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When Prog and Power Unite is (in our humble opinion) the webs best source in prog-rock and metal. The live broadcast airs through our parent station at www.progrock.com on Wednesday nights from 5-8pm Central (6-9pm Eastern, 10am-1am UTC). We invite all to come out to chat and make requests. The program's site at www.wpapu.com features interviews, reviews, podcasts and updates. Check us out for an excellent progressive experience!

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When Prog and Power Unite is (in our humble opinion) the webs best source in prog-rock and metal. The live broadcast airs through our parent station at www.progrock.com on Wednesday nights from 5-8pm Central (6-9pm Eastern, 10am-1am UTC). We invite all to come out to chat and make requests. The program's site at www.wpapu.com features interviews, reviews, podcasts and updates. Check us out for an excellent progressive experience!

    Ep. #367 featuring Haken

    Ep. #367 featuring Haken

    Few bands have a longer or more storied career with When Prog and Power Unite than Haken. Our program was broadcasting the band even prior to the release of their debut album Aquarius. Here we are 10 years later and the band have just released their fifth album Vector, so no surprise we are featuring it on this week’s episode. The album has an intentionally heavy approach and doesn’t let off the gas much at all during its forty-five minute run time. The band is currently on tour through North America and will tromp through South America and Europe next year. You can find information on ordering the album and those tour dates at the band’s site here.

    Headspace – Fall of America

    Bent Knee – Holy Ghost

    Leprous – From the Flame

    Haken – Nil By Mouth

    Anathema – Thin Air

    Fates Warning – Another Perfect Day

    Queensryche – Prophecy

    Phideaux – Metro Deathfire

    Coheed and Cambria – Love Protocol

    Riverside – Wasteland

    Flor De Loto – Quinta Dimension

    Beardfish – Roulette

    Haken – Veil

    Shadow Gallery – Room V

    Steven Wilson – Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here

    Dream the Electric Sleep – Let the Light Flood In

    In the Presence of Wolves – Man of the Times

    Blind Guardian – Another Holy War

    Star One – Human See, Human Do

    Toehider – Whatever Makes You Feel Superior

    Geddy Lee – Working at Perfekt

    Erik Norlander – Heavy Metal Symphony

    Planet P Project – Join the Parade

    Marillion – White Russian

    Haken – A Cell Divides

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    Ep. #366 featuring Mystery and ProgStock

    Ep. #366 featuring Mystery and ProgStock

    Another year, another new prog festival. Now in its second year I got to visit ProgStock in Rahway, NJ for the first time this past weekend. Myself and many friends were drawn by the rare chance to see IQ stateside. We ended up seeing a variety of amazing music, with a nice combination of local acts, well known headliners, and some rare or unusual sets to round things off. One of the artists performing at the festival was Canada’s Mystery, whose latest album Lies and Butterflies is our featured album this week. Released over the summer and debuted at Night of the Prog in Germany the album has pleased the fan base and was delivered in full at ProgStock.

    Along with the featured album and a lot of songs from the festival we covered a few new albums we didn’t get to last show such as those from Michael Romeo and Spock’s Beard. In addition we opened with the second new single from Haken‘s forthcoming album Vector which can be seen below. Also this past week Coheed and Cambria released their new album The Unheavenly Creatures, and a video from that is included as well.


    Haken – Puzzle Box

    Mystery – Looking For Something Else

    Cell15 – Street Lights

    3rDegree – The Future Doesn’t Need You

    Coheed and Cambria – Black Sunday

    Ayreon – Castle Hall

    Michael Romeo – Black

    Orpheus Nine – Eightfold Way

    Dave Kerzner – Static

    Saga – On the Loose

    Phideaux – From Hydrogen to Love

    Mystery – Chrsalis

    Enchant – Juggling Knives

    IQ – From the Outside In

    Riverside – Acid Rain

    Spock’s Beard – Somebody’s Home

    IZZ – Can’t Feel the Earth, Part IV

    Evership – Silver Light

    Mystery – Something to Beleive In

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Trilogy

    Shadow Gallery – Room V

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    Ep. #365 featuring Lux Terminus

    Ep. #365 featuring Lux Terminus

    Sorry for the wait! Going forward I’m going to try (I know, said it before!) to do this on something of a more regular basis, hopefully monthly, which exact days and times announced closer to the actual show times. In any case thank you everyone who joined us for the first live radio show in nearly a year and all those who download the podcast. After such time off some technical problems were pretty much inevitable, and so I apologize for the microphone levels and my voice sounding a bit wonky and distorted at times as a result.

