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The goal of this show is simple: opening minds through Music!

We bring you interviews with world-renowned musicians from every part of the globe, as well as our own explorations of musical styles, instruments, and artists. If you believe, like us, that open ears = open minds, then come with us into broader horizons!

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The goal of this show is simple: opening minds through Music!

We bring you interviews with world-renowned musicians from every part of the globe, as well as our own explorations of musical styles, instruments, and artists. If you believe, like us, that open ears = open minds, then come with us into broader horizons!

    Illmind: Filipino-American Multi-Platinum Music Producer and Innovator

    Illmind: Filipino-American Multi-Platinum Music Producer and Innovator

    Many articles, films, and interviews have been made about Illmind’s extraordinary career producing many albums for several of the top names in Hip-Hop today. This isn’t one of those interviews. In this week’s episode, John digs deep into the early experiences and upbringing that shaped Ramon Ibanga Jr - AKA !llmind - as a musician and planted the seeds of what has become a life’s quest towards community building. After years of social innovation within the Producer Community, we catch up with this 2x GRAMMY Award winning artist just days before he speaks at Gary Vaynerchuck’s VeeCon and just a couple months after the launch of his landmark NFT project: Squad of Knights. 


    0:00:10 World Music Foundation Podcast

    0:00:12 John Gardner 0:00:18 GRAMMY 0:00:20 Multi-Platinum 0:00:21 Producer 0:00:26 !llmind (aka Illmind)

    0:00:38 Last Week’s Episode

    0:00:48 Si Kahn 0:01:07 VeeCon 0:01:16 NFT 0:01:21 Gary Vaynerchuk

    0:01:29 Squad of Knights

    0:02:22 BLAP Kit Volume 13

    0:02:44 Jay Z 0:02:44 Beyoncé 0:02:44 Drake 0:02:44 Eminem 0:03:00 Hamilton Mixtape

    0:03:02 Black Panther: The Album

    0:03:17 “You’re Welcome” (from Disney’s Moana)

    0:04:19 Music Business 0:04:32 NFT 0:04:32 Blockchain Technology

    0:05:38 New Jersey 0:06:33 Musician 0:06:34 Guitar 0:06:38 Wedding Band 0:06:36 Band 0:06:50 F.A.M.E. (Filipino American Music Entertainment)

    0:07:26 Instruments 0:07:32 Drums 0:08:00 80s 0:08:01 90s 0:08:04 Soul 0:08:05 70s Soul 0:08:06 Funk 0:08:07 Jazz 0:08:15 Hip-Hop 0:08:35 LPs 0:08:36 Vinyl 0:08:44 Stereo Systems 0:08:47 Cassettes 0:08:52 CDs 0:09:13 Disco 0:09:21 Mambo Number 5

    0:09:24 Electric Slide 0:09:41 Covers 0:09:53 Rhythms 0:09:54 Chords 0:09:58 Dance Floor   Filipino Culture   Philippines   Karaoke   Singing   Guitar   American Dream

      America 0:14:36 Disco 0:14:36 Classic Rock 0:14:58 Hip-Hop 0:15:06 Producer 0:15:34 J Dilla 0:15:36 Beats 0:15:37 Fantastic Volume 2

    0:15:38 DJ Premier 0:15:40 Gangstarr 0:15:42 Mannie Fresh 0:15:46 TR808 0:15:46 Bounce Beats 0:16:17 Beat Machines 0:16:18 MPC 0:16:43 Compose 0:16:44 Keyboard 0:18:11 Roland 0:18:18 Swizz Beatz 0:18:18 DMX 0:18:24 DMX’s Second Album

    0:18:59 Pete Rock 0:18:59 DJ Quik 0:18:59 Dr. Dre 0:20:02 undergroundhiphop.com

      Music Producer Community Forum

      Producer   Beats 0:20:23 SoundCloud 0:20:32 Bounce an MP3   Single 0:21:48 Akrobatik 0:21:56 Remind My Soul   12-Inch Vinyl Single

