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Since 1989, Women Business Leadership Skills and Career Development Executive Coaching Advice. Interviews with Successful Women CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Help You Influence People, Improve Performance, Get Promoted, Increase Earnings and Enhance Your Job/Life Balance

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Since 1989, Women Business Leadership Skills and Career Development Executive Coaching Advice. Interviews with Successful Women CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Help You Influence People, Improve Performance, Get Promoted, Increase Earnings and Enhance Your Job/Life Balance

    Forever Employable Women Leader — WLS 108: How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You | Sabrina Braham and Jeff Gothelf

    Forever Employable Women Leader — WLS 108: How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You | Sabrina Braham and Jeff Gothelf

     Would you like to be sought out, as the go to person? Chosen over all others. The person who is relied on by people and organizations?

    Get ready to take back control of your career and grow your own talents in your area of expertise to stay sought after forever. Developing this mindset and commitment to your goal will insure work will always find you. Reduce your stress, build your community, monetize your talents, and become a Forever Employable Women Leader. If you want to step into a life where you new opportunities come to you, listen to this episode!

    Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

    Do you want to take back control of your career – leverage your expertise and reach your full potential?

    Are you ready to grow your talents in your area of expertise to choose your next job or career opportunity?

    In this episode of Women’s Leadership Success podcast, Sabrina Braham interviews Jeff Gothelf, author of Forever Employable. In Forever Employable, Jeff Gothelf describes how you can be a forever employable women leader in your area of expertise and how that will lead you to business opportunities.

    These suggestions will help entrepreneurs who want develop new ventures. And it will also magnify a woman’s career development by helping them to stay relevant in their current jobs, and prepare for the job of their dreams.

    Jeff Gothelf

    About Jeff Gothelf: Women's Leadership Success Guest Author

    Jeff work’s as a coach, speaker, author & consultant to help organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. Jeff started his career as a designer working with the first companies to use the internet as a new communication, sales and service channel. Over his 20-year career Jeff has worked as an information architect, product manager, design team leader, founder, trainer, coach and consultant.

    Women's Leadership Success 108 Highlights: How to Be Forever Employable Women Leader

    Planting Your Flag: Learn why this is by far one of the biggest obstacles to getting the process started.

    Motivation Speech: How to develop your own unique story that no one else can tell.

    What is 101-level content and how it will help you develop your talents

    Discover the Japanese Concept called “Ikigai” and the four questions to help you identify where to plant your flag.

    Change your thinking to Entrepreneurialism: If you are going to build this platform of your expertise, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset because essentially you’re treating your career as a product.

    Reinvent yourself to build Self-confidence

    Use Continuous Learning for your strategic women’s career development.

    Take action for Continuous improvement: keep applying the new skills you learn.


     What Are Your Top Questions and Comments on Forever Employable Women Leaders?

    Please post them in the comments window below.



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    Quietly Powerful Women Leaders – Unique Pathway to Promotion | WLS 107 Sabrina Braham and Megumi Miki

    Quietly Powerful Women Leaders – Unique Pathway to Promotion | WLS 107 Sabrina Braham and Megumi Miki

    In this globally interconnected and changing world where the “alpha” or “hero” leadership often dominates, it is empowering to know that Quietly Powerful Women Leaders, who are often overlooked and taken advantage of, have immense value to contribute to organizations. But how do we encourage more quiet women professionals to shift their beliefs about leadership and view their quiet nature as a strength to be a great leader while staying authentic?  Listen today and find out.

    Do you want to know what a Quietly Powerful Woman Leader is like?

    Do you consider yourself as a quiet person and wonder how you can leverage your quiet nature for career development?

    Do you think men are as equally challenged as women are in terms of leadership while staying true to their nature?

    And now that most of us are working from home because of the pandemic, how can quietly powerful women leaders still thrive on virtual meetings and sessions?

    In this episode of Women’s Leadership Success, Sabrina Braham interviews Megumi Miki, author of Quietly Powerful, a fantastic book about Quietly Powerful leaders who view their quiet nature as a strength for career development and to succeed in their own way, rather than seeing it as a disadvantage. This podcast will empower women to embrace their quietly powerful nature to fulfill their own potential as incredible leaders which is an important tool to thrive during this current pandemic where most of us are working from our homes. This new episode also aims to encourage organizations to expand their beliefs about what effective leadership looks like.

    Megumi Miki Interview on Quietly Powerful Women – Unique Way to Promotion

    Megumi Miki is a Leadership Consultant bringing in her 20 years of experience and practical knowledge of business strategy, finance, leadership, organizational development and culture change. She is the author of the book called Quietly Powerful where she talks her own experience and that of Quietly Powerful Leaders who have achieved great success while staying authentic.


