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WifeMotherLeader is a show that provides inspiration and practical advice on how to successfully integrate the roles of wife, mother, and leader in today's hectic and stressful world.

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WifeMotherLeader is a show that provides inspiration and practical advice on how to successfully integrate the roles of wife, mother, and leader in today's hectic and stressful world.

    #62: Simple Ways to Care For Yourself Every Day

    #62: Simple Ways to Care For Yourself Every Day

    Self-care has become an overused mantra that only adds guilt because it’s one more thing you are not doing! During this pandemic, I’ve tried to find small ways to care for my mental, physical and spiritual health.
    In this episode, I dive into each one to help you identify ways you might include self-care into your daily life and why it doesn’t necessarily mean massages and manicures:)
    Sleep Eat as healthy as you can At least 1 day of “self-care” (hair, non-pajamas or sweats, makeup if you wear it, etc.) Exercise 4-6 days per week Carve our alone time Pray Daily Share this episode Sign-up for a free 20 min flash coaching session 

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    #61: Let's Talk About Mental Health

    #61: Let's Talk About Mental Health

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month.   
    In the midst of COVID-19, the need for mental health support has only increased.  While it would be great for employers to cover mental health services and provide support, many do not.  So, for now, it’s up to you to advocate for yourself and get the support you need.   
    You are not alone.  There is help and support.  In this episode, we will talk about where to find it. 
    We need insurance and policy makers to address mental health like they do physical health.  Until this happens, we need to take it into account ourselves Your goal is to maintain your mental health and potentially learn new strategies and coping mechanisms.  Depending on your circumstance, you may be going after these things on your own.  Stress Management: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/stress/stress-management.htm Mindful.org: https://www.mindful.org/meditation/mindfulness-getting-started/ Apps Calm App: https://www.calm.com/ Headspace App: https://www.headspace.com/ Your organization's employee assistance program Therapy Betterhelp: https://www.betterhelp.com/ Talkspace: https://lp.talkspace.com/ Faithful Counseling: https://www.faithfulcounseling.com/ Regain (individual and couples therapy): https://www.regain.us/ Teen counseling: https://www.teencounseling.com/ See a provider in your health insurance network Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: https://www.learntolive.com/ Prayer/Scripture:  Dwell App: https://dwellapp.io/ Greater Good Magazine: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/ Mental health stigma is dangerous and must be addressed Learn about the resources and share them with your family, colleagues and team Ask HR to share resources Be transparent about how you’re doing   Share this episode Sign-up for a free 20 min flash coaching session https://www.wifemotherleader.com/coaching

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    #60: The Clarity of Mothering During a Pandemic

    #60: The Clarity of Mothering During a Pandemic

    Happy Mother’s Day!  
    In today’s episode, I share 6 things that have become clear and in-focus during this global pandemic.  Some are lessons that I already knew that are being reinforced and a few are new things that want to take with me when this pandemic is over. 
    God’s grace is sufficient to sustain me My children’s mental and physical health is a gift that I don’t take for granted My kids are not judging me, they are longing for me I need to be playing more In an effort to not helicopter, I was too hands off related to school I am a better mother when my cup is full  Enjoy this episode? Subscribe in iTunes or Spotify and share it with one other mother!
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    #59: Being You Even When You're Not 100%

