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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

    How to Win the War for Talent with David Jones | Episode #99

    How to Win the War for Talent with David Jones | Episode #99

    In a time when talent acquisition and retention is a huge stressor for many organizations, leaders are looking for creative strategies to handle finding the right people and keeping them onboard. Today’s guest is an expert in this area and uses assessment tools to do just that.

    David Jones is the founder and CEO of The Talent Enterprise and the author of the book The Future of Assessments: Are You Ready for 3rd Generation Talent Management? The Talent Enterprise partners with governments, employers, and educators to enable people and communities to thrive by advancing the application of behavioral science and neuroscience. They call this the Science of Behaviour metrics and it blends contemporary psychometric tools and assessment solutions with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. It sounds complicated, but David breaks it down in today’s episode and shares that the data derived from these assessments do not need a third party to interpret. He also discusses the right way to use assessment tools to not only manage talent acquisition but to also allow candidates to experience the very clear employer brand.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    What The Talent Enterprise Provides to Organizations

    Making the Assessment Process Enjoyable for Both Parties

    The Structure of and Changes in the Assessment Industry

    The Science of Behavior Metrics

    Intuitive Reports Without the Need for a Third Party to Interpret

    The Use of Assessments in Interviews

    Supporting an Employer Brand Through an Assessment Process

    Good Candidates Assessing Employers

    The New Frontier in Balancing Work and Wellbeing

    The Fragility of Relationships

    Managing Talent Acquisition and Retention with a Coaching Culture

    The New Idea of Being Both Introverted and Extraverted

    David’s Book Recommendations and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    David Jones is the Founder and CEO at The Talent Enterprise. With a background in labor market economics, David is a senior advisor to policy makers and organizational leaders on their most pressing human capital priorities. With over 28 years of work experience, including living in Dubai for over two decades, David has worked with clients across 25+ countries on a broad range of talent, leadership, assessment, performance, transformation and inclusion projects. David is experienced in using a wide variety of psychometric instruments and is qualified with the British Psychological  Society at both Level A and Level B

    David leads business growth and expansion efforts across global markets at The Talent Enterprise, along with leading key client relationships. He heads our research and innovation efforts to identify future human capital priorities. David was previously the Chief Consulting Officer at Aon Hewitt MENA. Prior to this, he held senior HR leadership roles at Emirates Group, Dubai Civil Aviation and KPMG.

             Connect with David Jones:

    * https://thetalententerprise.com/

               Links and Resources:

    * The Talent Enterprise Website

    David Jones on LinkedIn

              Connect with John Murphy:

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    Unlocking the Potential of Gen Z with Hannah Williams | Episode #98

    Unlocking the Potential of Gen Z with Hannah Williams | Episode #98

    We’ve discussed the differences between the generations in the workplace and how we are experiencing the phenomenon of multi-generational teams. But now it’s time to hear from a Gen Z-er herself, and a remarkable one at that. 

    Hannah Williams is today’s guest and at the young age of 24, she has accomplished so much. In this episode, she shares her story and how she managed to become such a high achiever in a short time. She is highly articulate in her ability to describe what organizations should and shouldn’t be doing to embrace and develop her generation. This includes what she calls Radical Empathy and the Gen Z Trinity. 

    In addition to being a young leader in this space, Hannah is also the host of an interesting podcast called Native Digital + Native Analog to further discuss the shift we are seeing across the world in Generation Z’s natural ability to use and rely on technology. She also shares an exclusive link for Winning Teams listeners to find your Native Digital Relevance Score and ways to find her book A Leader’s Guide to Unlocking Gen Z.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    How Hannah Managed to Achieve So Much by a Young Age