    Women’s Leadership Success 107 Summary: Quietly Powerful Women Leaders

    What is a Quiet Powerful Leader look like?

    Quiet Powerful Leaders are not always in the public unless they have to. They are also very humble and purpose-driven leaders. As discussed in Quietly Powerful book, quietly powerful women leaders have three attributes:

    Comfortable with their own skins that they can share their strengths and weaknesses. They believe it’s a collective effort to get things done and they do not treat themselves as center of control or center of power.

    They’re present when interacting with others. They connect deeply with their people and not treat their relationship as a transactional kind. This kind of attribute really speaks how great listeners they are and how they really tap into understanding their people.

    Quietly Powerful Leaders are very purposeful. They don’t like the center of attention and some of them are reluctant to become leaders or get promoted. The only reason why they stepped us is because they developed a sense of purpose that was greater than themselves and felt like they can contribute to that.

    Quiet VS Quietly Powerful

    Quiet People most of the time just disempower themselves. They use their quiet nature as an excuse to not engage because they feel like they will not be heard. So they just hold back and that is disempowering.

    On the other hand, Quietly Powerful Leaders use their nature more deliberately. They stay quiet when it is useful and they speak when they need to.

    Shifting from Quiet to Quietly Powerful

    A process of awareness building. First, one must appreciate themselves fully, take good and the bad,

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    WLS 106 Almost Hired: Job Development for Women | Jackie Ducci & Sabrina Braham

    WLS 106 Almost Hired: Job Development for Women | Jackie Ducci & Sabrina Braham

    Are you a woman looking to take your career to the next level?

    Have you been trying to get a job with no success?

    What is standing in the way between you and your dream job?

    This podcast might be the answer to all of your job seeking woes. Here, you will get an insight on how you can successfully apply for a job and learn a few tips on how you can increase your chances of landing that job of your dreams. This episode of Women’s Leadership Success is focused on getting hired and strategic job development for women.

    Knowledge is power. If you manage to have a chat with some of the big names out there, one thing remains certain; they knew something that the rest didn’t. A bit of information might be all you need for success in the career development for women. 

    Walk with us as we tackle the employment challenges women face and how you can successfully secure that job position you have always wanted to curve your way up in women’s leadership.

    About Jackie Ducci, Author of Almost Hired: Job Development for Women

    Jackie Ducci is the CEO and founder of the Ducci and Associates, an east coast talent acquisition agency servicing over 500 clients nationwide. With over 15 years in talent acquisition, Jackie has amassed vast experience in job employment, boasting an astounding 90 percent success rate placing candidates in long term working positions. Her first book - Almost Hired - provides job seekers with an insight on how hiring works in the employer’s perspective. Whether you are looking to find work in a large or small corporation, Jackie believes the employment hiring system still remains the same.


    Women’s Leadership Success 106 Summary: Career Development for women 

    1. Why is your job seeking resumes going to waste? (00.00.10-00.05.00)

    Learn of a few dos and don’ts that play a major role in the success of your resumes and cv's.

    2. Is that job right for you? (00.05.20-00.07.33)

    Are you applying for a job suits you? What makes a job bad for you? 

    3. Which are the best places to look for jobs? (00.10.04-00.12.11)

    Looking for employment at the wrong places might be the sole reason why you are failing in your job seeking adventures. Learn which places present better hiring chances.

    4. What is networking and how can it be of help? (00.13.55-00.14.57)

    Which are the baby steps of forming a working network? How can networking help in job development for women? 

    5. What are employers looking for? (00.19.58-00.22.00)

    More often than not, resumes and cv’s get no reply at all since job seekers tend to portray the wrong impression to the employers. Learn a few tips on how you can write the most appealing resumes to get that job you need on your journey in the career development for women.

    6. How do you prepare for an interview? (00.22.03-00.24.42)

    Get a few tips on how to present yourself on the interview day.

    7. What should you do during an interview?? (00.24.43-00.25.00)  

    What are the right questions to ask during an interview? What makes up a good impression to the employer in an interview? Learn about this and many more.

    Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Take a few notes from this interview with Jackie Ducci and Sabrina Braham which is filled with priceless knowledge and tips that go a long way in effective job development for women.

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    WLS 105 Strengths Based Leadership for Women During CoronaVirus | Sabrina Braham and Erin Passons

    WLS 105 Strengths Based Leadership for Women During CoronaVirus | Sabrina Braham and Erin Passons

    It would be amazing to see yourself as an inspiring and influencing women’s leader. But how is that possible during Coronavirus?

    Do you want to learn the art of strengths based leadership for women?

    Do you want to polish your strengths rather than improving weaknesses?

    Do you want to know how you can mix your talents and strengths into one powerful tool?

