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Eduardo and Andy host a weekly discussion on the issues facing the U.S. Left.

What's Left? Eduardo Abarca & Andy Libson

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Eduardo and Andy host a weekly discussion on the issues facing the U.S. Left.

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4.7 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

kukulove808 ,


What great mix of ingredients to this salad of political ideas. These guys are courageously expanding the dialogue on the political left which is VERY MUCH NEEDED. Two transplants to San Francisco, Ca, two activists, two friends, two former colleagues of the same SFUSD Union... taking on an experimental YouTube/Podcast challenge as citizen sociopolitical critics that have taken their café political discussions to an archaic living room couch. Their different styles and points of view are what I have been waiting for in our political arena. Eduardo, admirer of Noam Chomsky and Ricardo Flores Magón, is the accessible/relatable tactful political Magonist-activist and reconciler. The one you want to go to for marriage counselling. Andy, follower of Karl Marx and admirer Eugene Debs, is the diehard Marxist-revolutionary. The one that you want to take to your divorce. They are honest, willing to make mistakes and recognise them, and an example of civility when it comes to disagreements. I love their politics and divergence from the mainstream left. Very thought-provoking. Listener from Hawaii!!!

j1mendez ,

Two Challengers to the Mainstream Media

I LOVE their style, format, relationship dynamic, funny but serious, inter-generational, civil, improvised and casual approach in their Podcasts and YouTube videos. One hoping to ignite a revolution the other waiting to hop on to it as they criticize both conventional liberals and conservatives even as they differ in their challenging ideas. Andy is an all-or-nothing, proud, unapologetic, radical socialist that clearly knows his history. Eduardo is a thoughtful, pragmatic, book-smart, negotiator, almost liaison for a lot of what they agree. I love how Andy is so knowledgeable on his US and socialist history and Eduardo, being the multi-cultural and quadrilingual that he is, always incorporating Latin American and European politics from his background. Two takes on each issue, perspectives, national and generational differences. They do not pretend to be the experts on anything and encourage us all to look at social and political issues as it relates to our lives so that we may think hard about it.

Hanu.S ,

Amazing podcasts that offers critical insights

I love listening to this podcast because Any and Eduardo discuss relevant political topics and truly breakdown reasoning and ideas. You get a healthy discussion between two well-read and passionate individuals that engage in deep dialogue. If you enjoy poltical topics and critical thinking then you should be subscribed to this channel.

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