    The Impact of Trust and Mistrust

    The Concept of Radical Empathy

    Culture Clashes Across the World in the Workplace

    Empathically Discussing Local and Global Issues

    Tolerance vs. Empathy

    The Stumbling Blocks for Gen Z-ers

    Native Digital and Native Analog – How They Live

    The Gen Z Trinity

    The Importance of Authenticity

    Managing Gen Z to Get the Best Experience for Everyone

    Native Digital Relevance Score

    Hannah’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Hannah Grady Williams was only 12-years-old and in middle school when her dad took her to work at his start-up one day per week. Before long, Hannah was devouring business books. She enrolled in college at age 14 and graduated with a degree in international business by 18. Her efforts to hone her skills during her school years resulted in numerous accolades, including North Carolina Public Speaker of the Year. Hannah was invited onto the board of the Honduras Fountain of Life to provide a Gen Z perspective on Central American missions.

    Over the last decade, Hannah has consulted Fortune 500 companies and boutique luxury brands and has had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest leaders across the globe. Her young introduction to the world of real estate led her to continue investing as an adult. Now, with the help of her recently published book A Leader’s Guide to Unlocking Gen Z., Hannah is on a mission to help companies connect with her generation. In a time when the world is increasingly divided, Hannah has made it her mission to foster #RadicalEmpathy in the workplace—helping people of all generations gain a voice. Her work provides a bridge of connection between different generations and helps businesses positively engage Gen Z, the newest members of the workforce.

              Connect with Hannah Williams:

    * https://www.hannahgwilliams.com/winningteams

             Links and Resources:

    * Website

    * a href="https://www.linkedin.

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    7 Master Keys to Wisdom and Wealth with John Feloni | Episode #97

    7 Master Keys to Wisdom and Wealth with John Feloni | Episode #97

    John Feloni joins me today in this episode which includes a wealth of inspiration. Whether you are in the corporate world or an entrepreneur, this conversation offers so much wisdom inside and outside of business.

    John got his start as a young investor on Wall Street, but is now a successful author and consultant. He offers a wealth of experience and expertise and in this episode, he shares the 7 keys to wisdom and wealth. He outlines these keys in his best selling book The Covenant Secret which is a highly recommended read for anyone no matter your career. The principles we discuss are important to build any business on and oftentimes they are obvious but passed over. Listen to find out how you can implement these keys into your business and life on your own journey to wealth.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    John’s Current Endeavors in Business

    His Wall Street and Investment Background

    Stakeholder Capitalism

    The Human Commonality Between All Stakeholders

    Each of the 7 Keys

    The Golden Rule and Gratitude

    Building Trust Through Honesty

    What You Believe Impacts Your Decisions and Outcomes

    Pulling Back and Reflecting

    What Gets in the Way of Entrepreneurs Building Sustainable Businesses

    Constantly Evaluating Where You Put Your Focus

    Fostering Entrepreneurs in the Corporate World

    The New Generation’s Appeal to Authenticity

    John’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    John’s Wall Street background as a stockbroker, manager and CEO of a small investment bank, his shareholder rights activism, his experience in running a college loyalty/rewards and payments technology company, and his college marketing experience, uniquely prepared him for success as the founder and CEO of StockSquirrel. His expertise and experience comprise all the moving parts of what he and his team are creating and executing at StockSquirrel. Through his own investment company, John invested, partnered with, operated, and consulted to many ventures targeting the college market. This includes serving the Boston Phoenix media group in management of all its media divisions, releasing Windows 7 for Microsoft on 200 campuses and launching a college checking product for Citizens Bank on 50 campuses, among other product campaigns through his college marketing company. As a bestselling author, John addressed the hubris of misguided leadership and explores inspired leadership, as well individual motivation, personal inspiration and the seeking and developing of individual and organization purpose. Whether on Wall Street or a college campus, John uses his lifelong entrepreneurial spirit to act resourcefully and effectively and build extraordinary teams. He considers himself blessed with a spectacular team at StockSquirrel, where he intends on executing a vision that will make a dent in the Universe and expand the social consciousness of society.