    0:22:11 Fat Beats NYC   Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop

      Jay Z   Beyoncé   Kanye West   J Cole 0:24:48 Little Brother 0:24:58 Atlantic Records 0:25:16 G Unit   G Unit Records 0:25:59 Cruel Summer 0:26:11 Rhymefest 0:27:20 Pass the Aux 0:28:09 BLAP 0:28:22 DJ 0:28:32 Cypher 0:28:47 New York City 0:29:12 BLAP on the Radio

    0:29:57 Recording Studio

    0:30:32 Web 3 0:31:21 Bitcoin 0:32:00 Squad of Knights

    0:32:02 NFT 0:32:59 Piano 0:33:00 Guitar 0:33:01 Drum Set 0:33:02 Beat Machines 0:33:33 Music Software 0:33:35 Music Hardware 0:33:39 Cables   BLAP Kit 0:35:19 ZIP File 0:37:20 Snare 0:37:26 EQ 0:37:35 TR-88 Machine 0:37:38 Foley 0:37:55 Sound Design   Squad of Knights

      Rhymefest   Skyzoo   Live from the Tape Deck by Skyzoo and Illmind

      Kanye West   Audio Engineers   Music Producers

      PFP   Moonwalk   Wallet   Metaverse   Gary Vaynerchuk

      VeeCon   Discord   Chronicles of S.O.K. (Squad of K

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Daniel Nebiat: Eritrean Krar Master & Founding Member Of The Juno Award Winning Okavango African Orchestra

    Daniel Nebiat: Eritrean Krar Master & Founding Member Of The Juno Award Winning Okavango African Orchestra

    Juno award-winning, Eritrian krar player, Daniel Nebiat joins John to talk about his journey playing the krar. From growing up in the midst of a war for independence to working with African legends, Daniel Nebiat shares the ways he had to persevere, adapt, and innovate to continue pursuing his passion for music. Currently based in Toronto, he is a founding member of the Okavango African Orchestra, where he and African musicians from six other countries create original music for traditional instruments that have historically had little or no interaction. Whether he’s talking about krar, family, or food, “Toronto’s Krar Star” does not disappoint!

    00:04 The World Music Foundation
    00:08 John Gardner
    00:15 Krar
    00:17 JUNO Award
    00:18 Okavango African Orchestra
    00:20 Daniel Nebiat
    2:24 China
    2:25 India
    2:26 Femi Kuti
    2:27 Nigeria
    2:28 Côte D’Ivoire
    2:29 United States
    3:16 Eritrea
    3:17 East Africa
    4:32 ACDC
    4:33 Guns n’ Roses
    4:35 Jimi Hendrix
    4:52 Country
    4:53 Donald Williams
    4:54 Kenneth Rogers
    4:55 Dolly Parton
    5:07 Blues
    5:09 Muddy Waters
    5:10 B.B. King
    6:14 Poland
    6:15 Italy
    6:19 Jamaica
    6:40 Guitar
    7:39 Highway to Hell
    9:30 Ethiopian New Year
    9:33 Hoyena hoye
    12:54 Piano
    16:50 Halloween
    17:36 Asmara
    20:17 Addis Ababa
    21:15 Kenya
    21:28 Habtom
    21:46 Eritrea Independence Day
    24:48 Canada
    25:02 Pearson International Airport
    25:18 Texas
    25:19 Chicago
    25:21 Cafe
    27:32 Tewelde Reda
    29:02 Tewelde Reda-Memona
    29:30 Tigrinya
    29:36 Amsterdam
    29:48 The Ex
    29:53 Tsehaytu Beraki
    30:52 Guayla
    31:03 Senegal
    31:22 Morocco
    32:46 Harp
    34:46 Pentatonic Scale
    35:52 Seven-string bass
    49:40 Mussie Zekarias
    49:50 Isaak Okbay
    41:12 Kora
    44:20 Madagascar
    45:21 Afrofest
    46:12 Musica
    52:46 Mèla Testègn
    59:38 Italy
    1:00:02 Seun Kuti
    1:00:06 Seun Kuti & Egypt 80-Rise
    1:03:38 Bruce Springsteen 
    1:03:40 Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run
    1:04:49 Daniel Nebiat-Harvata