    It would be near impossible to recount all the new releases talked about during the show, so let’s start by saying in the past year I’ve been to RoSfest, Night of the Prog, and ProgPower and will be attending my first Progstock next month and recommend checking all of those out. In addition there are some releases that are very recent or coming up we talked about so let’s review those.

    Things start of course with our featured album The Courage to Be, the debut release from Lux Terminus. The album is mostly instrumental and mostly without guitars, relying very heavily on the keyboard work of Vikram Shankar, who as it turned out was also on the recent Redemption album Long Night’s Journey Into Day. It is my favorite instrumental album of the past few years and one I truly hope everyone checks out! You can buy it directly from the band here or check out the video below.

    Out recently or soon is Phideuax (buy here), Kingcrow (buy here), Riverside (buy here), and of course Haken (buy here). And I’ll include a video from each of those releases below.

    Hope to see everyone in a few weeks!


    Redemption – Indulge in Color

    Kingcrow – Drenched

    Lux Terminus – Electrocommunion

    Haken – The Good Doctor

    Fates Warning – Seven Stars

    Devin Townsend Project – Bad Devil

    The Neal Morse Band – Makes No Sense

    Riverside – Vale of Tears

    Flor de Loto – Locamotive

    Phideaux – We Only Have Eyes For You

    Ayreon – And the Druids Turned to Stone

    Lux Terminus – Effusion

    Between the Buried and Me – The Proverbial Bellow

    Orphaned Land – Like Orpheus

    Amorphis – Amongst Stars

    Frequency Drift – Electricity

    Lux Terminus – Miles Away

    Rausch – Irked

    Toehider – How Do Ghosts Work?

    The Sea Within – An Eye For an Eye For an Eye

    Cell15 – Street Lights

    The Fierce and the Dead – 1991

    3rDegree – Connecting

    Lines in the Sky – A Great Deal

    Lux Terminus – The Road Home

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    Ep. #364 featuring Ayreon Universe

    Ep. #364 featuring Ayreon Universe

    Fans from all over the world (54 countries!) came to see Arjen Lucassen bring Ayreon to the stage for the first time in 22 years, and I was lucky enough to see some of the shows. They took place in the Netherlands over September 15, 16, and 17 at the 013 in Tilburg. You can learn more about the shows here.

    In this new format that straddles the line between our typical musical based show and a strict review I talk about my experience at the shows with songs thrown in here and there for good measure. Let me know what you like or don’t about this!

    Tracks used in the podcast are as follows:

    Ayreon – Prologue > Dreamtime

    Ayreon – Blackboard > The Theory of Everything, Part 1 > The Theory of Everything, Part 2

    Damian Wilson – Thrill Me

    Toehider – This Conversation is Over

    Nightmare – Ikarus

    Star One – Intergalactic Space Crusaders

    Ayreon – Everybody Dies!

    And of course, some videos of some of this material for you to enjoy:

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    Review: Iris Divine – The Static and the Noise

    Review: Iris Divine – The Static and the Noise

    Band: Iris Divine

    Album: The Static and the Noise

    Available: October 6, 2017

    Reviewer: Mason

    Iris Divine Online

    Order The Static and the Noise

    Two years ago Iris Divine made a huge splash on my radar with their debut album Karma Sown. I named them my newcomer of the year, guitarist Navid Rashid my guitarist of the year, and my third overall album of the year, a sentiment I still agree with two years later.  Following up Karma Sown was going to be a tall task, and I believe that The Static and The Noise accomplishes this without sounding like Karma Sown part two.

    If you are not familiar with the band, Iris Divine is a three piece outfit consisting of guitarist/vocalist Navid Rashid, Kris Combs on drums, keys, and programming, and Brian Dobbs on bass.  As with many three piece bands, their sound is very well constructed and cohesive, which I attribute to avoiding the “too many cooks in the kitchen” metaphor. I would classify the band as a heavier progressive metal band, and their metal backgrounds really shine through.