              Connect with John Feloni: 


             Links and Resources:


    a href="https://www.linkedin.

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    When Empathy is a Key Competitive Advantage with Sophie Wade| Episode #96

    When Empathy is a Key Competitive Advantage with Sophie Wade| Episode #96

    Joining the podcast today is Sophie Wade, an expert on the future of work. We dive into the topic in great detail and the most impactful message she provides is the importance of empathy in the workplace. Her most recent book Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work is a fascinating and highly recommended read for leaders in any type or organization.

    As we continue to feel the impact of “The Great Resignation,” organizations are faced with the opportunity to change their rules and their models. In this interview, Sophie and I also discuss the reasons we are experiencing this era of resignation, how to embrace multiple careers in a lifetime, and how to navigate multi-generational teams. Most importantly, Sophie also tells us how we can make these necessary shifts happen.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Sophie’s Background and Experience as an Author

    The Growing Interest in Work Flexibility

    Connecting with Multiple Generations in the Workplace Through Empathy

    Considering the “How” of Work

    Empathy Creates a Safe Work Environment

    Having a Consistent Culture Throughout the Organization

    Articulating Culture

    The Connection Between Trust, Empathy, and Employee Engagement

    The Opportunity to Redesign Work Due to The Great Resignation

    Sophie’s View of the Future of Work

    Gen Z’s Contribution to Workplace Changes

    The Minefield of Multiple Careers in a Lifetime

    The Need for an Upgrade in Education

    The Concept of Retirement and Non-Retirement

    Moving On From the Idea of Suffering at Work

    Sophie’s Book Recommendation and Daily Ritual

    About Our Guest:

    Sophie Wade is an acclaimed work futurist, speaker, and author. A Workforce Innovation Specialist with Future-of-Work consultancy Flexcel Network, Sophie’s advisory work and transformative workshops enable executives and managers to adapt for evolving business conditions, and attract, engage, and retain their multigenerational distributed workforce. A graduate of Oxford University (BA) and INSEAD (MBA), she is the author of the Executive MBA textbook Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Work, and a popular LinkedIn Instructor on Empathy and Gen Z. Sophie lives in New York City.

    Connect with Sophie Wade:

    * https://www.sophiewade.com/

    Links and Resources:

    * Website

    * LinkedIn

    * Twitter

    Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work by Sophie Wade

              Connect with John Murphy:





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    Reduce Overwhelm and Thrive with Your Only 10s with Mark Silverman| Episode #95

    Reduce Overwhelm and Thrive with Your Only 10s with Mark Silverman| Episode #95

    Overwhelm is a fact of life and in some ways we can look at it like a disease with no cure. But today’s guest proves that while things can feel overwhelming, especially in the business world, that overwhelm can be managed and is all in your head.

    Mark Silverman is today’s guest and shares his extraordinary background story. He went from rags to riches and then rags to riches a second time and in this motivational conversation he explains why it took him two tries to get it right. It all came down to a shift in thinking that was sustainable. Mark is the author of Only 10s: Confront Your To-Do List, Transform Your Life and as an author with ADHD, he has learned ways that help manage overwhelm and make sure you are not cluttering your brain with things that are low-priority or things that don’t even need to be done in the first place. He brings to the conversation a lot of great actionable tips and an exclusive link for Winning Teams listeners to access video content about this strategy.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    * Mark’s Interesting Backstory and How He Found Success on a Crooked Road

    * How Midlife Catches the Things That are Not Sustainable

    * Mark’s Journey Back to Success

    * The Current State of Stress Everyone is Experiencing Right Now

    * The Key to Making This Shift Sustainable

    * How Reading, Learning, and Meditating Helped Begin This Shift

    * Looking for thing Things “Behind” Your To-Do List

    * Following Your Intuition and Focusing First on “The 10s”

    * Overwhelm as a Disease and How to Find the Cure

    * Where Overwhelm Really Is: Your Mind

    * Mastering Difficult Conversations and Delegating

    * The Importance of Holding People Accountable

    * Things Leaders Do to Create Overwhelm

    * How to Deprioritize to Lesson Overwhelm

    * Mark’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

     About Our Guest:

    Mark Silverman is no stranger to overcoming adversity and mastering his own overwhelm. When he was 27, he was homeless, 135lbs, and living in his truck. 10 years later he was a millionaire. Mark is on a mission to take the lessons learned along the way, paired with his business acumen, to help others define and achieve their own successes.