    • 1 hr 14 min
    We Will Return Soon! (Upcoming Episodes Trailer)

    We Will Return Soon! (Upcoming Episodes Trailer)

    Like all of us, the global pandemic has hit The World Music Foundation hard. We're excited to return soon and we're excited to share with you a sneak peek of upcoming episodes along with some updates on what we've been up to. 

    • 4 min
    Rhymefest: American Rapper, Writer, Community Organizer, and Explorer

    Rhymefest: American Rapper, Writer, Community Organizer, and Explorer

    In this week’s episode John meets with American rapper and prolific creator, Che “Rhymefest” Smith to discuss Hip-Hop, his upcoming album, and Hollywood acting debut, along with topics ranging from Chicago’s youth, spirituality, various life changing trips around the world, and much more. Rhymefest's upcoming album is titled Love Lessons Part 1, and as you'll hear in this conversation, Love is a topic at front of mind right now for Che. This episode also includes the world-premier of an amazing track from the upcoming album, featuring Black Thought (aka Tariq Trotter of The Roots) & Raheem DeVaughn. Rhymefest has won multiple Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award, but as he says: that stuff you can just Google; in this conversation he goes much deeper.


    00:12 John Gardner
    00:22 Che “Rhymefest” Smith
    00:33 World Music Foundation
    03:17 Black Thought
    03:18 Raheem DeVaughn
    04:25 Australia
    04:26 New Zealand
    04:27 Singapore
    04:28 Hong Kong
    06:03 Baobab Tree
    06:06 Africa
    06:07 East Africa
    06:08 Madagascar
    06:13 Griot
    06:19 Taiwan
    06:21 Alishan Forest
    08:09 Ghana
    08:18 American Slavery
    09:15 Igbo
    09:16 Kikuyu
    09:17 Mandingo
    09:18 Maa’sai
    11:01 In My Father’s House
    13:57 Art of Culture
    15:55 Drum
    15:56 Poetry
    15:58 Singing
    16:18 Coca Leaves
    16:53 Musician
    15:54 Instrument
    16:55 Prince
    16:56 Kanye West
    22:43 A&R
    26:04 Hollywood
    26:11The Public
    29:06 Hip-Hop
    29:10 Rock
    33:33 Floyd Mayweather
    33:50 Muhammed Ali
    33:52 Mike Tyson
    34:08 Bruce Lee
    35:47 Peru
    36:07 Champa
    37:38 Amazonian Jungle
    39:37 Japan
    40:47 79th street
    40:51 Mexian Pyramids
    42:43 Atlanta
    42:50 Pete Buttigieg
    44:03 Stony Island
    44:19 The Dan Ryan
    51:20 Indian Classical Music
    51:21 Afrobeat
    51:22 Blues
    51:50 Iran
    51:52 19th Century Hafez
    52:04 Jamaica
    52:21 Jay Z
    52:25 Verse
    52:33 Mauritania
    52:59 Colombia
    53:00 Palenque village
    54:58 Wolof
    55:05 Croatia
    55:08 Yugoslavian war
    55:18 Kosovo
    56:35 Wu Tang Clan
    56:41 Mobb Deep
    59:11 Jazzy Jeff
    59:17 Ghana
    59:29 Eritrea
    59:30 Ethiopia
    59:31 Uganda
    59:32 Tanzania
    59:33 Rwanda

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Wu Fei: Genre-bending Composer, Guzheng Virtuoso & Vocalist From Beijing