    Their debut album had a bright sound and generally left me in a good mood, which I feel like it fits the album title and artwork. The Static and The Noise title and artwork also forebodes the feel of the album, and takes on a darker and angrier tone, while addressing those topics that we sometimes want to shy from in casual conversation. I was taken off guard on my first listen because even though I was prepared for this tone based on Kickstarter updates, there was no hiding from it in parts. But that’s what great art and literature do sometimes – throw issues in your face that aren’t the most pleasant to address. The aggressive tone starts from the first note and doesn’t let up anywhere through its 46 minute run time. However I don’t leave the album in an angry mood, but a contemplative one.  After the initial shock, The Static and The Noise took over my listening time. I received the promo the same day three other albums arrived at my door, and two weeks later I still haven’t gotten around to listening to two of those albums from established artists I like because I keep coming back to this one.  Every few listens, my favorite track seems to change. I had high praise for Navid’s guitar work on the first album, and those talents certainly returned on this album. In addition I think his singing and song writing talents are very much on display on this album. Kris’s contributions in drumming and rounding out the sound with keys are even more impressive when taken into consideration he lives practically on the other side of the country. The darker feel of the album would be hard to achieve without the tone and driving bass lines that Brian achieved. Nothing on the album feels forced, and it sounds like this is the album the band really wanted to make, everything on the album just seems to exude feeling; the bass is heavy, the screams are angsty, the vocals are emotive, and the lyrics don’t require liner notes to get the message. Perhaps most importantly the music perfectly compliments the theme of every song.

    The lyrics of “Like Glass” ask you to “Swallow the bitter medicine, open your eyes”. That might be the best advice for approaching this album, your first listen might catch you off guard, but this album will, given enough time heal what ails you, and it will reward you immensely when you open your eyes. There is still time to get in on near the ground floor for this band that really deserves to break through the underground scene.  I can’t see this not being an album raking in some end of year awards from myself and others.

    Mason’s grade: A

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    The Future of When Prog and Power Unite

    The Future of When Prog and Power Unite

    Hello there, it’s been quite a while! As I’ve eluded to during previous shows life has changed a lot for me over the past year or so. I took a new job with a much longer commute and a heavier workload. My girlfriend and I purchased our first house and have since stocked it with two more cats bringing our total up to four. And, I’ll admit, I’ve been feeding my gaming urge substantially more as well. All this has not only taken up a significant amount of time, but has made it increasingly difficult to do a scheduled broadcast every week.

    Let me just say I’ve always prided myself in the prep for my shows and the three hour window of broadcast is only part of the time dedicated to each episode. There is preparing the set, preparing detailed notes and links to go with the set, promoting the show, then doing the show, then preparing the post and podcast, and finally promoting after that is released. With work, travel, and new home issues to attend to being able to broadcast at the end of the day just didn’t happen with enough frequency.

    Initially I was going to put the show on an indefinite hiatus, and I suppose we unofficially had that as our last podcast was from May, however I feel like we have a possible avenue to move forward with this show that I’ve been doing nearly 10 years at this point.

    Into the foreseeable future we’re going to be focussing on podcasts and new formats for the show, to be recorded and released as time permits. We will continue to do reviews and interviews. We will continue to do music mixer discussions about current and general topics. We will continue to bring new and exciting music to your ears. The difference is now it won’t happen every Wednesday. It’ll happen when we are sparked and want to bring you something. I foresee some shorter more focussed musical podcasts hopefully getting into more depth on artists. I’m also open to new ideas and formats as we push ahead.

    As for the very immediate future here is what’s on the docket. Mason has a review in the works for the upcoming Iris Divine album The Static and the Noise. I’m going to be doing a show to recap my recent trip to the Netherlands to see the historical Ayreon performances. I’ll be doing a similar show as well focused on my experiences during Haken‘s recently concluded 10th Anniversary Tour here in North America, hitting on their involvement in The Shattered Fortress as well.

    Thank you as always to those that have always listened live, downloaded podcasts, and given your feedback and support to the show. I hope we can continue to connect into the future and help one another to enjoy all the beautiful music out there for us.


    • 2 min

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