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Interracial Jawn Spinoff Podcasts including the White Privilege Podcast, No Bitch Left Behind, Dispatches from the Blue Room & Vintage Movies

White Privilege Podcast – Interracial Jawn Podcast Unknown

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Interracial Jawn Spinoff Podcasts including the White Privilege Podcast, No Bitch Left Behind, Dispatches from the Blue Room & Vintage Movies

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3.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Three-year-Omvanaitator ,

Great work

Really enjoyed these back in the day and came back to listen again because I had some info in here I had to come back and find. Thanks and best wishes!!!

jesse.331 ,


Per ep 22. As a biracial individual raised in a white neighborhood, I completely understand and also find myself being complacent at times. Honestly, I don’t feel it’s a bad thing to be temporarily complacent. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s important to bounce back if you were to somehow be offensive, but forgetting to go the extra mile to include someone should simply be treated as lessons learned. The person that you truly are will show through your progressive action. Complacency, in my opinion, is a level of comfort that our mind and body constantly seeks. We cannot be on guard 100% of the time and stay healthy. And if we’re not healthy, we are unable to give the proper attention to issues that might so desperately need the healthy you. One of the best things to learn and grow with is the threshold at which you will speak up. It could take the form of outspoken denouncement, private teaching moments, or taking the time to have an open and honest check-in/feedback session.

I’m in the middle of this episode and I’ll be finishing it shortly. You may know this already but, again from my perspective, one thing I think is most important to express to you both is... being white is not a bad thing nor should you ever feel guilty for being white. It’s how you were born. But you can choose what you do with who you are. Being compassionate, open to leaning, and willing to help when you mentally and/or physically can (even if it’s sporadic), is a great and helpful thing. So many people don’t even feel comfortable enough to acknowledge basic privileges or attempt to justify what they do by passing on blame or responsibility to someone else. But no fault doesn’t always equal no responsibility.

As always, it’s good to know there are people out there working on themselves with humility to acknowledge imperfection and a willingness to look out for others. Thanks!

Helena Schwartz ,

Typical Narcissist

Pseudo-profound, narcissistic narrating male who has the constant need to self-identify as a very very white guy, and keeps on referring to himself as white. Intentions may be good, however context is poor and faux intellectual. The fact that you have a black partner isn’t sufficient to make a difference. As a group we came here with an open mind, unfortunately the content didn’t get beyond self-adoration.

I suggest less highlight of you being white and others being black, and really actionable suggestions, stop talking about yourself and actually try and get real intellectual content in here.

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