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Words of [Wise]dom is a show designed to inspire you to become a better leader so you can win in all areas of your life. On this podcast we interview the most influential people in the world to uncover how they became the best to help you understand how you can become the best.

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Words of [Wise]dom is a show designed to inspire you to become a better leader so you can win in all areas of your life. On this podcast we interview the most influential people in the world to uncover how they became the best to help you understand how you can become the best.

    What We Learn From Losing with Arjun Dhingra | Words of [Wise]dom EP. 10

    What We Learn From Losing with Arjun Dhingra | Words of [Wise]dom EP. 10


    Arjun Dhingra is a two-time world champion in taekwondo and is currently one of the co-head coaches of team USA. When asked what he believes the difference between people that perform at an elite level and those who don't, Arjun answers with, "It sounds almost cliche but its mindset, its mentality you know? Mental toughness, resilience, and the ability to bounce back." He adds that in this day and age, with social media, it is easy to see everyone's victories and not the work they put in or where they fall short. 


    "I just remember feeling these huge lights and then stopping for a second. I kind of developed this mantra that I use now before anything big where I stop, I calm myself down by taking a few deep breaths, and I say the same thing every time, which then makes me equal to the moment, which is 'everything that's happened in my life up to this point has prepared me for this. I live for these moments. I love these moments. I am ready.'" Arjun describes how he pushes through his nerves and helps other people learn how to as well. He explains that it is all about practice, gaining experience, and using visualization to prepare. "It's like the old mantra; practice makes perfect, but you do it over and over again, and while you can't duplicate it, you can still create a little bit of that and be able to channel some of that energy to when you do arrive at a big moment there is some familiarity."  


    Arjun tells people that you have to be equal to the moment. No matter what it is, you match your energy to it. If you come in too small, it will overtake you like a wave crashes over a surfer and spits him out. If you come in too big, you won't respect it and underestimate what it will take to win. You have to be equal to the moment and know you are there because you belong there. 


    When asked what challenges he faced when becoming a top-performing athlete, Arjun explains that the biggest challenge is taking the losses as lessons and not treating them like they're permanent. Learn from the failures and have that mental toughness to turn them into tools to win. "There's those that win pretty much off the bat, right? They've got a formula, and they're awarded for that success. I'm not saying it came easy, but they won. That is a mindset now that is a pathway that you can always tap into and a formula you have forever. Then there's the winning mindset that comes on the heels of a loss, and these are the ones that I enjoy the most because I have experienced this both professionally and athletically. I think then you can get someone who is really kind of invincible." He admits that recovering from a loss and channeling it into a lesson is hard to teach, and some people just aren't wired that way. But, as a coach, he helps his team learn ways to combat that. 


    "Everyone attaches themselves to the outcome." He advises to fixate on the process and not focus so much on the big goal at the end. Focus on improvement and the small goals along the way, and the result will take care of itself. 


    "I think vulnerability is absent in a lot of leadership and performance coaching. There's a lot of people that come to things with a philosophy and they, use it as a one size fits all approach. The reality is that human beings are extremely complicated, very different, and dynamic creatures. A one size fits all philosophy doesn't work." When speaking about the people he coaches, he believes that it is crucial to get to know your team and teach them in a way that permits them to learn to the best of their ability. "In leadership, you have to do the same thing." 


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    Energy, Mindset and Manifestation with Jen Cudmore | EP. 9

    Energy, Mindset and Manifestation with Jen Cudmore | EP. 9


    Jen Cudmore is an energy coach who started her career in holistic kinesiology. When asked how she sees energy and mindset impacting business professionals' success, Jen says, "If you're wanting to vibrate as, you know, a high-level business person or create a level of success, you need to first create it in the spiritual before it can become in the physical. To me, it's sort of a no-brainer. Everything I've created for myself and the success that I've had has started because I had a flicker. Like I had a light switch on..., and then I had the strategy to follow." Jen is a true believer in manifestation. She believes that if you set your intention and it is something you truly want and believe can happen, it will come true. She adds that for someone new to this type of mindfulness, it may take practice and work. 

