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Wise Women Conversations is a podcast for women in their mid-stage of life. We explore the issues that impact women as they transition through peri and post menopause. Join us and become part of the conversation as we explore the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being a women in her mid-stage of life. Episodes include a mix of interviews with Wise Women as well as some solo episodes from Women's Transformation Coach, Angela Counsel.

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Wise Women Conversations is a podcast for women in their mid-stage of life. We explore the issues that impact women as they transition through peri and post menopause. Join us and become part of the conversation as we explore the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of being a women in her mid-stage of life. Episodes include a mix of interviews with Wise Women as well as some solo episodes from Women's Transformation Coach, Angela Counsel.

    Boost your Immunity

    Boost your Immunity

    Earlier this week I was asked by Chantal Vanderhaeghan to share with her community how you can boost your immune system. As often happens when I chat with Chantal this conversation went in many different directions. I spoke about how people experience stress differently and why there is no single way for everyone to reduce their stress. At the end of the conversation I did share some specific foods that will help to boost your immune system along with a free personalised 10 day Immune Booster program that is available by going to the Work With Me page on my website.

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    An open and honest conversation

    An open and honest conversation

    In this week's episode of Wise Women Conversation I share my personal emotions that are coming up with everything that is happening in the world at the moment. As the world seems to have gone a bit crazy I have started to feel fear, anxiety and panic. Whilst on a conscious level I know that everything will be okay, at the moment my sub-conscious appears to be in control. I have been journalling on this over the past couple of days.

    I share the process that I went through this morning to meet the fear and anxiety and then make a different conscious choice about how I wanted to feel. Now, more than ever, we need individuals who are prepared to show their community how to live without fear. Change starts with you. Once you address your fear, anxiety or whatever emotions are coming up for you at the moment, you will allow others to address their emotions as well.

    If you would like to go through a deeper process than I describe in this episode I will be running a free Community Healing Circle on Wednesday 25th March at 8pm (Sydney time) in the Thrive in Menopause facebook group. Please join us so that we can shift the current energy state in the world.

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    Searching for Your inner Wise Woman

    Searching for Your inner Wise Woman

    In this week's Wise Women Conversation with Lisa Fitzpatrick we go on a journey to find your inner wise woman. Lisa shares a time when she was looking for a wise woman to guide her through a troubling time in her life, but she couldn't find anyone. This led her on her on journey of discovery and now she works with women to help them to connect to their internal guidance system.

    In this conversation we discuss breaking the rules that we have been taught by the dominant patriarchal society that has kept women trapped for many generations. And yes there is a discussion around witches, in fact it was a question about witches that first attracted me to Lisa and why I wanted to have her as a guest on the podcast.

    As we uncover what it is to be a wise woman Lisa shares that wise women are comfortable with the mystery of life whereas before finding our wisdom we often are looking for certainty and control. She shares how our wisdom comes from deep within our wombspace and how we can connect to our own womb.

    In this current world where chaos appears to be the dominant force, healing of the world will come from our feminine energy. Once women are able to re-connect to their physical, emotional and spiritual energies there will be a healing power that re-balance a world that seems to be spiralling out of control.

    This is an episode that might need a couple of listens, we go deep in some places. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and it isn't often that I get to have such a open conversation with someone who is on a similar wavelength to me. If some of what we speak about is a little difficult to grasp, please be gentle on yourself and know that the more you listen the more you will understand.

    If you would like to connect with Lisa, her website and social media links are:

    When you visit Lisa's website you can access a free video e-course called "5 Steps to a Feminine Shift for more time, ease and money."

    If you are interested in learning more about connecting to your inner wisdom and creating the life that you want to live, why not join me for the upcoming Journey to You Retreat which is being held 7-9th May at Kondalilla Eco Resort on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland. To learn more visit bit.ly/jty-retreat.

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    The power of the pause

    The power of the pause

    This week's episode of Wise Women Conversations is another solo episode from Angela where she discusses the power of taking a pause. With everyone living very busy lives we often forget to stop and slow down. Business is often worn with pride like a badge of honour and we can think if we are not busy all of the time that we are not being successful at life. A few years ago stress was the badge of honour until we realised that long term stress was impacting our health and well-being.

    We don't need to add more to our already busy schedules, in fact most of us could benefit from doing less. Angela invites you to make a list of everything that you do and then consider why you are doing the things you are doing. Do they bring you joy or are you doing them because you think you should or have to? Start getting rid of the should and have to items and enjoy some free time doing nothing.

    Share in the comments how you are becoming less busy.

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    Life Transitions

    Life Transitions

    In this weeks episode of Wise Women Conversations I chat with Spiritual Teacher Anjani Amriit about life transitions. Anjani is an Ayurvedic Practitioner as well as a Spiritual Teacher and she shares the Ayurvedic philosophy around growing older. There are 3 life stages in Ayurveda - child, adult, elder and Anjani refers to this as our stages of life. While we often celebrate the first 2 stages, many of us live in fear of the final stage but this can be the best time of our life. This is the time of the Wise Woman, a time when we no longer need to be defined by other people's expectations of us. The qualities of the elder stage of life that we can embrace are creativity, communication, intuition and imagination. When you have embraced all of these qualities you are a Wise Woman.

    Anjani advises us to stop "yanging" our life and what she means by this is to stop living within our masculine energy of hard work and striving for success and allow our yin (feminine) energy of flow and acceptance to be a part of our lives. When we have a balance between yang and yin energy we will be open to receiving intuitive messages which will be in alignment with our values and from this place we can taking inspired action. When we can find that balance our body and our life will be in harmony.

    We spoke about so much in this conversation and I really enjoyed it and I hope that you do as well.

    Anjani is also offering the listeners of Wise Women Conversations a free mediation called "Your Invincible Day" and a complimentary "Start Your Purpose Call" to access this wonderful gift visit - https://www.anjaniamriit.com/pl/36682

    You can connect with Anjani through social media as well
    Website: www.anjaniamriit.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anjaniamriitmentor/
    Insta: https://www.instagram.com/anjaniamriit/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anjani-amriit-1035543

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    Using Seeds to Balance your Hormones

    Using Seeds to Balance your Hormones

    In this episode of Wise Women Conversations I answer a common question that I often get asked - how can I balance my hormones with food? Seed cycling is something that I have used for many years in clinic with clients who were having issues with their fertility and it also works great for women who are in peri-menopause or who have even stopped bleeding. Using the power of food you are often able to re-balance hormones without the need for excessive supplements or pharmaceutical drugs.

    Plants have naturally occurring components called "Phytonutrients" and these plant nutrients can help the body to work optimally or can enhance existing body processes. Using seeds we are able to utilise the phytoeostrogens and phytoprogesterones that occur naturally in plants. In fact the use of seeds and other plants have been used through the ages to enhance and heal the human body.

    Using seeds such as linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds in a cyclical manner you are able to continue the regular cycle of hormones even after you have stopped menstruating. It works even better if you are still menstruating. I do also mention the use of moon cycles alongside the seeds to regulate your natural body cycle if you no longer bleed.

    If you would like to learn more about what is happening to your hormones as you move into your mid-forties and beyond and how hormones impact the way that you feel then have a listen to my free webinar recording "Is this Menopause?". You can listen to the recording by going to this link - bit.ly/isthismenopause

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