    Do you wonder why your skilled employees are not taking your company to the next level?

    Listen to his episode of Women’s Leadership Success podcast podcast on strengths based Leadership For Women with Sabrina Braham and Erin Passons. This podcast will be a powerful tool for you to learn how you can utilize your strengths and apply them in your work, making you a remarkable women’s leader. The discussion is a revolutionary concept on the entire how’s and when’s on STRENGTH. Especially important  during these tough coronavirus times.

    How can you use your strengths to be a successful women's leader?

    Jennifer Lopez said, “Don’t push your weaknesses, play with your strengths."

     Are you focusing on your weaknesses and trying to improve them? 

    Are you unsure if you have valuable talents or strengths that you can utilize effectively?

    Do you know about your strengths, but take them for granted? 

    Stop wasting your time trying to eliminate your weaknesses. Apply these tips for Strengths based Leadership for Women. 

    In this episode you will learn about your strengths, and how can you develop them to increase your impact and influence, and to effect change in organization. You will also discover how can you use your strengths to develop others.

    Erin Passon Interview on Strengths Based Leadership for Women


    Erin Passon, a former Management Consultant at Gallup, is a certified Executive Coach and a certified MBTI practitioner and also the founder/President of Passon’s Consulting.  She’s also a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Organization Development Network (ODNet), and the founder of Strengths Network San Diego, an association for StrengthsFinder professionals in Southern California. She helps big and small companies and businesses stand out from the crowd.



    Women’s Leadership Success 105 Summary: Strengths Based Leadership for Women

    Why is Strengths-based philosophy & culture so valuable? (4:35-7:18)

    Are you aware of the strengths and talents of the people in your organization? What are they? How can you maximize them in your culture?

    Strengths and Talents: Are they same? (7:20-8:26)

    Do you have a specific talent you are proud of? Do you have particular strengths? Have you ever considered if both of them are the same or if you can use both of them to become a successful women's leader?

    Strengths and its Impact! (12:18-14:39)

    How are our strength’s related to our relationships? Does it have anything to do with our performance or team effectiveness? How does it affect our communication or collaboration in business? Why it is so powerful when it comes to Strengths based leadership for women? Incorporating strengths-based leadership in your team approach will change your leadership outcomes.

    The impact of strength based leadership and workplace (14:40-16:11)

    By following strength based leadership for women you will become a more effective and inspiring leader. You will be amazed to know how certain leadership styles can make your organization stand out of the crowd.

    What are the common traits of great leaders? (14:40-17:53)

    They are different depending on their unique strengths. Find out some life-changing tips of following strength ...

    • 38 min
    A Woman Leaders Guide to Grace | Sabrina Braham & John Baldoni

    A Woman Leaders Guide to Grace | Sabrina Braham & John Baldoni

    A Woman Leaders Guide to Grace to Advance Your Career & Leadership

    Do you want to learn the act of Grace?

    Do you want to inspire your colleagues by graciousness and kindness?

    Do you want to cultivate the Culture of Kindness and Grace In Your Company?

    Do you want to solve your problems in your work environment by practicing graciousness?

    You have got to listen to today’s podcast of Sabrina Braham and John Baldoni where they have enlightened some key points to understand what ‘Grace’ is and how you can work on a Woman Leaders Guide to Grace! This podcast will change your perspective towards your leadership practices and make you a better, kinder person.


    Why grace and kindness an important leadership skill to learn?

    There’s a very wise saying, “Whenever life plants you, bloom with Grace”. Being gracious is an ability some people have it by default. The best thing about having grace is that it is contagious and it will spread like a beautiful fragrant blooming flower. 

    Learning how to practice grace in business culture will make you reach heights you have never imagined before. Not only you will feel energized, positive and determined towards your goals but you will have inner peace and mental satisfaction of your deeds.

    Isn’t it important to change our styles and thoughts towards others? Shouldn’t we make our acts contagious? Isn’t it easy to have a Woman Leaders Guide to Grace for a successful life?


    John Baldani- Author of: Grace – a Leader’s Guide to a Better Us


    John Baldoni- Author of: Grace - a Leader's Guide to a Better Us

    John Baldoni is an executive speaker (Inc.com Top 100 Speakers 2018), leadership educator and author of 14 inspiring books changing the perspectives of traditional leadership techniques and inspiring women leaders all around the globe.



    Women’s Leadership 104 Highlights: Importance of Woman Leaders Guide to Grace

    Learn what GRACE actually is (1:25-3:19)

    Learn about the meaning of grace and how it can become a crucial thing to become a successful women leader!

    Relation of Grace to our businesses and work? (3:22-4:19)

    A game changer for your businesses and work! Know things you have never noticed before and how can they have a strong impact on your personality!