    "What I see working so well for the long-term game and for the integrity piece is really you're here for something. You're here to help people you're here to serve, and you're here to do something bigger. Once you've locked and loaded in your brain pathways...then you just get over yourself and go and do what you're called to do." Jen believes that when you are in true alignment with yourself that you will attract opportunity and success. When asked if she thinks we get signals when we are out of alignment, Jen answers with, "I think we all get signals, and some people don't read them. Some people just don't want to go that deep." She explains that some people think a strategy is not working, or they need to do something different, but the truth is that they are just not truly aligned with themselves. Jen explains that for someone to figure out who they are meant to be, they have to want to, and if you're really activated in who you're meant to be, other people will be inspired by that. If you feel like you are being blocked from realizing who you truly are, you may have to work through trauma or find what is stopping you. And when asked how she helps people get through those hurdles, Jen explains, "There are usually things to clear, there is something in childhood, something in the generational line... I am going into every corner and sweeping out that corner, and I follow the kinesiology on it."  

    When asked how she navigated the lows in her life, she says, "I learned pretty early on that if things were ever not going well that I would get help straight away." She reiterates how important it is to recognize when something is affecting your energy negatively and how to get the proper care when it happens. Her driving force is not wanting to see anyone in pain, and that is where she finds her passion. 

    Jen explains what vibrations mean in referring to one's energy and feels that it truly is the magnetism of you as a person. "We are evolving always into a higher level of consciousness, and the higher that you go, the lighter your energy is, so you've got a lighter sort of frequency. So when we are working with money and when we are working with success, people think they have to go heavy and hard, but you actually need to go lighter. From that lighter energy, they've got more access to imagination." Jen believes that when you reach that level of lightness, it will attract like-minded people to you. 

    Jen challenges us to manifest for more while simultaneously knowing that what we have is enough.

    If you would like to connect with Jen, you can find her on Instagram @jencudmore or on her website: www.jencudmore.com


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    Overcoming Addiction and Developing an Elite Mindset with Brad Jensen | EP. 8

    Overcoming Addiction and Developing an Elite Mindset with Brad Jensen | EP. 8


    Brad Jenson is the Sober Body Builder and owner of Key Nutrition, which he started five years ago. He is also the Key Nutrition Podcast host with over 200 episodes and approaching a million downloads; it has been wildly successful. For as long as he can remember, Brad felt very uncomfortable and anxious. His friends picked on him for being bigger than them, and it took a toll on him. At the young age of 13, he was offered alcohol for the first time and proceeded to continue to drink to help cope with the anxiety.  When he was around fifteen years old, he went to a bookstore with his mother and found a fitness magazine that caught his attention. He decided that he would put all of his focus into fitness, and it quickly became his number one passion. As soon as he got his driver's license, Brad got a gym membership and dove headfirst into working on his fitness. He went to the gym every day after school and completely transformed his body. He was offered pain pills in his high school years, quickly became addicted, and started selling them. Eventually, Brad stopped taking the drugs and was suffering extreme withdrawals. At that time, he was hanging out with the wrong people and was offered heroin. He chased that feeling, and everything got progressively worse. He was fired from his job as a personal trainer, admitted his problem to his parents, and got into a treatment center. Once he got out of rehab, he started drinking alcohol again and, unfortunately, relapsed on heroin. His parents ultimately decided they could no longer "love him to death" and cut him off. In November of 2012, he hit rock bottom when he did heroin in the back of his mother's car while driving to his grandfather's funeral. Following that experience, he had one final arrest, and that is when his life started to change for the better. 


    When asked how he found the strength to rebuild his life after years of addiction, Brad says, "There was something greater than me guiding me. I had to deploy a lot of mental grit, too.. there's no doubt about that...but there was a spiritual being guiding me, and relying upon that was huge, and then surrounding myself with like-minded people was so important... I truly believe that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." He adds another critical step in recovery and actually creating a successful life was getting back into fitness, reading, gratitude journaling, and a strict morning routine. 


    Brad discusses what it was like to learn to trust himself again, "People severely lack patience in their life when it comes to their results when it comes to their transformation within themselves, with habit building. I think that patience gets in the way of so much. For whatever reason, I was blessed with some patience this time. It happened kind of slow and gradually, but I probably didn't start trusting myself fully until I was about four or five years sober." He continues explaining that he learned a lot in those five years, and to build his self-esteem, he did good things for others. If he has moments where he is at a crossroads, he surrounds himself with the right people to give him good advice and lead him in the right direction. "Your intuition is not in your head; that's your intellect; your intuition is in your heart and your gut," he adds. 