    Mark came to coaching after a successful career in technology, where he generated over $90,000,000 for fast-growing startups by bringing together executives, technical leaders and stakeholders to close complex multimillion-dollar sales. He brings his leadership experience, together with his coach and facilitation training, to his clients helping them achieve sustainable success in all areas of their business and lives. He is the author of the Bestselling “Only 10s 2.0 – Confront Your To- Do List, Transform Your Life” which has sold over 75,000 copies to date. Mark helps CEOs and Senior Leadership teams focus on making sure the right work gets done in their organizations.

              Connect with Mark Silverman:

    * https://www.markjsilverman.com/

             Links and Resources:

    * Exclusive Link for Winning Teams Listeners

    * Website

    * a href="https://www.linkedin.

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    The Good Fight – How to Use Productive Conflict to Improve Performance with Liane Davey | Episode #94

    The Good Fight – How to Use Productive Conflict to Improve Performance with Liane Davey | Episode #94

    Here to discuss her highly recommended book The Good Fight, Liane Davey shares her expertise in the area of conflict and conflict resolution. Liane is a very successful author, keynote speaker, and business consultant and an expert in the space of building high performance teams. Creating a winning team is what this podcast is all about and I am delighted to have this conversation with Liane. 

    In today’s episode, we discuss the things that hold teams back from growth and the concept of conflict debt. Why is talking about conflict so uncomfortable? Why are we so slow to have conflict? Liane shares the psychology behind this and also discloses how healthy conflict can benefit leaders and all team members. As leaders, how we deal with conflict can make or break the organization, so listen to find ways to improve your skills in this area and find ways to keep your business moving forward.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Liane’s Background and John’s Praise for Her Work

    Experience Working Alongside Her Husband

    Why We Avoid Conflict

    Organizations Don’t Tend to Know How to Deal with Conflict

    How to Have Healthy Conflict

    The Ways Conflict Can Be Healthy For Organizations

    Exercises Liane Uses as a Consultant

    The Good Fight Starts Long Before the Conversation

    Digging Into More Conflict Through Lack of Communication

    Expedience is Rewarded Rather Than Effective Strategies

    The Distinction Between Workload and Thought Load

    How Leaders Are Failing Out of Fear

    The Effect of Selfishness Among Leaders

    The Topic of Neurodiversity

    Creating Understanding Environments

    Teams Tuning Into Each Other’s Emotional State

    Liane’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    For the past 25 years, Liane has researched and advised teams on how to achieve high performance. Known as the “teamwork doctor,” she’s worked with teams from the frontlines to the boardroom, across a variety of industries, and around the globe from Boston to Bangkok. In working with hundreds of teams, including 26 Global Fortune 500 companies (and counting), she has developed a unique perspective on the challenges that teams face – and how to solve them. Beyond her work in the boardroom, Liane is a New York Times Bestselling author of You First: Inspire Your Team to Grow Up, Get Along, and Get Stuff Done and The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track. She is also a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and has been sought by several media outlets, including CNN, NPR, USA Today, The Globe & Mail and Forbes, for her expertise on increasing productivity, enhancing engagement, and developing leaders.

              Connect with Liane Davey

    * Liane Davey’s Website

    * The Good Fight: Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization

    * Back on Track by Liane Davey

    * Facebook

    * Twitter

    * LinkedIn

              Connect with John Murphy:

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