    The need of grace in our work and lives? (4:38-6:46)

    Do you want to live a happy, content and satisfied life? Do you want to know how can you breed grace in your lives and work? Amazing facts which will change your life are waiting for you! 

    How can you learn to reach out to one another (7:04-8:48)

    Understand how you can help others in a different way you have never worked on before! Do you want to inspire others by your charismatic leadership way? This is it!!

    Can you share a story of a leader that practiced Grace? (9:25-10:40)

    Inspiring story of a leader which will teach you how worthy you are when you practice grace! Want to know who is this famous leader?

    Learn what is Generosity? (12:57-14:11)

    Learn free tips on being generous and inspiring others to the extent that you can get things done from anyone in your company! Interesting, no?

    How to view problems as teachable moments?   (14:22-16:14)

    Do you rant or whine about your problems? Is it hard for you to solve issues at hand? How well do you tackle a situation in your business? Get to know about these questions now!

    What is respect as social currency? (18:16-19:13)

    What is the meaning of respect for you?

    • 27 min
    Email Management for Women Leaders | Time Management Tips with Dianna Booher & Sabrina Braham

    Email Management for Women Leaders | Time Management Tips with Dianna Booher & Sabrina Braham


     Want to save valuable lost time? Email Management for Women Leaders


    Email  Management for Women Leaders

    Top Email Hacks

    Are you tired of spending hours replying to countless emails?

    Would you like to manage your email and time better?

    Do You want to master email management the way successful women leaders do?

    Then listen in today as my guest, Dianna Booher and I discuss the importance of email management for women leaders and shed light on how women leaders can save time and increase efficiency on emails.

    Why Top Women Leaders Manage Their Emails and Save Valuable Time

    More than half the time, the few 6-8 hours we spend at work daily is not enough to accomplish certain tasks we have mapped out for that day. Email management skills become crucial to  woman leaders as it helps to reduce overall work stress and gets things done faster. As a woman in leadership, getting a grip on your time management by focusing on the important things and delegating or outsourcing the rest is important. Effective email management in the workplace even goes as far as improving one’s productivity and overall quality of life. It can be achieved in many ways. This is what Dianna Booher and I focus on in this podcast.


    Dianna Booher – Time & Email Management Expert

    Dianna is a master communicator and author with 48 books. Her entire life work is centered around all forms of communication. She travels the globe with various organizations, teaching great skills and sensitizing corporate bodies on the value of effective communication in the workplace and how to achieve it. Based in Dallas Fort Worth, Dianna has a research institute that works with different organizations to help them expand their influence to build a strong executive presence via effective communication skills. Dianna and Sabrina Braham are passionate about  helping women move up the corporate ladder through insightful communication skills, leadership and career development.

    Dianna Booher; Time Management Expert

    Women’s Leadership Podcast: Email Management for Women Leaders Show Highlights

    Discover surprising ways that people handle their email time management (3:35-5:25)

    A lot of people in the workplace are spending a lot of time on emails. Studies show that 42% of the workforce is spending three hours or more replying to emails. This statistic is actually a clear insight on how many professionals and leaders in the workplace are very disorganized about communication. Spending that much time every day on email is a major distraction and poses a huge problem in the work environment.

    Learn how to declutter your email for great results and better work experience. (7:50- 10:20)

    One of the easiest decluttering strategies for emails is not treating your inbox as a to-do list. It is easy to look at an email that needs your attention and make a mental note to get back to it the following day. So, you leave the email opened and move on to the next one. You do this to four emails in a row and before you know it, you are already confused as to what you were supposed to do with each email. That set of emails remain unattended to and just keep piling up in your inbox. It helps to make an actual note on your calendar and then delete the email to enable you to move to the next.

    Learn the importance of “changing the subject line” on your emails for better email management and communication (10:29-13:00)

    It is easy to look at the subject line of an email and think you have already attended to that when in fact there is a thread of new information you are yet to see. Also, this wastes a lot of time as you will have to go through a thread of say 15 emails to find one detail when it is asked for.

    • 50 min

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4.9 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

MarkSASmith ,

Wise insights from a seasoned executive advisor

Through these podcasts, Sabrina brings you practical leadership insights delivered with a gentle spirit. What’s missing in many leadership podcasts is the heart that Sabrina brings. And it’s only through heart-centered leadership that we create a sustainable business that has that competitive differentiation that ego based leadership can never detect or eclipse. Listen, learn, love, live.

xnfmly ,

Clear and accessible

John Baldoni really made the concept of grace tangible. Every leader needs to listen to this episode.

WritingWhisperer ,

Love Listening to Sabrina

I'm loving listening to this podcast. High quality content with actionable takeaways. Sabrina is leading great discussions with excellent guidance.

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