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An after-show podcast for the Fox TV series "neXt".

What's neXt‪?‬ Doug Payton and Karen Lindsay

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An after-show podcast for the Fox TV series "neXt".

    NeXt Meets A Fiery...End?

    NeXt Meets A Fiery...End?

    Welcome to the What’s neXt podcast! Doug and Karen talk about the finale of the Fox TV series “neXt”.

    We discuss the episodes “File 9” and “File 10” Here’s a quick outline:

    Real mole, fake mole

    While Ben is an actual mole, intent on sabotaging the good guys, Gina goes undercover at the NSA.

    A wild ex-wife appears

    CM travels to his ex-brother-in-law’s place to procure a truck bomb, and finds out his ex-wife has foregone witness protection to stay with the white supremacists.

    Dumpster fire

    Paul torches the Fortress of Solitude. Which makes Karen angry and Doug sad.

    Self-driving cars

    Paul goes to purchase an old-school car so NeXt takes control of a car in the lot and threatens him. 

    Self Server

    Natalie and Gina get out of the interrogation room and “hook up” to the server Gina targeted. 

    Self Immolation

    Paul drives the truck bomb into the NSA facility without Shea. He blows it up real good, seemingly dying in the explosion.


    Six months later, Shea’s in jail; CM and Gina run a campaign to have her released; Abby has been given a chance to participate in a sleep study for a cure; Ted is free.

    Self Improvement

    Throughout the last episode, we see flashes of Paul giving a TED talk about AI. 

    At the end of the episode, we see technicians going through the rubble of the NSA facility. We see a hard drive plugged into a case, and code flashing by. In the screen’s reflection, we see someone familiar…


    The first person to be killed by a robot in real life: Robert Williams

    What’s neXt in the News:

    Is there any way to control future AI?

    Congratulations Fred! Some of his tweets were recognized by Elizabeth Cappuccino!

    There’s a lot of conversation, including listener feedback, in this episode of What’s neXt, so have fun!

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    Paul and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Paul and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Barb and Doug discuss episode 8, wherein Paul and Ted LeBlanc enjoy giving the FBI the runaround.

    Break Time & My Brother’s Keeper

    The best scenes and lines of the episode were here. In trying to buy time to download the virus, Paul sets up a fake hostage situation (although the hostages don’t know its fake (although getting a generous contribution to their pensions is a definite plus after being scared to death for 15 minutes)). But the whole adventure with Paul and Ted vs the FBI was a wonderful way to bring reconciliation between the brothers.

    Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

    Ty and Ethan, and Ty’s Mom, hunker down at Grandma’s but Grandma is not happy with all her cameras taken out. The news is not making either Ethan or Ty very happy (but what’s with the rabbit ears picking up a signal these days?), so the boy and his Dad have a heart-to-heart about people getting violent during blackouts. But hey, that won’t happen here, right? Well, until it does.


    This new love triangle between CM, Gina, and Ben seems a bit late in the season to be cranking up, and especially since Ben is leaking info to the other team. This can’t end well.

    “Last 5 minutes” Setups

    The blackouts are spreading, perfect for launching a bio-weapon. And the servers are getting very active back at the NSA. How much smarter is neXt getting?

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    What’s neXt 06 – Are Ya’ Feelin’ Lucky, Ted?

    What’s neXt 06 – Are Ya’ Feelin’ Lucky, Ted?

    With Karen still out of commission, guest co-host Barb Rankin joins the show for this episode. And with it come…story line titles!

    TED Talks

    Say what you want about Shea’s methods (and we do say what we want about it, including how much like she’s becoming daddy’s girl, and not in a good way), she does get the name Bill Zhai out of him and Our Heroes(tm) get a move on to go after the server.

    And speaking of the Fortress of Solitude, it seems like it’s not so much a secret anymore.

    The China Virus

    The server is about to be shipped off to China to, presumably, start infecting systems over there, but before takeoff the NSA swoops in to whisk it away to their own server farm. And it certainly seems like neXt wanted it exactly that way.

    All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

    … and Brother Issues…and Uncle Issues

    Considering Shea & daddy, Ben & daddy, Ted & Paul, Abby & Paul, Abby & Ted, there are A LOT of daddy issues in this show.

    Et tu, Ben?

    Whoa! Who saw the Ben betrayal coming?


    Academics turn RAM into Wi-Fi cards to steal data from air-gapped systems

    Facebook is reportedly developing AI to summarize news — what could go wrong?

    In a first, Air Force uses AI on military jet

    neXt on NEXT:

    NeXt week, neXt is on Monday at 8 Eastern (with 1 episode) and Tuesday at 8 Eastern (with 2 episodes for the finale)!

    File #8 – NEXT manipulates a GPS system and causes an elderly couple to crash, while it also generates power outages all over the country. LeBlanc decides to plant a virus on the NEXT server, but must break into ZAVA in order to do it. Meanwhile, Shea and Ty have opposing ideas on how they should protect their family and Ben faces a conflict with his father in the all-new “FILE #8” episode of NEXT airing Monday, Dec. 21st (8:00-09:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (NEX-108) (TV-14 L, V)

    File #9 & 10- Tuesday, Dec 22nd – NEXT targets Congresswoman Beatty again when Agent Shea Salazar seeks her help to stop it. Shea discovers a leak within her team, as Gina encounters trouble while trying to code the virus into an NSA server. Meanwhile, NEXT taunts LeBlanc with a new tactic relating to his illness and Shea and LeBlanc devise one last dangerous ploy to destroy NEXT, and save their lives, their families and the world in the all-new, special two-hour “FILE #9/FILE #10” series finale episode of NEXT airing Tuesday, Dec. 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (NEX-109/110) (TV-14 L, V)

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    What’s neXt 05 – A Shocking Development

    What’s neXt 05 – A Shocking Development

    This episode covers neXt’s 2 episodes, Files #5 and 6.

    Nacia “the handyman” gets in good with Ty and Ethan, but when Shea shows up, everything gets real. Gramps bugs out with Ethan (who, moments earlier, found Mom’s gun). Nacia has a plane waiting…well, not quite. The mechanic has a log of work to do, but he’s “convinced” to let the plane go. Ethan no doubt hears the shot and gets the gun out for real this time. But no need to scar him for life; mom shows up. Ultimately she kills her dad without cause (well, without official cause). For this and hiding her family secret, Ty takes Ethan and bugs out. (Really?)

    The fallout from the bomb blast is shown. Mathis (boss man) is dead, as suspected. Most others are little the worse for wear except CM who leaves in an ambulance with Gina (an odd pairing). At the hospital, Gina keeps guard on CM, even saving him from a fatal dose of fentanyl. During that time and during their escape they seem to be growing a little closer. (Really?)

    Ted LeBlanc is distraught over the prospect of being cut out of the company, so much so he tries to kill himself. NeXt, however, has other plans for him. Armed with incriminating info on various board members, he blackmails himself back into the company. Meanwhile, neXt is busy inventing a new battery and buying a bunch of servers in Singapore; servers that neXt won’t run on. (Really?)

    Paul bugs out of the FBI offices with the hard drive, but before the big kaboom. In his “fortress of solitude” (I like that name), he starts working on the encryption on the hard drive. When his FFI drives him crazy (including multiple Pauls), he shocks himself into sleep. Abby, not knowing what to do, calls Uncle Ted who tricks her into letting neXt erase the drive. Once Paul wakes up, he knows that Ted would only do that if he had neXt.


    In The News: Hackers Could Break into Robot Vacuums with LidarPhone Attack

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