    #59: Being You Even When You're Not 100%

    Today, I want to talk about WORK.  Yeah, that thing we are supposed to be getting done during a pandemic, while caring for kids, worrying about our parents, cooking 3 meals per day and keeping our homes extra clean. 
    Sounds ridiculous when I say it like that.  And, yet, if you are still able to work, that is a blessing, as so many people have lost jobs and thus income.  
    About 3 weeks into this, I was on a call and noticed that I wasn’t “myself”.   I first attributed it to fatigue, some anxiety, and the total change we had experienced. And, while that is all true, I think something deeper was happening.    Not only was I not at 100% (who is?), I was actually changing my behavior and pulling back on the way I show up at work.  And, this is not judging or being harsh on myself during a pandemic.  I actually was struggling because I knew that I wasn’t being myself. 
    On this episode, I want to share a few things that I learned and how I moved forward, including showing up as that person at work this week and having some awesome team members reach out to based on a direct response I gave (typical of me:))
    What you need to understand:  No one is at 100% right now.   Be honest with yourself about how you’re doing.  Look for evidence, data, or even feedback that you’ve been given.   Be honest with  your manager about how you’re doing.  If you need help, ask for it.  Have a discussion about the prioritization of what you are working on.   Identify the specific strength that you bring to your team.   Focus on those, even if you’re not at 100% Focus on quality and not quantity. If you don’t have a system to track what you are working on (trello, basecamp, asana, etc, figure out a system to help keep you sane) you need to get one.  It can be just for you.  Each day, identify at least one important thing that you need to work on.  Spend the first 30 min of your work time on that thing  
    It would be ridiculous of me to not address the realities of home that I can say with nearly 100% certainly are having an impact on you. 
    Ask for what you need from your spouse.  More cooking? More help with kids? More flex?   If you don’t feel like things are being split correctly, this is the time to speak up (in love). Decrease you information intake Find someone to talk to.  Connect with a trusted friend, sister, mother, etc. Bring mindfulness into your life.  Maybe you tried it before and it didn’t work.  Try again. Do at least one self-care thing per week, and more if you can. Sleep  
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    #58: Surviving Homeschool During COVID-19 with DeLise Bernard and Dericka Oddoye

    #58: Surviving Homeschool During COVID-19 with DeLise Bernard and Dericka Oddoye

    DeLise Bernard and Dericka Oddoye , the creators of Surviving Homeschool share their journey of creating a community of parents navigating the challenges of becoming “instant homeschoolers” due to COVID-19.   From the moment that their own lives changed to the quick and deeply thoughtful way they created this virtual “PTA”, which now has over 5000 members, you don’t want to miss this interview. 
    Dericka and DeLise provide some great practical tips including:  
    How to create a schedule (and give your kids choice) What to do to address the dreaded “I’m bored” (brilliant idea!) How to help your kids be more self-sufficient using the “fend for yourself” technique The best way to utilize online resources The important of recognizing the emotional toll this has taken for kids Additionally, DeLise and Dericka share their own personal realizations and during this time and how it’s helping them be kinder to themselves, recognize their own strengths, and be braver in a time when they’ve been called to serve others in such an important way.  This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!
    You can find Surviving Homeschool on these platforms:
    Surviving Homeschool Sports Clinic (Saturday, April 25)

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    #57: 6 Ways to Support Your Immune System

    #57: 6 Ways to Support Your Immune System

    In this episode, health coach and fitness expert Rene Kennedy shares 6 tips for supporting your immune system during COVID-19 and all the time.   Rene also shares her journey from being someone who was always health conscious and active, even studying exercise science in school, to working in healthcare technology.  A layoff soon after her first son was born led to pursuing her passion for helping people achieve better health. 
    Rene first talks about how the immune system works.  Then, she shares tips that are practical, with specific examples to help you incorporate them, even during the COVID-19 lockdown. 
    About your immune system: 10:55
    Circulation and lymphatic flow:  13:40
    Sleep 19:07
    Nutrition: 24:09
    Stress: 26:59
    Herbs and supplements: 33:57
    Cleanliness: 38:30
    Stellar Performance on Facebook
    Stellar Performance on Instagram
    Listen to the end to learn about the contest Rene and I are running to give away 3 health coaching or virtual personal training sessions!   www.wifemotherleader.com/rene

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20 Ratings

GemNeye08 ,

Worth your time!

WML content is timely, relatable and informative. Listening to Donielle is like engaging in a conversation with one of your girlfriends. Her honesty and passion around work-life integration is evident. Whether it’s a blog entry, podcast episode or website reference- WML is worth your time!

LMWilliams19 ,

Candid and Relevant

Donielle draws from her own experiences, brings on great guests, and challenges listeners while recognizing that applying what is learned may look different for each listener.

Chinahollywood ,


I love this podcast, i’m a mother learning new skills and techniques. Plus shes so relatable, I’ll be married soon and I want to be the best wife I can. Huge help💙

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