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You know [what] matters. Do you know why?

Why [It] Matters MKC

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You know [what] matters. Do you know why?

    [Our Divided House]

    [Our Divided House]

    Disagreeing is hard. Disagreeing about politics is especially hard. But if you really believe in reaching across the aisle, or the dinner table for that matter, the best course of action remains... talking. 
    It's an odd day when I'm making the case for talking to people. It's a case worth making.
    Americanrhetoric.com - eulogy of Martin Luther King, Jr by Robert F Kennedy
    Bryan Caplan blog on cohesion @ econlog.econlib.org
    NPR's Snap Judgment podcast, "The Silver Dollar Lounge"
    Anna & Elizabeth: "Little Black Train," "Troubles" from their album Anna & Elizabeth. Check them out @ annaandelizabeth.com. Thanks to Free Dirt Records and John Smith.
    Email me with your thoughts @ whywematter@gmail.com
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    [Common Ground]

    [Common Ground]

    Hold up... we, the American people, agree on things?
    Stats attributed to Pew Research Center & FiveThirtyEight.
    Music by Kevin Macleod @ incompetech.com
    Retorts, responses, and rants can be addressed to whywematter@gmail.com
    "Cantina Blues," "RetroFuture Nasty," "Take the Lead," "Over Under"
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    2017 - Trump - politics - America - government - international - bipartisan - foreign policy - world culture - common ground - agreement - news - change - cuba - vaccines - health care - refugees - wall - alternative energy - national identity
     Pew Research:
    On Relations w/ Cuba
    On Vaccine Requirements for Children
    On Ensuring Health Care Coverage
    On The Threats of Refugees
    On Threats in General
    On the Wall
    On Religious Liberty & Nondiscrimination
    On Alternative Energy
    On National Identity
    On Essential Democracy
    On Government Approval
    On Confidence in Leaders
    On the Air-Strike

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    [The Rest of the World]

    [The Rest of the World]

    Why [The Rest of the World] Matters. Did I really have to make this episode? Apparently, yes.
    Music feat. 3hattrio (www.3hattrio.com) & Ari and Mia (www.ariandmiamusic.com). Look out for 3hattrio's Northwest US tour in March 2017!
    Q's, comments, and rants can be addressed to whywematter@gmail.com.
    Citations & Recommendations (in order of appearance): 
    Staying Alive in Moscow, Noah Sneider. Dec '16/Jan'17. 1843 Magazine. 
    An American in Iran, Tara Isabella Burton. Dec '16/Jan'17. 1843 Magazine.
    Travels With Myself and Another, Martha Gellhorn.  1978. Eland.
    Churchill recordings taken from the BBC archives.
     2017 - news - politics - globalisation - international - economics - Trump - foreign policy - America - world culture

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    [The Vote]

    [The Vote]

    Why The Vote Matters. Simple... right?
    Music by Ari & Mia: For more of the Bostonian Americana sisters, check their music out at ariandmiamusic.com.
    President Lyndon Johnson clips from the Miller Center website (millercenter.org), and the University of Virginia.
    For further study:
    The Myth of the Rational Voter, by Bryan Caplan (source of Miracle of Aggregation discussion).
    Crash Course on YouTube, for easy & funny education on pretty much anything.
    This episode was produced by Mitch Collins. Comments/questions/corrections/debate can be sent to whywematter@gmail.com.
    Why [It] Matters will return in January, with one episode every month. Happy voting, folks.
    news - voting - election - 2016

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