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A forensic autopsy tech, a mouthy librarian, and a gay goth Swiftie discuss without restraint some of the most vile people and events in history. As one reviewer put it, ”It’s like watching abscesses get popped, but for your ears”.

Where is the Line‪?‬ Where is the Line?

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A forensic autopsy tech, a mouthy librarian, and a gay goth Swiftie discuss without restraint some of the most vile people and events in history. As one reviewer put it, ”It’s like watching abscesses get popped, but for your ears”.

    Massacre and Rape in Nanjing Part 2: The Rape of Nanking

    Massacre and Rape in Nanjing Part 2: The Rape of Nanking

    In part 2 of Massacre and Rape in Nanjing, we will explore the graphic rape, creative torture, and eventual murder of thousands upon thousands of Chinese non-combatants in Nanking.  We will cover the cover-up, and talk about the affect that research on this topic had on one very talented young author.  Much of what you are about to hear may sound made-up or unlikely. However, fantastic as it seems, the horrors outlined herein were actually visited upon the people of Nanking.  This. Happened.

    • 41 min
    Massacre and Rape in Nanjing Part 1: A Brutal Invasion

    Massacre and Rape in Nanjing Part 1: A Brutal Invasion

    The Rape of Nanking (Nanjing is the modern spelling) is an incident with no historic parallels and one that might represent the most horrific fortnight ever suffered by a human population. Over the course of this at least 2-part episode, we’ll hear stories of unborn children being cut from the wombs of expectant mothers… Of men buried to their waists before being eaten alive by hungry dogs… We’ll hear tales of forced incest, and violent gang rape.  And we’ll be talking about all of this occurring on an enormous scale.   Our topic today is an event in which, over the course of 2 weeks, 300,000 people were raped, tortured, and slaughtered.  

    • 51 min
    The Audacity of Shawn Parcells

    The Audacity of Shawn Parcells

    In 2009 a Kansas man named Shawn Parcells proudly began a forensic autopsy group that would eventually come to be known as National Autopsy Services.  Since then, Parcells has performed thousands of autopsies on bodies for which the cause of death was called into question.  In doing so, he’s provided countless heartbroken families with whatever peace can be found in finally discovering the truth of their loved ones' passings. 
    Shawn Parcells has testified in numerous court cases relating to jurors his findings on victims' causes of death and helping them to either convict and condemn or acquit and redeem those who stand accused of dissociating bodies from their souls.  
    Parcells has even found himself on CNN describing to Anderson Cooper his findings related to the police shooting of an unarmed black man named Michael Brown.
    Shawn Parcells has provided peace of mind to grief-stricken families and has done the same for entire communities by way of local and national news interviews. He has given answers to seemingly unanswerable questions, and in the course of doing so has made himself the most recognizable dissector of human remains in Kansas City and throughout the rest of the midwest.
    So, what’s the problem?  The problem is that Shawn Parcells is not qualified to be doing any of this.  How could this happen?  Why was a man with no credentials allowed to prod the interiors of thousands of human remains?  And how did he become so confidently prominent in a profession for which he was entirely unqualified?
    That is the topic of this episode of Where is the Line?: The Goddamn Audacity of Shawn Fucking Parcells.

    • 53 min
    Genital Modification in Prison or: Penal Penile Implant Practitioners and Their Patients

    Genital Modification in Prison or: Penal Penile Implant Practitioners and Their Patients

    In the absence of resources, ingenuity tends to thrive.  There are few places where a person might find themselves more poorly resourced than in prison.  In a previous episode, the one with writer and former inmate Ryan Martin, we learned of homemade masturbatory devices that prisoners make from latex gloves and tobacco canisters.  This bold sort of indigent inventiveness will play a large role in today’s story.

    One of the most endearing things about our new forensic autopsy specialist cohost Holly, is that she will from time to time, without context or warning, say things like, “today at work I had pull a domino out of a dead man’s penis”.  It was this sentiment exactly that led to today’s episode.  We’ve talked about genital modification before on Where is the Line?  In fact, our Shannon Larratt episode might rank near or at the top of our growing list of episodes that people have difficulty listening to in their entirety. 