    Brad contributes his success to understanding the importance of gratitude and, specifically, the appreciation he feels when helping others. "This gal looked at me at the end of our call, and she starts crying. She said Brad, you have helped me so much more than you know. My marriage is better because I am feeling better about me, my relationship with food is better,

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    You Either Win or Your Learn with Keri Shull | EP. 7

    You Either Win or Your Learn with Keri Shull | EP. 7


    Keri Shull is the epitome of resilience. Having moved 13 times before the age of 18, she learned how to adapt and thrive while being introduced to a new environment. Those skills helped shape her future and made it possible for her to build a residential real estate team of over 120 people. Admittedly she had no plans to be a real estate agent; in fact, she was a very successful sales manager at the age of 22 and had no intentions of leaving a job she loved. However, when presented with an opportunity she could not pass up, she took the risk and fell in love with being an agent. When asked how she remains at the top of her game, Keri admits that she has always been somebody who loves to work. She finds joy and fulfillment in helping others and striving to promote her own personal growth. "Be in the room with people who have been where you want to go."

    Keri explains how starting a family made her feel as a very career-focused individual, "for me as a mom, it caused me to have hesitation. I always knew that I wanted to have children; that was a really important element of my plan in life. But I didn't know how having children would impact my ability to do work, to do my job, and fulfill my mission on my work journey. And I grew up with a mom that stayed home, and one of the things she told me, which I now believe was a limiting belief, was she would tell me, you can't have both, Keri. You will see when you have children you can't be a mom who works and a mom who's really connected to your kids... that limiting belief was inhibiting my potential." She describes what it was like to come to the emotional realization that she was stuck, and as a woman who values personal growth, she had to overcome this. "I think there are a lot of entrepreneurs, we get stuck, and we don't know where to go or what we want to accomplish next. Or maybe we accomplished what we thought we wanted, and then it doesn't feel as great as we thought it would, and so we have to recalibrate what we're after." Keri elaborates on how moving so many times as she was growing up helped shape her future success, "I am really comfortable with change, and so I think for a lot of entrepreneurs and people in general, we resist change to our detriment because just around the corner of change could be something great."

    Keri shares one of the scariest moments of her life and what she learned from it, "So I just had my fourth child when he was two weeks old, maybe two and a half weeks old I had a moment where everyone was melting down...I was trying to feed him, and the sling flipped, and I almost dropped him on a tile floor... here's what I learned from that moment I have four children, five and under, and I still have multiple businesses that I am running, I have my family. I am going to be living in chaos for a while, and I am going to have to calm down and be okay with that." She realized that what she needed was to quiet her mind and not allow herself to get overwhelmed by the chaos, which has rung true in other aspects of her life. "We can't control everything that's happening to us, but our reaction and how we choose to move forward, that's all we can control."

    "My message for anyone out there is know what makes you tick and then move in that direction." Keri discusses how she finds a balance between work, family and her own needs. She prides herself on setting boundaries and carving out time to dedicate to each aspect of her life yet obtains the freedom to work when she wants to. When asked what has consistently been on the other side of fear for her, Keri answers with, "It's always a big win. And no matter if what we are doing works out the way we wanted or not, it's a big win because there are so many lessons involved.

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    Deciding to be a Victor, not a Victim with Long Doan | EP. 6

    Deciding to be a Victor, not a Victim with Long Doan | EP. 6


    Long Doan has a story that would impact anyone who listens. Originally from Vietnam, Long came from a well-educated family. His mother and father both got scholarships to study at the University of Florida, and both graduated with high degrees. Unfortunately, everything changed when America pulled out of the Vietnam war in 1975. In a communist country like Vietnam, they were threatened by those who could think for themselves. Because of this, when Long was eight years old, his father was arrested and sent to a reeducation camp. He wouldn't see him again until he was 32. Now the man of the house Long was responsible for collecting his family's rations every day. His mother and grandmother wanted a better life for him, so after three attempts to escape on a fishing boat with over 150 other people, he made it out onto international waters. Unfortunately, he was not safe yet. In the current state of the world and the tough economy, fishermen had been known to turn to pirates, and target boats like the one Long was on. Thankfully, one day shy of running out of their resources, the boat he was on came across a larger fishing boat that contacted the closest refugee camp, which happened to be in Malaysia. On the camp known as "Hell Island," all of the emotions Long had just endured would finally catch up to him. The following day, he decided that he would no longer feel like a victim but realize he was the victor. This new mindset would shape the rest of his life. After college Long got into the mortgage industry and then decided to get into real estate, which he has now been in for fourteen years. Currently, he has a real estate company with a roster of over 650 agents.

    Long explains what it was like to figure out his why in life. "I remember thinking back and digging for myself until I found it, and that's when I realized that moment and night on the beach was my why." Now he is always looking to help other people hoping they will never have to feel the way he felt that first night at camp.