    Wu Fei: Genre-bending Composer, Guzheng Virtuoso & Vocalist From Beijing

    Wu Fei describes herself as an ancient soul trapped in a feisty woman's body. Hailing from Beijing, China, Wu Fei is a multi-talented musician and composer known for playing and improvising on the traditional Chinese guzheng as well as improvisational singing and piano. Fei talks to John about her life as a child prodigy, transitioning from China to the U.S., how both countries have influenced her and her music, and what it was like to hear American music for the first time in her teenage years. She also discusses her critically acclaimed original work "Hello Gold Mountain."

    0:09 World Music Foundation
    0:11 John Gardner
    0:16 Wu Fei
    0:18 Guzheng
    0:25 Tone
    1:43 Pitch
    1:44 Rhythm
    4:06 Sanxian
    4:08 Fret
    4:09 Banjo
    4:52 Music Theory
    4:55 China Conservatory of Music
    5:13 Piano
    5:18 Western Classical Music
    6:10 Chinese Music
    10:44 African Dance
    10:46 Indian Dance
    13:07 Michael Jackson
    13:08 Madonna
    13:10 Jazz
    13:12 Kitaro
    13:13 Taiko Drum
    13:14 Koto
    13:28 American Music
    15:38 John Cage
    15:50 Compose
    17:20 String Quartet
    17:35 Shostakovich
    17:36 Brahmes
    17:38 Jimmi Hendrix
    18:58 Northern Texas Music College
    24:46 West-African Drumming and Dance Ensemble
    24:48 Northern Indian Raga
    24:52 Percussion
    24:52 Marching Band
    25:53 Mills College
    26:02 Improvisation
    27:58 Hello Golden Mountain
    28:49 Ravi Shankar
    30:13 Soloist
    32:02 Indian Music
    36:56 Chatterbird
    38:50 Celine Thackston
    39:48 National Symphony
    41:36 Oud
    41:36 Shanir Blumenkranz
    42:25 Mei-Ann-Chen
    44:16 Harp
    44:25 Keyboard
    44:49 Vibrato
    48:11 Bach
    48:12 Ravel
    48:51 Abigail Washburne
    49:13 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

    • 56 min
    Louis York: American Griots, Weirdo Workshop Founders, and Multi-GRAMMY Nominated Musicians

    Louis York: American Griots, Weirdo Workshop Founders, and Multi-GRAMMY Nominated Musicians

    This week's episode takes us to Nashville, TN, USA where John visits Weirdo Workshop, the music label and creative headquarters for our guests, Louis York, to speak with them about their new album and everything that's brought them to this point in their careers. Louis York is the powerful duo and creation of multi-GRAMMY nominated songwriting and production team, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony. Kelly, a 4x Grammy Award nominee, and Harmony, a 3x Grammy Award nominee and 2011 NAACP Image Award winner, both together and apart have written and produced hits for a long list of multi-platinum recording artists including Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, and Whitney Houston to name a few. Their debut album is titled American Griots and it's a sonic adventure that's deserving of their incredible backstory.

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

steve ih philadephia ,

Wonderful podcast — come back soon please!

I just discovered this podcast in 2023 and have been loving it. I hope it comes back soon as I haven’t seen any post-2022. And have learned so much and really enjoyed it in the process! This is my first podcast review ever—that’s how much I enjoy this.

Rico Mendez - 1218 ,

Diverse and Exciting

I’ve learned so much about different styles of music, and how peoples backgrounds inspire their music. The host John does a great job of connecting topics and controversies outside of the music world into this music podcast. Highly recommend for a long drive or walk!


Not your average music podcast

Opening minds to break barriers is what this podcast will do for you! Not only will you learn about music, but you also get to hear the most inspiring and fascinating stories about HISTORY... not in the boring way it was told in a classroom!

As the musician open up and share their journey you will feel like you are right there with them!

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