    The point is that even when performed by a professional and in a safe and sterile environment, the notions of genital modification and genital mutilation still just give some people heebie-jeebies.

    Imagine now what happens when you take these same, to many people unsettling, procedures out of the safety and relatively regulated environment of a tattoo parlor, and instead perform them…  in a jail cell.  What happens when operations like these are performed without the benefit of sterile conditions?  What might someone use in the place of a scalpel when stainless steel is contraband?  And when pre-made silicon implants are unavailable, what items might suffice for implantation into ones most sensitive of areas? Find out on this episode of Where is the Line?

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    Meet Holly, Forensic Autopsy Technician and WITL’s Newest Cohost

    Meet Holly, Forensic Autopsy Technician and WITL’s Newest Cohost

    Have you ever ripped apart a deceased infant with your own two hands?  Have you ever stored a human brain next to the frozen broccoli in your refrigerator?  Can you differentiate between the smell of common road kill and the pungent and unique odor of a decomposing human body?  Have you ever removed maggots from human remains, covered them in acrylic paint, and then allowed those universally reviled larvae to crawl about a canvas unknowingly and unwittingly creating something that could be described as art.If you answered “no” to any of the preceding questions, you are not the newest cohost of Where is the Line?  We’ve never devoted an episode to one of our own co-hosts.  To that point, we’ve never had a co-host whose daily occupation aligned so closely with the thematics of our show.  The new cohost of Where is the Line?  is named Holly.  Holly is a supervising forensic autopsy technician in the greater Kansas City Metro area who maintains a side hustle that is almost as interesting as her main gig.  It would be extraordinarily difficult to imagine a more appropriate cohost for this show. 

    It is always hard to say goodbye to a cohost, and this holds especially true for my talented, intelligent, and unfailingly kind friend, Robin. Being that I recently moved far from the soul crushing and astoundingly characterless town of Tuscaloosa, AL to a new pad in Kansas City, MO's "gayborhood", a lineup change was unavoidable. Finally, after months away from the microphone, we are so glad to welcome you all back to this new and optimized iteration of Where is the Line? - Where is the Line? Season 2, Kansas City Nights.

    • 37 min
    The Corpse Wranglers of West Alabama

    The Corpse Wranglers of West Alabama

    Everyone who listens to this episode of Where is the Line? will die. Your final demise will probably not happen anytime soon and will most certainly have nothing to do with having listened to this episode.  Still, you are all going die.  The fortunate among you may slide into the ether as you sleep, leaving behind a corpse that your friends and family will describe as looking “peaceful”.  Others may find themselves spattered onto a tree.  Regardless, assuming that you exit this horrible plane of existence in some way that does not disintegrate your physical form, the chances are pretty good that you are going to leave a mess.  A mess that someone will have to clean up.

    Since I started this podcast, I’ve been trying to speak with someone who works in mortuary services; A person who has seen the worst of what we can do to ourselves and to each other.  As it turns out, and as is the case with a great many things, I should have just asked my mother.  It happens that she knows people in this gruesome line of work.

    This might qualify as our first “live show”.  For this episode I travelled deep into the forests of Alabama... to my mother’s house.  On her back porch overlooking the Black Warrior river, I spoke with a pair who have worked in one of the most unsettling occupations in existence.  As we talked, a small group of family friends and neighbors joined us on the porch, and much like my interviewees and also myself, they were hammered.  I mention this not only to set a scene, but also to explain the background chatter, strange wildlife sounds, and the occasional heckle that can be heard herein. 

    Explanations for the unusual audio artifacts concluded, I’d like to introduce you to Rachel and John Raymond, The Corpse Wranglers of West Alabama.

    • 53 min

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4.9 out of 5
158 Ratings

158 Ratings

Britt Banning ,


I love this show so much and I’ve listened to every episode atleast 3 times. Can you throw a girl a bone and make more than one episode a month?! Much love 🤍

the new guy in towne ,

This is just awful/garbage

Ever wanted to hear a crappy YouTube reaction video? No, no one has. Incorrect info throughout.

die.uh.na ,

This pod is GOLD

Found this pod while looking for the story of Charla Nash. I stumbled upon what I didn’t know was the first episode, I didn’t realize I had struck gold. Currently binging and loving it!

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