    He goes on to discuss the considerable impact his father had on the world, "They finally negotiated the release of my dad, the US, all the pressure around the country, but before then I kind of become the poster child for human rights...I would get flown by organizations all over the country, to Canada, to meet with congress members, senators, in Washington DC, all over the place on my dad's behalf. As a matter of fact, I accepted several awards on his behalf...a lot of pressure for someone between the ages of 16 and about 20. Finally, my mom and my brother came over, and she took over and helped out." Eventually, his father agreed to leave Vietnam, and he moved in with Long.

    When asked what some of the lessons he learned from his parents, Long says, "It is better to do the right thing than what is easy or popular." He also mentions how his father taught him that to achieve your goals in life takes a lot of sacrifices. When speaking about his mother, he has a lot of admiration for her hard work and determination. "The things that she has had to endure, I hope no one would have to go through it."

    "Mindset is so powerful...there are three ways we learn as humans... by imitation... the second way we learn is the hardest way to learn, and it's by experience...and the third way, which is considered the most noble, is by reflection." Long explains that his goal every day is to be a better version of himself and use those three tools to grow as a person and help others succeed. "MAP to success: M is for mindset, right? We talked about if you have the right mindset, anything can happen, which leads to action, which is A. Action comes in everything you do.. and then P is purpose; without purpose, you won't keep going. For me,

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    Pushing Through Your Fears with Brittney Pino | EP. 5

    Pushing Through Your Fears with Brittney Pino | EP. 5



    Brittney Pino is a real estate broker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She first started her career in real estate when she was twenty years old. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she was determined to be successful and always strived for more. Brittney went on to get married, have two daughters, and remained in the industry during this time. Despite her tough divorce in 2016, she grew as a person and learned so much about herself. While rocking being a single mother and a high-producing real estate agent, Brittney grew her business to be a team of eight in 2018 before downsizing and going solo. With a fantastic admin team behind her, she focused all of her efforts on building relationships with clients. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, she not only homeschooled her children but also opened an independent brokerage firm that is now up 30% and crushing their records.

    Brittney discusses the mindset it takes to be successful and not let fear hold you back. "I get to this point in life where I'm in a situation where I feel like I'm kind of sitting on the edge of a rock, right? and the next place that I need to be is quite a leap, and below me is... there's some distance there... I believe wholeheartedly that is truly the difference between somebody who is maybe an elite performer or somebody that is super successful vs. an average person, and it really just comes down to choice. Facing that fear and pushing through." She goes on to explain that focus is critical in becoming successful and gaining financial freedom. "Figure out exactly what it is you need to do, focus, and then take action. You just have to get a running start sometimes and then hold your breath and jump." It is hard, but it is up to us to make our own choices on what we will do.

    When asked what drives her, Brittney talks about how she has to feel things rather than think about them. "Your heart is going to tell you exactly what you need and what you want, and it's going to send signals, it's going to send that desire...if you really practice the quieting of your mind and to feel where you need to be". She explains that it is vital to remember to choose to take action and let your mind follow your heart. If you feel it but take no action, then nothing will ever come of it. Brittney quiets her mind by writing out her goals and aspirations, long-term and short-term, and not engaging or entertaining the opinions of others. This method helps her understand that her decisions are 100% hers and there are no outside influences. "A lot of people look outside of themselves for answers, and it's just that maybe they haven't been exposed to the idea of looking within."

    Brittney also drives home the fact that health and wellness is a crucial part of being successful, "When I really added that piece and when I really understood that, I cannot even stress how much of an impact that had on my...entire life." To have a fulfilled life, you have to put yourself first, and then everything else will follow.

    When asked how she stays a top producing person, she says, "I think that it is constantly being a student, constantly learning and striving to be better. I'm open-minded to new things and how I do things and changing and evolving. It's really important to operate with honesty and integrity...I am who I am, and I operate with a lot of heart; I love what I do." She emphasizes that when you are doing what you love and are passionate about, it creates magnetic energy that attracts people and helps build success. When you are your true authentic self, it is easier to connect and gain that trust that is essential for any business.

    Brittney describes how it feels to step through her fears and make that leap into where she knows she needs to b...

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5 Ratings

chocl8dyva ,

Great content!

Having listened to a few real estate related podcasts I find Words of Wisedom to be insightful and the motivation I need. Looking forward to hearing more!

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Great Podcast

Very informative! Love it!

Carleedwards1988 ,

Awesome show!

Great show, first episode has Evan Luthra, a super successful angel investor and tech investor who shares his knowledge about his own success. Looking forward to hearing from more guests!

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