One of my mates, Vinny, he’s got a YouTube channel called Project Frugal. Now he’s done a lot of research and he’s actually produced six videos of all the different stages that HyperVerse has gone through.
    [00:01:43] And I’d recommend checking it out. His YouTube channel is actually called Project Frugal. And if you go to the first one, he starts from the humble beginnings and he actually looks at Ryan, uh, sorry, Ryan, you, and where he originates from and where he began his crusade, because a lot of the hype that’s going on about HyperTech is using Sam Lee and Ryan Xu.
    [00:02:14] And about their background and their experience in crypto mining. But you may be surprised when the research is done properly. The origins of these guys, isn’t what they have been under the spotlight is. And I’m just going to play a little bit of in the market. As part of the HyperTech group is Ryan Xu, Chinese national.
    READ MORE ... https://www.dehek.com/general/ponzi-scheme-scamalerts/ponzi-schemes-hyperverse-internet-scams-youtube-channel-project-frugal-ponzihater-scamdemic/
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    Stop being exploited by Website Design & Development + SEO companies

    Stop being exploited by Website Design & Development + SEO companies

    This is a series of blogs, written with the goal to give you more insight and control of your own Internet marketing without being exploited by Website Design & Development + SEO companies.
    By reading these blogs you will learn more about Website Architecture, Domain Names, Email, Web Hosting, Content, Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Advertising. What’s my background, how long have you got? My claim to fame – I started the first Internet cafe in Christchurch with a friend back in 1995 it was called The Email Centre on Worcester Boulevard.
    People who used to come and use our cyber services taught me how the Internet worked, looking back it was enough to make me dangerous. At that time my expertise was getting people with computers onto the Internet and teaching them how to surf the world wide web.
    After 12 months I gained enough knowledge simply by looking over peoples shoulders, asking questions and seeing what others were using the Internet for. I learnt to be able to set up a basic website. One day I decided to sell everything I owned to buy a laptop and shortly after I maxed out my credit card with one of the first digital cameras that came to the market. I was equipped and ready to rock and roll as a mobile internet consultant.
    I used to travel around New Zealand claiming to be New Zealand’s leading Internet consultant. For a one time setup cost of $300 and monthly hosting, promotion and maintenance for $30 a month, businesses could have a web presence within DANNY : DE HEK. At one point I represented 45 different rental car brands, tourism companies and many accommodation providers throughout New Zealand. I was self appointed but I certainly made a big impact on the travel and tourism industry in New Zealand which earned me a six-figure income along the way.
    Being dyslexic and not being able to read and write, I kind of stood out like a sore thumb. I received a lot of criticism in an industry that wasn’t regulated by so-called peers, known these days as keyboard warriors. However it made me stronger and more determined to succeed, the old saying “no such thing as bad press” was certainly true in my case, the fact is it put me on the map!
    A few years later as the internet became more prominent and competitive, web development companies would approach my clients with flashy website designs which I couldn’t compete with. Understandably many of my clients wanted to take control of their own Internet services in house. This was my turning point, I re-strategised and invested time in myself and started doing a lot of affiliate marketing and commission based work. With a little luck one of my affiliate sites started generating $40,000 worth of profit each month. That site used to get 25,000 IP visits per day, the knowledge I learnt at that time was the real value.

    READ MORE ... https://www.dehek.com/general/marketing/stop-being-exploited-by-website-design-development-seo-companies/
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    7 Minute Explanation about the Mechanics of HyperVerse - Dedicated to the Poor People

    7 Minute Explanation about the Mechanics of HyperVerse - Dedicated to the Poor People

    Hello everybody this is Danny James de Hek

    A simple explanation about the mechanics of HyperVerse for the poor people.

    Let’s pretend HyperVerse is a casino.

    It’s got flashy lights on the outside and lots of advertisements enticing you to come on in and have a play.

    It’s themed as an EcoSystem a Virtual MetaVerse, all the artwork is stolen but you don’t realise this at the time and it looks good.

    Some of the signs that you see, say if you come in you’re guaranteed to win three or four times your money.

    Not only that but the people coming out the doors of the casino are laughing with tears of joy because they have had such a fantastic experience.

    So you decide you want to go and have a flutter. But to get in the casino doors, you need to acquire a membership.

    Let’s just say you can get different levels of memberships: 400, 800, 1200 and 3600

    The HyperVerse Membership will give you credits and benefits that you can only use in the casino once you have been there for a long time.

    You go to pay and they tell you the only way you can purchase one of the memberships is by using USDT crypto!

    Maybe you are a bit dubious using crypto to purchase something, but you are familiar with gambling so you feel good about it all.

    They recommend you go down to your local crypto exchange, which is partly owned by one of the casino owners and purchase some USDT on your credit card and to come back once you’ve done this.

    Once you’ve figured out how to do that, you’re probably thinking you’re pretty savvy and a crypto genius. Of course this does build your confidence, now you have earned the right to go into the casino.

    So when you’re in the casino there’s a lot of people having a good time, it’s a real community. Long term VIP members come and sit right next to you and they say, “do you have any friends or family that you could invite to come down and enjoy the experience of the Casino with you?”

    They also explain that if you do this, you’ll get rewarded by the casino.

    These people sitting next to you will give you some suggestions on what to say, they will train you because they want everyone to be a winner at this casino.

    They say, “Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say when you get stuck explaining how it works, just give me the phone and I’ll explain it to them for you.”

    Now you’ve got friends and family around you playing at the casino and you’ve had enough, you’ve tripled your investment and you haven’t even really done anything. It’s so good, let’s go to the casher and take some money out.

    You start asking other people how to take rewards out. They say “are you leaving?”They encourage you to reinvest into the casino for greater rewards. They explain that you can only take 00.5% of your reward each day, and the casino frowns on this if you do it too often.

    They smile at you, and say you’re part of the HyperCasino Community. It’s just like Hotel California, you can check-in but you can never check-out.

    So now you decide to start doing a bit of due diligence. You start searching the Internet for answers and you find this guy called Danny de Hek.


    READ MORE... https://www.dehek.com/general/tips-advice/7-minute-explanation-about-the-mechanics-of-hyperverse-dedicated-to-the-poor-people/
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